Supplements Detox CytoDetox: Reviewing Dr David Jockers Detox Immunity Formula

CytoDetox: Reviewing Dr David Jockers Detox Immunity Formula

CytoDetox is an immune boosting detoxification cleansing formula by Dr. David Jockers of True Cellular Formulas that works to remove body toxins via the zeolite clinoptilolite ingredient.


CytoDetox is a nutritional supplement that claims to detoxify and protect your immune system.

The supplement was formulated by Dr. David Jockers, DC. By taking CytoDetox daily, you can purportedly unblock your immune defenses and cleanse toxins from your system.

How does CytoDetox work? Is there any evidence behind CytoDetox? Find out everything you need to know about this immune boosting formula today in our review.


What is CytoDetox?

CytoDetox is a nutritional supplement that purportedly “bulletproofs” your immune system. The ingredients in CytoDetox bind to heavy metals and other toxins in your body, cleansing them from your system. By removing toxins from your body, CytoDetox allows your immune system to work more effectively.

In addition to removing heavy metals from your system, CytoDetox claims to rebalance hormones, burn fat, boost cellular energy, and remove endocrine disruptors, among other benefits.

CytoDetox is marketed through, which features an interview with Dr. David Jockers, a chiropractic doctor who offers a range of supplements and health and wellness guides online. Each bottle is priced at $68.

How Does CytoDetox Work?

CytoDetox comes in a small dropper bottle. Each bottle contains 1 fl oz (30mL) of liquid formula. By taking drops daily, you can purportedly support your body’s natural ability to detoxify.

The makers of CytoDetox claim that their formula targets virtually every toxin that affects your body, including all of the heavy metals, hormones, herbicides, food dyes, and other ingredients that impact hormones and your immune system. Here’s how the company describes its formula’s key benefit:

“Support your body’s removal of hormone and immune disrupting toxins from plastic, soy, herbicides, food dyes, parabens, phthalates, and heavy metals…even across the blood brain barrier.”

The company claims many people suffer from toxin overload without realizing it. If you experience gut problems, brain fog, immune challenges, fatigue, weight gain, and other issues, for example, then the company recommends taking CytoDetox to detoxify your body.

The company adds that CytoDetox is “a safe, effective, and easy solution” that supports your body’s natural ability to remove toxins.

We encounter toxins every day – including everything from pollution in the air to heavy metals and pesticides around the home. When your body absorbs toxins, it causes cells to become inflamed. This purportedly impacts the body’s ability to signal fat-burning hormones, leading to metabolic, immune, and endocrine issues.

Obviously, it’s no secret that toxins can impact human health. Plenty of supplements claim to detoxify your body using natural ingredients. But how does CytoDetox actually work? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients inside the formula.

CytoDetox Ingredients

CytoDetox, like certain other detoxification formulas, uses zeolites to remove toxins from the body.

However, CytoDetox claims to be superior to other zeolite detoxification formulas because it uses a special type of zeolites called clinoptilolite. It’s a natural mineral formed millions of years ago from a chemical reaction between volcanic ash and saline water. It takes up to 50,000 years for this chemical reaction to complete, and it creates a substance with a unique three-dimensional cage-like shape – similar to a honeycomb.

The end result is a molecule shaped like a honeycomb that can capture and remove toxins from all over your body. CytoDetox claims to have used a patent pending process to strip natural clinoptilolite zeolite of the bound heavy metals, leaving cleaned and prepped cages ready for binding new heavy metals. It’s purified zeolite that detoxifies your body.

And, because of the unique shape of the molecule, it can cross the blood-brain barrier – something other detoxification formulas cannot do. The molecules in CytoDetox are between 200 and 1,000 daltons, which means they can cross cellular membranes.

CytoDetox delivers this molecule through a mechanism they call “Liposomal Cellular Transport Technology” or “LCTT”. This is a fancy way of saying they bound the molecule with a fat molecule to enhance absorption.

Oddly, the manufacturer does not seem to disclose the full ingredient label upfront, making it difficult to determine what’s in the formula.

We know the formula contains molecular clinoptilolite and fulvates along with some type of fatty molecule, although it’s unclear what type of fatty molecule is in the formula or what other ingredients have been added.

