Fitness & Exercising Outdoors Thunder Labs N95 Face Mask Respirator: Reviewing the Research

Thunder Labs N95 Face Mask Respirator: Reviewing the Research

The new Thunder Labs mask is a N95 Face Respirator that acts as an anti-pollution clean-air breathing face mask that filters viruses and airborne pathogen particles to prevent the risk of lung health issues.


Ever since the Coronavirus broke out, consumers around the world have become ever more watchful. What started in China, spread to all parts of the world, including the Middle East, Europe, Brazil, Italy and South Korea among others. In fact, it has been recently reported that an American, who neither travelled nor was exposed to someone who had the virus, has now tested positive. How is this possible? Again, protective measures are crucial, and this is where the Thunder Labs N95 Face Mask Respirator comes into play with an activated carbon filter to block over 90% of viruses and germs according to the Thunder Shop website.

While extensive research about using anti-pollution face masks was just published, the purpose of this review is to help consumers decide whether the N95 Face Mask Respirator meets their standards for protection in a time where demand is high and supply is short. Some of the factors that will be highlighted include its purpose, how it works, features, overall usefulness, and price to name a few.

Let's review Thunder Labs N-95 Face Mask Respirator and see if the official salespage safeguard message states “Medical-Grade N95 Filter Mask reduces the risk from Coronavirus. Lab tested and clinically proven to prevent the risk of infection. Filters 95.99% of viruses (Coronavirus), bacteria, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen and smoke.”

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What is the Thunder Labs N95 Face Mask Respirator?

As the name gives it away, the N95 Face Mask Respirator by Thunder Labs is a protective mask that has been designed to shelter consumers from harmful airborne particles. Given the advent of the Coronavirus spread and cause for concern, these face masks are a hot commodity and many have moved to ensure the supply was matching the heightened demand. Made to cover most of one’s face, nose and mouth regions, this respective mask aims to limit one from inhaling hazardous particles. Based on the claims made, it has been lab-tested and clinically proven to work over 95% of the time because of the masks using a medical-grade carbon filter (PM2.5) that says it can trap and filter everything from viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust, chemicals, pollen and smoke.

It is not clear when Thunder Labs mask first became available or if it was launched due to the coronavirus outbreak.

How does the N95 Face Mask Respirator work?

how the thunder labs mask works

Thunder Labs claims its N95 Face Mask Respirator is made with a medical-grade carbon filter (PM2.5). This means that most air molecules, viruses, the flu and bacteria are trapped and filtered. What makes carbon filters useful in face masks is its ability to indicate to consumers about the overall quality. To be more specific, carbon absorbs odor, and when consumers feel that they are having either difficulties breathing or can detect odors through their masks, it’s time to replace it.

If the N95 Face Mask Respirator was successful in inducing one’s curiosity levels, here are other questions that have been previously asked:

FAQ About Thunder Labs Mask

Q: How to wear the Thunder Labs N95 Face Mask Respirator?

A: Before putting on the N95 Face Mask Respirator, consumers are recommended to wash their hands thoroughly. Next, it is crucial that one examines the mask for any possible defects. If defects have been identified, consumers are advised to contact Thunder Labs.

Following this, one should let the mask rest in their palm such that the nosepiece is facing up. Finally, holding the close to the chin and covering the nose, it is as simple as fitting the straps, which should be positioned around the ears.

Q: How are N95 Respirators different from Surgical Masks?

A: There are a number of reasons why N95 Respirators are typically preferred over surgical masks. For instance, respirators achieve utmost seal to the face in comparison to face masks. This ensures that airborne particles are barricaded in all ways possible. Additionally, the former’s tight-fitting feature prevents the presence of gaps around the sides of one’s face. Most of all, surgical masks do not effectively filter out small particles from the air like respirators do.

Q: What are the Thunder Labs N95 Face Mask Respirator Features?

A: Besides the carbon filter, this respective mask also houses an ear loop that has been designed to fit all sizes. This also applies to the nose cover. Next, its overall design is made to support an ergonomic fit, implying that breathability has been maximized. Finally, consumers no longer need to worry about fogging up the inside of their mask, as it has been designed to carry a spacious mouth area that makes breathing easier.

Q: How long does a N95 Face Respirator Filter last before changing it?

A: To ensure that consumers are healthy and well protected, the recommended use is up to one week prior to disposal.

Q: How long will it take to receive the N95 Face Mask Respirator?

A: On average, consumers are requested to allow for the shipping time to pass, which can easily range from two to six weeks. Upon making the payment, one should expect to receive a confirmation email that also includes the tracking number.

Q: Who to contact in the event of a defective or problematic face mask?

A: The best way to contact Thunder Labs is by emailing them at Speaking of a defective mask, a product replacement is only available when consumers request for it within 14 days of receiving the N95 Face Mask Respirator. Only when the case has been validated, will consumers receive a replacement. On that note, once the purchase has been made, it is final; i.e. neither changes nor cancellations are allowed.

How much does the N95 Face Mask Respirator cost?

The N95 Face Mask Respirator costs roughly $19.99 excluding shipping. That said, consumers also have the option of buying two masks to get free shipping.


As the Coronavirus travels from continent to continent, consumers are urged to take precautionary measures to protect themselves. While many continue to take it lightly, it is important to note that a cure has yet to be established. In such cases, a simple surgical mask does not suffice, as it neither carries a carbon filter, nor does it tightly seal around one’s face. The biggest issue of them all is that the smallest of gaps can increase one’s risk of being infected.

Hence, the need for mask like that of the N95 Face Mask Respirator. Not only does it trap and filter particles, it also promotes long term wear mainly because of its increased breathability and ergonomic design. The one thing that is discomforting with Thunder Labs is that they are stringent with their return policies, so, consumers need to be certain they want to purchase the N95 Face Mask prior to paying. These anti-pollution clean-air breathing face masks could become an essential part of any survival kit out there if the Covid-19 situation does not fix itself sooner rather than later.

To learn more about the Thunder Labs N95 Face Mask Respirator, click here.

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