Fitness & Exercising Training Slim Cycle: Reviewing the Fitness Exercise Bike Research

Slim Cycle: Reviewing the Fitness Exercise Bike Research

Slim Cycle is a versatile fitness exercise bike that offers a slim away belt, workout classes app, built-in heart rate monitor and adjustable resistance bands for an upper body sculpting system from home.


Slim Cycle is an “As Seen On TV” exercise bike with resistance bands.

The bike claims to be a two-in-one fitness tool, allowing you to work your upper and lower body simultaneously. You bike as you normally would while also using resistance bands for your upper body as a great way to workout from home.

Slim Cycle is priced at $200 to $280, depending on which kit you order and comes with the Slim Away Belt.

Is Slim Cycle worth the price? Will this As Seen On TV exercise bike really revolutionize your fitness? Find out today in our Slim Cycle review.


What is Slim Cycle?

Slim Cycle is a 2-in-1 exercise bike that claims to be “the world’s most versatile fitness bike”. You sit on the bike and cycle as you normally would, but use resistance bands to work your upper body.

what is slim cycle

Slim Cycle has two resistance bands attached to the front section of the bike. You can do various arm, back, chest, and shoulder workouts using these resistance bands.

When you use the bike properly, you’re working both your upper and lower body. You’re getting a cardio workout and strength training workout combined.

Slim Cycle is priced between $200 and $280, depending on the package you buy.

Slim Cycle Features & Benefits

Slim Cycle advertises all of the following features and benefits:

  • 2 for 1 fitness trainer
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Recumbent/upright exercise bike combined with resistance bands
  • Adjustable resistance on the bike with eight levels of intensity
  • Built-in heart rate monitor
  • 2.5” thick memory foam cushion
  • Supports anyone from 4’11” to 6’4”
  • Sculpt and tone your body in as little as 10 minutes a day
  • Quiet design

Slim Cycle claims to be “completely silent”. However, most reviewers agree that the bike is very quiet – but it’s not completely silent.

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How Does Slim Cycle Work?

Slim Cycle combines an upright bike with resistance bands to create a 2-in-1 fitness machine.

It works just like you would expect it to work: you sit on the bike, adjust the resistance between 1 and 8 levels, then start pedaling. Then, you use the resistance bands to do curls and other upper body workouts.

Both Slim Cycle packages come with the exercise bike, resistance bands, and the Slim Away Belt. You wear the Slim Away Belt during your workout. It purportedly helps you burn belly fat, although it’s not really clear how it works – or if it works at all. The belt simply tightens your midsection, which could make you feel slimmer during your workout. In fact, Slim Cycle claims you can even wear the belt under your clothes to enjoy a Spanx-like slimming effect.

Slim Cycle also has a large, easy-to-read digital display. The display tracks your calories, distance, and speed, while the odometer tracks how far you’ve ridden. There’s also a heart rate monitor that lets you see how hard you’re working.

Once you’re done using Slim Cycle, you can fold up the device like an ironing board, then wheel it away into your closet or under your bed. It’s a surprisingly small device that really isn’t much bigger than an ironing board.

Slim Cycle comes with its own free app. You can download the Slim Cycle app to follow instructor workouts.

Who’s Behind Slim Cycle?

Slim Cycle is a product from Telebrands, the well-known As Seen On TV company. Telebrands is based in Fairfield, New Jersey.

Telebrands Corp. also sells As Seen On TV products like Ped Egg, Atomic Beam, Red Copper, and Egg Sitter, among other products.

You can contact Telebrands via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-855-306-1425
  • Mailing Address: 79 Two Bridges Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004

Slim Cycle Consumer Reviews

Slim Cycle has very good reviews online. The bike is currently the #1 best selling product in the “Exercise Bikes” category on Amazon, for example, where customers have given it an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 with 650+ reviews.

Most customers agree the bike works as advertised to provide a good, basic home workout. Customers also appreciate the portability and storage. It’s easy to package the bike into a closet or under the bed – something you can’t always do with other exercise bikes.

