Supplements Detox Liver Health Formula: Review PureHealth Research Energy Aid

Liver Health Formula: Review PureHealth Research Energy Aid

Liver Health Formula by PureHealth Research is a natural supplement that recharges the body's youthful battery for more energy, weight loss benefits and even provides brain boosting support.


Liver Health Formula is a nutritional supplement that claims to recharge your energy and support detoxification.

By taking Liver Health Formula daily, you can purportedly support powerful effects throughout your body. The supplement is sold online through by Pure Health Research, a Virginia-based supplement company.

Does Liver Health Formula really work? How does Liver Health Formula work? Find out everything you need to know about Liver Health Formula and its benefits today in our review.


What is Liver Health Formula?

Liver Health Formula is a nutritional supplement made by Pure Health Research.

The supplement is marketed towards older adults who want to support youthful energy, lose weight, boost cognition, and enjoy other benefits.

According to the Liver Health Formula website, many of these effects aren’t linked to just aging – they’re linked to liver health. Even if you don’t drink heavily, your liver could worsen over time, which is why many benefit from taking a liver supplement.

Here’s how PureHealth Research explains the situation:

“Even if you don’t drink a drop of alcohol, your liver could still be suffering. Not only is your liver struggling to handle the massive amount of toxins in our modern world, but your liver is also bombarded by hidden sugar.”

Because of all these toxins in the environment and the foods you eat, you need to supplement your liver, especially as you get older.

Don’t confuse this Liver Health Formula with the supplement of the same name from GNC. Both GNC and PureHealth Research make a supplement called Liver Health Formula, although they’re two completely different formulas.

How Does Liver Health Formula Work?

PureHealth Research claims to support your liver using natural ingredients, leading to a range of powerful benefits:

  • Regain your youthful energy levels
  • Help lose weight and melt stubborn belly fat
  • Renew sharp thinking
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Boost healthy digestion
  • Look and feel years or decades younger

Obviously, people of all ages are interested in the benefits above – but they become particularly important for older adults, many of whom have seen cognition, energy, and weight issues worsen over time.

The Liver Health Formula contains ingredients like turmeric, dandelion root, and beetroot to achieve these benefits. Ingredients like turmeric are rich with antioxidants that could support health and wellness throughout your body. Meanwhile, beetroot and dandelion are plant extracts that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries to support liver health.

Does Liver Health Formula really work? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients within the supplement.

Liver Health Formula Ingredients

According to the official website, PureHealth Research Liver Health Formula discloses all ingredients and dosages upfront, making it easy to compare Liver Health Formula to other liver supporting supplements and scientific evidence.

The three biggest ingredients in Liver Health Formula are turmeric root, beetroot, and dandelion. The supplement contains significant dosages of each of these three ingredients.

Liver Health Formula also contains smaller doses of milk thistle extract, artichoke extract, ginger, alfalfa, and L-cysteine, all of which are found in other liver supporting formulas (although typically at higher dosages).

All ingredients are packaged into a vegetable capsule with brown rice flour as a filler.

You take two capsules of Liver Health Formula per day to support your liver health.

Scientific Evidence for Liver Health Formula

PureHealth Research has not studied Liver Health Formula, run clinical trials on the formula, or provided specific proof the supplement works as advertised.

However, the company relies on third-party research by other scientists. Scientists have studied individual ingredients within Liver Health Formula, which could mean the supplement works as advertised. We’ll review some of that evidence below.

First, many people take turmeric supplements daily. Turmeric is rich with curcumin, a popular ingredient for supporting inflammation. Some formulas contain 95% curcuminoids by concentration, although Liver Health Formula does not disclose curcuminoids' concentration.

Some studies show turmeric can improve liver function. As WebMD explains, many people take turmeric to target non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is the buildup of fat in your liver even if you drink little to no alcohol. Research shows that turmeric could reduce markers of liver injury in people with this condition. Turmeric could also help prevent the buildup of more fat in the liver in people who have this condition.

However, there are also reports of turmeric worsening liver health. In 2019, researchers analyzed two cases of turmeric induced liver injury and found it was related to taking large doses of turmeric orally. Nevertheless, turmeric is a widely used and popular supplement linked to supporting a range of health and wellness benefits – including your liver.