Scientific Evidence for CytoDetox

The makers of CytoDetox have not performed any clinical trials or scientific studies on their formula. However, they cite about a dozen other studies performed by third parties on the ingredients in the formula.

Does CytoDetox really “bulletproof” your immune system and remove all toxins? Or is this another overhyped and overpriced detoxification formula? Let’s look at the science.

The company cites this 1996 study that analyzed the detoxification effectiveness of the naturally occurring zeolite, clinoptilolite. Researchers analyzed how the molecule removed toxins from industrial waste, including waste from lead smelting operations. Researchers proposed that clinoptilolite could be effective for cleansing lead-contaminated ecologically hazardous industrial waste.

The company also cites this 1996 study that analyzed the effects of that same molecule on drinking water. Researchers analyzed how a zeolite molecular sieve membrane can remove trihalomethanes and other impurities from water. Researchers praised zeolite membranes for their “nanofiltration” capabilities and other detoxification benefits.

In this 2012 study, researchers reviewed evidence of natural zeolites on blood levels of antioxidant enzymes, concluding that chabazite, phillipsite, and analcime zeolites could “help to counteract oxidative stress in apparently healthy subjects exposed to different oxidative stress risk factors” like smoking.

CytoDetox also contains fulvates or fulvic acid. To support their use of this compound, the company cites this 2015 study showing that fulvic acid is safe in humans at a daily dose up to 1.8g per adult.

The cited studies fail to line up with many of the claims made by the CytoDetox team.

For example, here’s what the company claims about its supplement:

“The clinoptilolite zeolite found in CytoDetox® can fully bind and hold heavy metals and other toxins tightly, therefore, re-distribution in the body is no longer a valid concern.”

To prove that claim, the company cites this 2010 study, which explained how exposure to chemicals at an early age can lead to diseases later in life. The study does not mention the clinoptilolite zeolite, nor does it discuss any ingredients in CytoDetox – yet this is the study the company cites to prove its bold claim.

Overall, there’s some evidence that the fulvates and clinoptilolite zeolite in CytoDetox could detoxify the body. However, no studies or trials have been performed on the specific CytoDetox formula, making it difficult to assume the formula has the same benefits as the studies linked above. The company also seems to inaccurately cite studies on its sales page, linking to studies that do not support the advertised claims.

CytoDetox Pricing

CytoDetox is priced at $60 to $68 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

1 Bottle: $67.97

2 Bottles: $118.94

You can pay online using any major credit card. All prices include shipping.

As part of a promotion, the company is bundling all purchases with a health and wellness eBook called the True Cellular Detox Diet. The eBook comes with a 90-day detox menu plan, detox support recipes, and a detox menus shopping list.

CytoDetox Refund Policy

CytoDetox comes with a 30 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days with no questions asked.

Who’s Behind CytoDetox?

CytoDetox is made by a company named Revelation Health, LLC. That company is based in Allison Park, Pennsylvania. CytoDetox is marketed through True Cellular Formulas, a brand subsidiary of Revelation Health.

Revelation Health offers a range of natural health food products and supplements. The company sells products for immune support, cellular healing, keto and fasting, weight loss, detoxification, and energy, among other targeted benefits. Revelation Health also offers health coaching, eBooks, nutrition guides, and more.

Brands in the Revelation Health family include Systemic Formulas, True Cellular Formulas, DesBio, PureForm, and Atrantil.

You can contact Revelation Health via the following:


Phone: (888) 600-0642

Mailing Address: 2853 Oxford Blvd, Suite 104, Allison Park, PA 15101

Final Word

The makers of CytoDetox make huge claims about the effectiveness of their formula, suggesting it “bulletproofs” your immune system against toxins and illness. In reality, there’s some evidence that the zeolites and fulvates used in CytoDetox could detoxify the body, although there’s limited research on the effectiveness of this specific zeolite in humans overall.

Furthermore, CytoDetox has not gone through any clinical trials or studies to verify any of its advertised benefits. It’s true that some zeolites have been shown to detoxify the body, but it’s hard to determine the effectiveness of CytoDetox with no scientific research available.

Overall, it’s possible CytoDetox could work as advertised to detoxify the body – but it’s also possible the supplement does nothing. With limited research available on the topic, it’s hard to determine how CytoDetox works – if at all.

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