Drinks Coffee Osaka Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Easy Pour & Stored Fresh?

Osaka Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Easy Pour & Stored Fresh?


Osaka Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a brewing system that allows consumers to create over a liter of coffee for consumers to enjoy. Rather than going bad by the end of the day, this cannister maintains freshness for up to two weeks.

What Is The Osaka Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Getting a good cup of coffee every single day is something that most people take for granted. However, there is always a morning where someone may be running late, or they cannot find the rest of their coffee grounds, ruining a whole morning. In the best-case scenario, consumers would be able to have their coffee ready in moments, but that is not realistic. However, the Tristan Cold Brew Coffee Maker may help.

This coffee maker features a shatterproof pitcher that has an airtight seal, preserving the freshness of the coffee that the user brews. Whether the consumer wants coffee a day after brewing, or a whole two weeks later. The brewing process includes a stainless-steel mesh for the filter, to give the purest taste possible.

Using The Osaka Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The process of creating coffee with this setup is simple, but there are no directions online. In fact, the website does not even offer a guide on the website, though there are instructions available for other models. Instead, consumers should get a full set of instructions from the packaging when they receive the order.


The total cost of the coffee maker is $29.98. Consumers will have the choice of:

  • Red
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Brown

If there is a concern about the way that the Tritan Cold Brew machine works, consumers will need to speak to the company directly to file for a return.

Contacting The Creators Of The Osaka Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Since the website does not offer much information on the Osaka Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker, consumers may have questions that the website does not answer. The customer service team offers a phone number and an email address to speak with a representative.

  • Phone: 888-785-4425
  • Email: support@osakacoffee.com

The Osaka Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker Conclusion

The Tritan Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a great setup for consumers that do not want to waste a whole pot of coffee for just one cup. This device keeps all the coffee fresh, minimizing the time that consumers must spend to prepare each cup every single day. Furthermore, consumers will not have to waste as much coffee, since this preserves it to the last drop.

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