The dose of turmeric in Liver Health Formula is smaller than competing turmeric supplements. Most supplements use doses of 750mg to 1,500mg – or a smaller dose of turmeric with 95% curcuminoids. Liver Health Formula uses a 300mg dose of turmeric with an unlisted curcumin concentration, making it relatively weak compared to other turmeric supplements.

Liver Health Formula also contains a significant amount of beet extract. Beet has traditionally been used to support liver health. In fact, beet frequently appears on lists like “best foods for your liver” and “foods for detoxifying your liver.” Some people take beets as juice. Others take beet extract – like the beet extract in Liver Health Formula.

As this 2018 study published in Nutrients explained, beets can protect against high-fat diet-induced oxidative damage in the liver. That study was performed on mice – not humans. We need more large-scale research to verify the benefits of beets in your liver, although early research is promising.

Liver Health Formula also contains a moderate dose of dandelion. Naturopaths believe dandelion root tea can naturally detoxify the liver. Some also recommend using it for skin and eye problems – or relieving symptoms of liver disease.

In 2016, researchers reviewed the evidence on the dandelion extract and published the Review of Diabetic Studies results. Researchers found that dandelion could support liver cells in various ways. Researchers found that traditional medicine practitioners in Russia, India, and China have used dandelion as a traditional folk medicine for centuries to support liver health, spleen health, blisters, and more.

Like beets and liver health, dandelion extract needs more research to state it helps your liver definitively. However, early research is promising for showing that dandelion extract could support your liver in various ways.

The other ingredients in Liver Health Formula aren’t found in large enough doses to significantly support liver health. Although artichoke is linked with liver benefits, most artichoke supplements use a dose of 500mg per serving or higher – 10x stronger than the 50mg dose in Liver Health Formula.

The other listed ingredients in Liver Health Formula, including ginger, alfalfa, and L-cysteine, also seem comparatively weak, and we’re skeptical they significantly impact liver health at these dosages.

Overall, there’s evidence Liver Health Formula could support liver health with turmeric, beet, and dandelion – although you should be able to find stronger doses in other supplements (especially at this price range).

Liver Health Formula Pricing

Liver Health Formula is priced at $49 per bottle, with the price dropping to $33 or $39 per bottle if ordering multiple bottles. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

1 Bottle: $49 + Free Shipping

3 Bottles: $117 + Free Shipping

6 Bottles: $198 + Free Shipping

As part of a recent promotion, you receive two free eBooks with all purchases, including Whip-Fast Memory in Just 10 Minutes a Day and The 5 Step Plan for Great Digestion.

Liver Health Formula Refund Policy

PureHealth Research offers one of the best moneyback guarantees in the supplement space. You can request a complete refund within 1 year of your purchase date.

Contact the company within 1 year of your original purchase date to request a complete cash refund or exchange on your product. You need to return the empty and unused portion of the Liver Health Formula to the address below.

Returns Address: 1140 S Highbrook St, 4th Floor, Akron, OH 44301, USA

Who’s Behind Liver Health Formula?

Liver Health Formula was made by a naturopathic doctor named Dr. Eric Wood, ND. Dr. Wood recommends using natural therapies to address biotoxin illnesses, aging, hormones, digestion, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular issues, among other problems.

Dr. Wood is a member of the professional advisory board at PureHealth Research. PureHealth Research is a Virginia-based supplement company known for supplements like Exuberant, Fungus Eliminator, Blood Sugar Formula, and Ageless Brain.

PureHealth Research manufactures Liver Health Formula in the United States at an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.

You can contact the makers of Liver Health Formula via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (888) 558-9836
  • Mailing Address: 4601 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22203, USA

Final Word

Liver Health Formula is a liver support supplement that claims to help with weight loss, detoxification, cognitive performance, and more.

Overall, Liver Health Formula contains proven liver-supporting ingredients that could support your liver in various ways. However, it’s unlikely to be the ‘miracle’ solution advertised by PureHealth Research – especially given the average doses of most ingredients within the Liver Health Formula.

Nevertheless, Liver Health Formula is backed by a 1-year refund policy. If Liver Health Formula does not significantly support your liver health within 1 year of your purchase, you are entitled to a complete refund. You can learn more by visiting the official website, here.

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