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Calton Nutrition: Micronutrient Miracle Plan Supplement Research

Calton Nutrition is a health supplement line with eight products along with a collection of books such as The Micronutrient Miracle, Rich Food, Poor Food, Naked Calories and Rebuild Your Bones.


Calton Nutrition is a nutritional advice platform created by husband and wife Jayson and Mira Calton. The Calton Nutrition website describes the Caltons as “among the world’s leading experts on the topics of weight management, lifestyle medicine and micronutrient deficiency.”

The dynamic duo of lifestyle experts made headlines in recent months for publishing guides like Rebuild Your Bones, which claims to teach you how to “reverse osteoporosis” in just 12 weeks. They also published a book called The Micronutrient Miracle, which is a 28-day plan “to lose weight, increase your energy, and reverse disease”.

To support their nutritional advice, the Caltons have launched a lineup of supplements, including the Nutreince multivitamin and the In.Power protein powders.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Caltons and Calton Nutrition – including whether or not their advice can really cure diseases like osteoporosis.


What is Calton Nutrition?

Calton Nutrition is a nutritional supplement retailer and nutrition advice platform launched by Jayson and Mira Calton.

Dr. Jayson Calton is a board-certified medical doctor in integrative health, alternative medicine, and sports nutrition. He’s also a board-certified micronutrient specialist. Plus, he’s one of only seven registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioners in the United States.

Mira Calton, meanwhile, is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist and a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Mira was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at age 30. This diagnosis occurred around the same time she met her “nutritional guru” Jayson. Jayson “completely reversed” (i.e. cured) her osteoporosis using a “drug-free, micronutrient based program”.

After that success reversing Mira’s osteoporosis, the couple set out on a 135-country, 7-continent, 6-year global expedition called The Calton Project. The goal was to observe people all over the world, including how they dealt with nutrition.

Since that journey, the pair have published three best selling books, including Naked Calories, Rich Food Poor Food, and The Micronutrient Miracle.

The pair have also founded Calton Nutrition and the Calton Institute of Lifestyle Medicine.

“The Caltons dedicate themselves to the belief that micronutrient deficiency is the most widespread and dangerous health condition of the 21st century,” explains the official Calton Nutrition website.

Calton Nutrition Books

The Caltons have published two bestselling books in the past, including Naked Calories and Rich Food Poor Food.

The Calton Nutrition website features two additional books, including Rebuild Your Bones and The Micronutrient Miracle.

Rebuild Your Bones

Rebuild Your Bones: The 12-Week Osteoporosis Protocol is marketed as “your first step towards beating osteoporosis”.

The book features advice from world-renowned physicians and researchers about reversing osteoporosis.

As mentioned above, Mira Calton claims to have “completely reversed” (i.e. cured) her osteoporosis after being diagnosed at age 30. She didn’t use conventional osteoporosis drugs. Instead, she simply solved her micronutrient deficiency.

The book is marketed towards people who have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis and want to reverse the disease:

“Mira Calton, CN and Jayson Calton, PhD have discovered a better way to prevent and even reverse the disease through the power of micronutrient therapy. The secret to building strong bones lies in the right combination of micronutrients—the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids in the foods we eat and supplements we take.”

The book shares 40 healing habits that are “scientifically proven to build stronger bones”.

There’s also an easy-to-follow plan to reverse the effects of osteoporosis, recipes, meal plans, exercise advice, and supplement recommendations.

Ultimately, if you are looking for an easy-to-follow, effective, drug-free way to “completely reverse” (i.e. cure) your osteoporosis, then you may want to read Rebuild Your Bones. The Caltons claim that anyone can completely reverse osteoporosis simply by following their nutritional and exercise advice.

The Micronutrient Miracle

The Micronutrient Miracle: The 28-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Increase Your Energy, and Reverse Disease describes the importance of vitamins and minerals.

According to the Caltons, essential vitamins and minerals “are being stripped from our diet and depleted by our lifestyle habits”. These deficiencies are causing serious illnesses.

