Supplements Detox Peak BioBoost: Reviewing the Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Research

Peak BioBoost: Reviewing the Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Research

Peak BioBoost is a doctor-formulated prebiotic fiber that acts as perfect pooping aid due to nature's drano nutrient that encourages regular bowel movements, boosts metabolism and curbs cravings.


Peak BioBoost is a natural plant-based dietary supplement formulated with an ‘unusual jungle fiber' or “prebiotic fiber” and helps ensure the user will have healthier bowel movements every single day, reducing the risk of constipation significantly. The formula doesn’t contain any laxatives, and instead focuses on the prebiotics that healthy gut bacteria feeds on.

There are many details to research regarding Jeremy Reeves' PeakBiome Peak BioBoost digestion aid, and comparing it to using a natural alternative compared to certain laxatives that may not be the best constipation accelerator. Let's review the Peak BioBoost prebiotic fiber supplement to see if it is the perfect pooper solution to unlocking peak health via rebuilding the gut microbiome because of this ancient “jungle fiber” nutrient that is said to act like nature's drano for regular bowel morning every single morning.

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What is Peak BioBoost?

Everyone has experienced some kind of stomach troubles at one time or another. While there are some lucky individuals that only have to deal with this problem after a bad meal, there are others that are used to constantly battling constipation or diarrhea. This is a sign that the body needs more than just a medication to relieve the problem, which is why Peak BioBoost could prove to be helpful.

Referred to on the website as “jungle fiber,” Peak BioBoost is advertised as a natural solution for consumers with clogged bowels, bloating, flatulence, and lethargy as a result of poor digestion. Compared consistently as a solution much like “Drano for your bowels,” the creators explain that the purpose of this supplement is to help with the daily emptying of the bowel, leading to less gas, a smaller stomach, and less time spent in the bathroom.

Peak BioBoost is easy to add to any coffee, tea, or even breakfast cereals. Peak BioBoost aims to help consumers flush out all of the excess waste from their body, which they claim is helpful for dropping up to 20 pounds of weight and increasing the healthy bacteria (Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria) in the gut. There’s no major lifestyle or strict diet changes, and consumers won’t have to choke down massive capsules to get the fiber they need. The key is regulating the body – with means that diarrhea and constipation can be things of the past.

When someone struggles to maintain a healthy digestive system, the problem goes far beyond just getting more fiber. Taking laxatives is only the creation of a new problem, and other supplements and remedies don’t meet all the needs that the individual has. This formula focuses on a natural muscle contraction in the intestines called peristalsis, which pushes the waste out of the body.

As peristalsis occurs, slowing down the process can pull most of the water out of the waste, which causes constipation. If the process is too fast, the individual gets diarrhea. Peak BioBoost centers around creating the right balance in the body, ensuring that every single bowel movement only takes a matter of 30 to 60 seconds without the feeling like there’s still more.

What’s Inside?

What is Peak BioBoost?

The ingredients truly set Peak BioBoost apart from every other product on the market right now. Other leading fiber supplements include ingredients like aspartame and citric acid, but this formula isn’t like others. Instead, consumers will get just prebiotics.

Consumers are more likely to be familiar with probiotics than prebiotics. Probiotics have been popularized as the best solution for gut health by replacing the toxic bacteria with healthy bacteria. However, prebiotics are the food for these bacteria, and they can impact every area of the digestive process.

Specifically, this formula includes:

  • Acacia gum, which improves healthy bacteria
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which offers a defense against toxic bacteria
  • Inulin, which pushes the waste through the intestines
  • Flaxseed, to improve waste’s bulk

Much of Peak BioBoost's formula is centered around the understanding that the body naturally produces different hormones that impact the gut. For example, stress can cause the body to release corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) and epinephrine. These hormones cause blood to move away from the intestine and direct it to other areas of the body, while inflaming the insides of the intestines. If the body isn’t balanced, there’s no way to have constructive bowel movements.

All of these ingredients focus on trying to rectify this issue, including the lack of fiber, toxic bacterial buildup, and more.

Buying Peak BioBoost

Right now, the website offers a 3 different packages, including:

  • One jar for $49.95
  • Three jars for $34.95 each
  • Six jars for $29.95 each

Though the first two packages cost $7.95 for shipping, the package with six jars have free shipping. All orders come with a one-year money-back guarantee.

Perfect Poops: Desserts Edition

As part of the package, consumers will get a guide called Perfect Poops: Desserts Edition. With this guide, consumers can find more ways to mix up Peak BioBoost to work to their advantage. The recipes work with nearly any type of diet, and there’s even a few vegan recipes in there to mix it up. Some recipes that consumers will find include brownies, cookies, and cupcakes.

99 Bowel & Gut Healing Weight Loss Smoothies

99 Bowel & Gut Healing Weight Loss Smoothies is the second bonus guide included with this purchase, and the title is fairly self-explanatory. All of the smoothies center around weight loss, but also reduce the gas and bloating in the gut.

FAQs: What Else Customers Need to Know About Peak BioBoost

Q. How is Peak BioBoost different?

A. Peak BioBoost uses four prebiotic fibers that have been proven to be effective with multiple scientific studies. They will help to create the ideal bowel movements in the body, rather than just relieving diarrhea or constipation exclusively.

Q. How should Peak BioBoost be taken?

A. New users shouldn’t consume more than one serving daily until their body starts to adjust to the effects. If this serving is enough, the user changes nothing. However, if they are still experiencing difficulty, the servings can be doubled.

Q. How long will it take to feel the effects of Peak BioBoost?

A. While the reaction may depend on the person, most people see a change in their bowel movements within two to three days. Extreme cases could take up to a week or more to see results.

Q. Are there any stimulants (i.e. caffeine) in this product?

A. No.Peak BioBoost only has all plant based, safe and natural ingredients.

Q. How long will Peak BioBoost take to ship?

A. Usually, the process takes about five to seven days for domestic orders. International orders can take longer, sometimes surpassing 15 business days with the time it takes to go through customs.


Peak BioBoost delivers prebiotics to the body to improve digestion overall, rather than just acting as a laxative or stool softener. This product can be mixed with anything, but the creators have taken it upon themselves to create several guides with recipes so consumers can maximize their results. The bonus guides cost nothing extra, and even the return policy is lengthy enough to work with anyone who doesn’t finally get their relief.

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