Guides How To Lose Weight Flat Belly Fast: Review Danette May’s Weight Loss Meal Plans

Flat Belly Fast: Review Danette May’s Weight Loss Meal Plans

Flat Belly Fast by Danette May is a new step by step DVD video program that comes with a 10 day meal plan guide to help users with weight loss, individual workout exercises and fast food prep.


Flat Belly Fast is a DVD featuring step-by-step exercises and recipes for weight loss.

Created by Danette May, Flat Belly Fast claims to help you feel 10 pounds skinnier in 10 days. The DVD explains recipes, workouts, meal plans, and more.

Is Flat Belly Fast worth the price? What will you learn in Flat Belly Fast? Find out everything you need to know about Flat Belly Fast today in our review.


What is Flat Belly Fast?

Flat Belly Fast is a diet and exercise program sold online through

You buy the Flat Belly Fast DVD for $8, and ships that DVD anywhere in the United States.

In exchange for your one-time shipping fee, you receive diet and exercise tips, meal plans, follow-along workouts, meal prep guides, and more.

The Flat Belly Fast program is led by Danette May, a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and author. Danette is also the founder of The Mindful Health.

As part of a recent promotion, sells copies of Flat Belly Fast for “free” – you pay a $7.95 shipping fee. The website ships the DVD anywhere in the United States. It’s a one-time shipping charge with no hidden fees or terms. You get a diet and exercise DVD for $8.

What’s Included with Flat Belly Fast?

Your Flat Belly Fast DVD contains a range of sections, including:

Step-by-Step Flat Belly Fast Program: The DVD's core is the Flat Belly Fast program, a step-by-step guide for slimming your belly and losing weight quickly. If you still have stubborn belly fat after dieting and exercising, then the Flat Belly Fast program may be the right choice for you.

Follow-Along Workout Videos: Flat Belly Fast comes with step-by-step workout videos. The exercises are designed to boost your metabolism level. You have multiple options for each fitness level. Whether you’re new to fitness or have more experience, Flat Belly Fast aims to provide workouts you can easily follow

10-Day Meal Plan eBook: Your order comes with an eBook (sent to your email inbox). The eBook comes with 10 days of healthy meal plans, including easy-to-prepare recipes, step-by-step cooking guides, and instructions you can follow to prepare food in less than 10 minutes. Instead of just boring healthy food, the meal plan eBook contains pizza, cake, cookies, and more.

Fast Meals Prep Video: In this video, Danette walks you through her meal prep routine. You can watch and learn as Danette prepares fast, tasty, balanced meals. You can create 10 days worth of meals by following along, even if your only previous cooking experience was boiling water.

How Does Flat Belly Fast Work?

Most of us want a flatter belly. What’s the secret to Flat Belly Fast? How does the Flat Belly Fast program work?

Some of the strategies outlined in the Flat Belly Fast program include:

  • How to combine the mind and breath to maximize workout results.
  • How to save time with short, fun, and fast workouts that burn a lot of calories.
  • How to keep your metabolism in a fat-burning zone even when you’re not exercising.
  • How to improve posture while increasing muscle strength.

And more.

Sample Meals in Flat Belly Fast

Danette teaches you how to create a range of tasty meals in her recipe eBook. By following Danette’s meal plan, you can prepare 10 days’ worth of meals in advance, including healthy foods, snacks, and meals you can eat throughout the day.

Danette’s meals are designed to be beginner-friendly but tasty to everyone. They take less than 10 minutes to prepare. They boost your metabolism, and they come with easy to follow recipes even if you’ve never cooked before in your life.

Some of the sample dishes in the Flat Belly Fast program include:

  • Gluten-free chicken pasta
  • Thai stir fry chicken with basil
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Chocolate peanut butter bites
  • Chicken artichoke pizza
  • Cowboy caviar

Flat Belly Fast Pricing

Flat Belly Fast is priced at $7.95 when ordered through Technically, the DVD is free – you pay a shipping fee of $7.95.

  • 1 x DVD: $0 + $7.95 Shipping

There are no rebills, no hidden fees, and no subscription costs bundled into this offer. It’s a genuine one-time fee of $7.95 in exchange for the Flat Belly Fast DVD.

The sales page has an upsell for a follow-along video called Mindful Pilates Workout, priced at $7.

Flat Belly Fast Refund Policy

Although Flat Belly Fast is technically free, you can still request a refund on your shipping costs. If you are unsatisfied with the Flat Belly Fast program within 60 days, then you can request a complete refund on your purchase by live chat or a quick email message at!/.

About Danette May

Danette May is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, author, and fitness model.

In an introductory video on, Danette describes herself as “America’s leading health expert.” On her website,, Danette describes herself as “America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert,” describing how she’s dedicated to teaching self-love through healing foods, healing movements, and a healing mindset.

Danette sells several programs, guides, videos, and other materials online, including Booty Camp (a 30-day workout program), Gut Health (a guide to digestive health), and the 30 Day Challenge (a one-month program to lose weight and feel sexier).

Danette has also published several health and wellness books, including The Whole You Healing Detox, The Rise, and 7 Day Jumpstart.

In addition to running her personal website at, Danette runs and Mindful Health, LLC.

Danette has over 130,000 followers on Instagram.

Final Word

Flat Belly Fast is a diet and exercise DVD sold through TheFitRise for $8. The DVD features step-by-step workout guides, recipes, meal plans, and more.

By following Flat Belly Fast, you can discover meal prep strategies, exercise tips, and things you can do in the kitchen and the gym to get a flatter belly.

At $8 and backed by a 60-day refund policy, Flat Belly Fast is an easy way to kickstart your diet and exercise routine.

To learn more about Flat Belly Fast by Danette May and how the program works, visit online today at

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