The Micronutrient Miracle describes which vitamins and minerals are most important for optimum health, which nutrients are being depleted by modern lifestyles, and other information about losing weight, increasing your energy, and reversing disease.

The book is available on Amazon for $14 (Kindle) or $24 (hardcover). If you buy it through the Calton Nutrition website, then you’ll be pushed to sign up for Calton Nutrition’s membership.

The Micronutrient Miracle is marketed towards men and women of all ages, including “busy moms, dads, and families”, “stressed out executives and athletes”, and “anyone who wants to improve your health”.

Calton Nutrition Supplements

Calton Nutrition has launched a lineup of supplements. By taking these supplements daily, you can reverse the nutrient imbalance described in the books above.

The Caltons claim that each supplement “is formulated using the highest quality ingredients and the most innovative technology possible”.

There’s a multivitamin, a lineup of protein powders, omega-3 supplements, and olive and coconut oil, among other supplements. We’ll take a closer look at each supplement below.

Click here to see a full list of Calton Nutrition Supplements

Nutreince (Multivitamin)

nutreince multivitamin

Nutreince is a multivitamin formulated using Calton Nutrition’s patented “Anti-Competition Technology”. The Caltons claim the multivitamin is “up to 98% absorbable” and can be used to replace “handfuls of pills” because it supplies 100% of your daily value (DV) of 20 essential vitamins and minerals adults need.

Nutreince also claim to be the first and only multivitamin formula that eliminates over 45 absorption-blocking micronutrient competitions, helping your body absorb the nutrients inside the formula.

Nutreince also has ingredients that aren’t found in a traditional multivitamin formula, including antioxidants for your eyes (6mg of lutein), a combination of calcium and magnesium to burn fat, full spectrum vitamin E, CoQ10, and vitamin K and 5-MTHP to move calcium out of the arteries and into the bones.

Nutreince comes in the form of a beverage powder or capsule. You can mix the beverage powders with water or the beverage of your choice. Or, you can take the capsules daily to support your health.

If you buy the juice powders, then you’ll get AM and PM versions of the powder. You take one during the morning and one at night.


  • AM Sunny Citrus / PM Tropical Punch (56 Powder Packets): $49.95
  • AM Fresh Lime / PM Very Berry (56 Powder Packets): $49.95
  • AM Vanilla Chai / PM Chocolate Lava (56 Powder Packets): $49.95
  • AM/PM Unflavored, Unsweetened (56 Powder Packets): $49.95
  • AM/PM Capsules: $49.95

You can also save 21% by ordering two packages at once, or 29% when ordering 6+.

IN.POWER Organic Whey Protein

IN.POWER Organic Whey Protein is a protein powder that uses organic whey protein sourced from grass -fed Jersey cows from the United States.

Each swerving contains 21g of protein, 150mg of glutathione, 4.9g of BCAAs, and significant levels of CLA and omega-3 fatty acids. It takes over 75 pounds of organic liquid whey to make just one 12-ounce bag of IN.POWER.

The protein powder is also USDA Organic Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, and grass fed year round.

Some of the specific advertised benefits of IN.POWER include:

  • “Significant and sustainable weight loss”
  • “Lowers stress and boosts mood”
  • “Inhibits growth of cancer cells”
  • “Protects against cognitive decline”

The protein powder also claims to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce food cravings, boost beneficial gut bacteria, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and protect your family from heavy metals, among other benefits.

There’s also a plant-based version of the formula made from pea protein and rice protein.

Overall, Calton Nutrition’s IN.POWER protein powder seems to advertise more benefits than any other protein powder on the market.


  • Organic Whey Protein (12 Oz Bag, 28 Single Scoop Servings): $34.95
  • Organic Plant Protein (12 Oz Bag, 28 Single Scoop Servings): $34.95

As with other Calton Nutrition products, you can save 20% to 31% by buying multiple bags of protein at once.