Customers also enjoy the streaming exercise videos, which walk you through a workout whether you’re a newbie or intermediate user.

Although the bike isn’t completely quiet as advertised, the bike is surprisingly silent, and most customers agree it pedals smoothly and quietly.

The main complaints about Slim Cycle are about the build quality. Customers complain that the mechanism that opens and closes the bike is fragile, for example. One customers broke this mechanism after just 30 days of use – just outside of the return period.

Customers also complain about the cost of the exercise classes. You can access exercises classes with the free trial, but then your subscription costs $200.

Customers claim the digital display is basic compared to more expensive exercise bikes. At $200, however, most aren’t expecting a full HD display or something high-tech.

Overall, Slim Cycle is popular among beginner home exercisers with basic needs. If you’re looking for a lightweight resistance bike at a cheap price, then you should be happy with Slim Cycle. If you’re looking for an advanced recumbent bike with heavy resistance and advanced features, however, then Slim Cycle may not be the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slim Cycle

This section will work to address some of the most commonly asked questions about Slim Cycle, as well as its creators.

Q: How does Slim Cycle work?

A: Purchases of the Slim Cycle package come with three separate workout supplies, so usage instructions will mostly depend on the specific device you choose to use. The original device is used like any regular workout bike. The addition of the resistance bands makes this product a more comprehensive workout device than most others on the market. While peddling and burning calories, consumers pull on the resistance bands in order to workout their upper bodies simultaneously.

Q: How can Slim Cycle help you lose weight?

A: This device gives users two simultaneous ways to burn calories and shed pounds. While you peddle away using the bike itself, you can also pull on the resistance bands to give your upper body an additional workout. This dual approach to weight loss might maximize results and help users to burn those stubborn extra calories.

Q: Who created Slim Cycle?

A: This device is being manufactured and marketed by Telebrands, a New Jersey company specializing in “As Seen on TV” products and technologies. We advise that users approach these companies with caution, as TV marketing can often result in inflated impacts and exaggerated testimonial in product presentation. However, consumer reviews seem to consistently back the claims made by Slim Cycle, offsetting some concerns consumers might have about the popular product.

Q: Is Slim Cycle hard to store?

A: No. Surprisingly, this device can actually be folded up small enough to fit underneath a bed or in the corner of a closet. This is a tremendous asset, especially considering that many comparable products are much bulkier and difficult to store.

What’s Included with Slim Cycle?

There are two Slim Cycle packages, including one package for $200 and another package for $280.

Package 1 ($200)

  • 1 x Slim Cycle with resistance bands
  • 1 x Slim Away Belt

Package 2 ($280)

  • 1 x Slim Cycle with resistance bands
  • 1 x Slim Away Belt
  • 1 x Water Bottle Holder
  • 1 x Comfort Padded Seat Cover
  • 1 x Protective Floor Mat
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty

Slim Cycle Pricing

Slim Cycle is available online through or Amazon. It’s also advertised through an As Seen On TV offer. Here’s how pricing breaks down on the official website:

  • Package 1 (1 x Slim Cycle): $199.95 or 5 payments of $39.99
  • Package 2 (1 x Slim Cycle + Bonuses): $279.90 or 5 payments of $39.99 + $79.95

Both prices include shipping.

Slim Cycle does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, or Canada.

Slim Cycle Refund Policy

Slim Cycle has a 30 day refund policy on all purchases. You can request a complete refund (minus shipping) within 30 days.

To qualify for the refund, you need to ship the bike back to the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Slim Cycle is one of the hottest-selling exercise bikes available today. It’s a #1 best seller on Amazon. IT’s also advertised online through and a series of TV advertisements.

Priced at just $200, Slim Cycle is a 2-in-1 exercise bike that has eight resistance levels, two resistance bands, a digital display, and other useful features. It’s not the highest quality bike, and it won’t be comfortable or difficult enough for all users, but at this price range, you won’t find many better exercise bikes.

Get the Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Exercise Bike on Amazon

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