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Pandemic Survival Book: Survive the Coronavirus Guide Plan

Pandemic Survival, found at Survive Coronavirus website, is a digital product featuring insider tricks on how to supercharge immunity using a Thailand survival cocktail recipe and bonus guides.


Did you know that the official death toll as of today in China caused by the coronavirus is at over 1,300 people already? According to the claims made, the death toll has officially increased by 12 percent in a span of a single day, and the number of infected cases is currently up by 6 percent. What’s worse is that this virus is spreading to all parts of the world including Japan, Europe, Canada, the US and 24 others. There are 15 different cases reported in the US as of the middle of February 2020.

Deemed an unusual and recently discovered virus, the Wuhan-China originated coronavirus (COVID-19) has the potential to infect both humans and animals. The most common symptoms experienced by those infected consist of an array of respiratory illnesses. While the risks are thought to be lower for those residing outside of China, the virus itself is mildly contagious. This is where the Pandemic Survival Guide comes into play and their training course on surviving coronavirus.

With the lack of information regarding this respective disease, it becomes rather difficult to protect oneself and their family and friends. For those who have so many doubts that have yet to be rectified, it's assumed the Pandemic Survival Guide will offer all necessary tools and tips to surviving this global health crisis and give solid advice about this fearful epidemic.

As people still want to travel and go about their normal lives, being knowledgeable about how to survive the coronavirus can come in handy just in case there is real panic or emergency situation that unfolds around you.

Watch the Graphic Pandemic Survival Video on Surviving Coronavirus


What is Pandemic Survival Book?

The Pandemic Survival is a guide and home study course that has been designed to help individuals protect themselves from the coronavirus. While the number of cases involving the coronavirus are currently minimal, they are rapidly multiplying. How might this course be helpful? Based on the presentation, it helps individuals answer a number of questions that might be lurking in their minds including:

  • How does one legally avoid forced vaccinations?
  • What is the best way to boost immunity so that the odds of catching the Coronavirus are minimized?
  • How to make a hazmat suit? The hazmat suit is a type of garment worn to protect individuals from hazardous materials or substances. While this does not completely protect one, it does minimize the effect.
  • How to clean water so that it is 100% safe to drink it?
  • How to keep the elderly and the disabled safe from the Coronavirus?

What does the Pandemic Survival Guide include?

The Pandemic Survival Guide is based on information found in the “personal playbook” of the National Guard. Here’s a sample of what it might entail:

How to supercharge your immunity

To ensure that individuals do not contract the coronavirus, this part of the guide is expected to expand on tips and tricks that can help increase the body’s natural defense mechanism.

How to use the Thailand “Survival Cocktail”

In the event that individuals have been exposed to the coronavirus, a solution supposedly exists, and this is called the Thailand Survival Cocktail. The goal of this cocktail recipe is proclaimed as one that is expected to reverse the effects of the virus by as much as 95%.

In addition to the aforementioned information, individuals will also receive the following bonuses:

Survival Essentials, which is a condensed checklist that individuals can carry with them so that they are protected from possible interactions with others exposed to the virus

Emergency Power Guide, which is deemed a survival guide that, once again, ensures that individuals are well protected.

Pandemic Survival Videos where emphasis has been placed on teaching individuals defense techniques, steps taken to protect one’s home and being able to spot infections instantly.

How much does the Pandemic Survival Book cost?

Currently the Pandemic Survival costs approximately $37 USD. In addition to the aforementioned guide and bonuses, this price reflects a medicine kit valued at $50 free of cost.


As the number of cases due to the coronavirus increases, it becomes crucial to understand how it affects the human body. This can then be used to take precautionary steps. However, understanding of the virus is currently very minimal, leaving individuals in an uncomfortable position. With the Pandemic Survival guide/course, access to the necessary information will be granted so that the odds of survival are higher before, during and even after contracting the virus. To find out more, click here.

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