SKINNYFat MCT and Coconut Oil

Calton Nutrition has created a proprietary blend of MCT and organic extra virgin coconut oil called SkinnyFat. The Caltons claim the oil “reduces inflammation by replacing oils high in omega-6”. It also claims to naturally increase energy and metabolism.

The Caltons claim traditional cooking oils, including avocado oil and olive oil, overexpose your body to omega-6 fatty acids. By mixing organic virgin coconut oil and MCT oil in the right ratios, SKINNYFat combines the advantages of both oils while negating the downsides.

  • Some of the specific advertised benefits of SKINNYFat include:
  • No intense coconut taste
  • Remains liquid at room temperature
  • Stays liquid when refrigerated
  • Eliminates stomach pain caused by MCT oil
  • Healthy fats that aren’t absorbed by your body as body fat
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Naturally increases energy and metabolism
  • Enhanced nutrient absorption

The Caltons also claim that SKINNYFat is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. It’s safe to use for people suffering from gluten, nut, sesame seed, soybean, wheat, egg, dairy, and GMO allergies. It’s also easy to digest.

The Caltons specifically recommend using SKINNYFat for cognitive benefits. Jayson claims his grandmother was starting to show signs of dementia in her early 90s. They gave her SKINNYFat and “were shocked at the positive results”.


  • 1 750mL Bottle (50 Servings): $27.95
  • 3 Bottles: $80.85
  • 6 Bottles: $155.70

Origin Omega

Calton Nutrition has also launched an omega-3 supplement called Origin Omega, described as “the first and only omega-3 supplement formulated using patented anti-competition technology to increase omega-3 absorption and utilization”.

Just like with the SKINNYFat oil, the purpose of Origin Omega is to reduce your overexposure to omega-6 fatty acids. The Caltons believe that overexposure to omega-6 – say, through olive oil and avocado oil – is hurting our diet. This is a particularly common problem for those on the paleo or keto diet.

  • The formula contains 710mg of both EPA and DHA. There’s an AM and PM version.
  • Some of the specific benefits of Origin Omega include:
  • “Improve heart health”
  • “Intensify fat loss and muscle gain, and reduce cortisol”
  • “Prevent Alzheimer’s disease”
  • “Reduce joint health”
  • “Reduce stress, anxiety, depression”
  • “Treat Crohn’s disease”

The supplement also claims to offer all of these benefits without the fishy burps associated with other fish oil supplements. The supplement is derived from fresh, wild-caught anchovies.


  • 4-Week Box (1 Month Supply of AM and PM Formula): $34.95
  • 12-Week Box (3 Month Supply of AM and PM Formula): $89.95

In.Essence Organic Dietary Essential Oil Supplements

Calton Nutrition makes a lineup of essential oil supplements called In.Essence. The essential oil supplements include organic lemon oil, orange oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and basil oil.

The Caltons describe essential oils as “super powerful, health-promoting tools”. They recommend diffusing them, ingesting them, or applying them to household and hygiene products.


  • 1 Bottle (15mL / 250 Servings): $12.95

Calton Nutrition Micronutrient Miracle Program

Calton Nutrition also offers something called the Micronutrient Miracle Program. The 28-day program is based off the lessons in the Micronutrient Miracle book mentioned above. There’s a free membership and paid membership ($197) available.

Basic Membership (Free): A personally-guided 28-day video program along with limited access to cooking and exercise videos, downloadable guides, the Micronutrient Miracle marketplace, diagnostic tools, and more.

Inner Circle VIP Membership ($197 for Life): The Inner Circle VIP membership includes everything in the Basic Membership along with unrestricted lifetime access to educational videos and downloadable guides. You also get live weekly Q&A sessions, professional support from trained Certified Micronutrient Specialist (CMS) coaches, and access to exclusive discounts and events.

The Micronutrient Miracle program is marketed towards men and women of all ages who want to boost natural energy, reduce mood swings, boost health, lose fat, and solve other health and wellness issues.

Who Are the Caltons?

The Calton Nutrition website describes the Caltons as “among the world’s leading experts on the topics of weight management, lifestyle medicine and micronutrient deficiency.” They also claim to be “highly sought after by celebrities, athletes and top corporate executives around the world”.

The two met in their 30s. Mira had recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and Jayson created a nutrition plan for Mira. Without using drugs, Mira was able to completely reverse her osteoporosis diagnosis simply using good nutrition.

Jayson B. Calton, Ph.D., FAAIM, DCCN, CMS, CISSN, BCIH, ROHP, A.M.P

Dr. Calton is a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, a Diplomate of the College of Clinical Nutrition, and a board-certified micronutrient specialist. Dr. Calton is also board-certified in integrative health, alternative medicine, and sports nutrition, and is one of only seven registered orthomolecular health practitioners in the United States.

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Calton has worked with thousands of clients worldwide. He holds a Masters of Science degree and a Ph.D. in Nutrition.


Mira Calton is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist, a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, a Diplomate of the College of Clinical Nutrition, a board-certified micronutrient specialist, a certified personal fitness chef, and a board-certified integrative health specialist.

Prior to launching Calton Nutrition, Mira ran a successful public relations form, working with corporate clients like Johnson & Johnson, Price Waterhouse Coopers, CitiGroup, and ING Direct. That career came to an abrupt halt when she was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at age 30.

You can view the pair’s full list of certifications, published papers, affiliations, patents, boards, councils, committees, and more here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calton Nutrition

Calton Nutrition offerings to the world of nutrition and wellness are numerous. As a consequence, users might have many questions about their products and their organization. This section includes the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Calton Nutrition.

Q: Who created Calton Nutrition?

A: Calton Nutrition was created by Jayson and Mira Calton, a husband and wife who are well-respected within the alternative medicine and wellness sector. Jayson is a licensed and board-certified specialist in integrative health, sports nutrition, and alternative health. Mira is similarly renowned for her work as a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and a nutritional specialist. The duo work together to create all of the products and informational guides that Calton Nutrition has to offer consumers.

Q: What books does Calton Nutrition Offer?

A: The Caltons have authored several books on nutrition and wellness. Two of their nutrition books, Naked Calories and Rich Food Poor Food, have reached the status of bestsellers in the United States. Additionally, they offer Rebuild Your Bones and The Micronutrient Miracle on their website for purchase.

Q: What supplements does Calton Nutrition Formulate?

A: The Caltons also offer an extended line of nutritional supplements, including the Nutreince multivitamin, the IN.POWER Organic Whey Protein powder, SKINNYFat MCT and Coconut Oil, Origin Omega-3 Supplement, and the In.Essence Organic Dietary Essential Oil Supplements. For information on these specific products, visit the relevant section in our main guide for Calton Nutrition.

Q: What is the Calton Nutrition Micronutrient Miracle Program?

A: This is a culmination of most of what Calton Nutrition has to offer. The 28-day program guides users into a practical application of the lessons preached by the Caltons has nutritional experts. Interestingly enough, the company offers a free access option to this guide. To enter the “inner circle” and gain access to a number of additional benefits, users must pay a fee of $197.

Q: Are Calton Nutrition supplements safe to use?

A: Generally, yes. Calton has vetted their supplements to ensure they are both natural and safe for human consumption. However, consumers should always consult their primary healthcare provider before beginning the use of any new supplement. Supplements can sometimes be influence or interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications, so physician approval is a necessity for most users.

Final Thoughts

Calton Nutrition is a nutritional supplement retailer and nutritional advice platform launched by Jayson and Mira Calton. The couple claim micronutrient deficiency is an enormous problem in our world, and that micronutrient deficiency is leading to countless diseases.

With careful micronutrient balance, you can reverse diseases like osteoporosis, boost energy, and lose fat, among other benefits.

To learn more about Calton Nutrition and the company’s lineup of books, supplements, and coaching services, visit their website.

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