Guides How To Lose Weight 10-Day Flat Belly Flush: Reviewing Derek Wahler’s Fat Shrinking Signal Formula

10-Day Flat Belly Flush: Reviewing Derek Wahler’s Fat Shrinking Signal Formula

The 10-Day Fat Belly Flush by certified fitness trainer Derek Wahler features the 10-minute Fat Shrinking Signal trick that helps users lose weight and achieve a flat stomach in as little as 29 days.


10-Day Flat Belly Flush, also known as Fat Shrinking Signal formula, is an eBook by Derek Wahler that teaches you how to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

By following the strategies in 10-Day Flat Belly Flush, you can purportedly lose 32 pounds in just 3 weeks by activating the fat shrinking signals and correcting hidden hormonal disorders. You can follow the program for 10 days or make it a regular part of your life.

Is 10-Day Flat Belly Flush worth it? Which foods should you eat to burn fat while you sleep? What will you learn in 10-Day Flat Belly Flush? Can you really lose over 30 pounds in under one month? Let’s take a closer look at how 10-Day Flat Belly Flush works.


What is 10-Day Flat Belly Flush?

10-Day Flat Belly Flush is a diet and weight loss program that emphasizes eating more food and exercising less to lose weight.

By eating during certain times of the day and fasting the rest of the time, you can purportedly flush toxins and accelerate weight loss.

Found only at 29 Day Flat Stomach Formula, some people follow the program and intermittently fast for 10 days, eating one or two meals per day. Some drink low-calorie beverages – like tea, coffee, or diet drinks – to keep their bodies in a constant fasting state.

As part of a new marketing campaign, the creators of 10-Day Flat Belly Flush claim you can “measure a difference in your waistline in less than 72 hours” while following the program. The sales page also emphasizes the idea of burning fat while you sleep by eating specific foods:

“All you have to do is eat delicious foods and watch the pounds melt away…It’s helped women in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s drop up to 30 pounds or more in just a few months.”

There are plenty of weight loss programs that emphasize easy weight loss results with little effort required. These programs all make similar claims: you can lose significant weight without changing your diet or exercise habits. Few of these programs work.

The 10-Day Flat Belly Flush eBook is priced at $15 and features 26 pages of weight loss information.

How Does 10-Day Flat Belly Flush Work?

10-Day Flat Belly Flush teaches you how to fast for weight loss – including how to safely fast.

Incorrectly fasting can lead to serious health problems. Fasting can destroy muscle, for example. It can cause serious organ damage.

Fasting does, however, lead to weight loss. After all, your body needs to get energy from somewhere. If you’re not consuming calories, then your body needs to burn fat to keep you alive.

Unfortunately, studies don’t always connect fasting to long-term weight loss results. Some studies show that people who fast inevitably gain the weight back when they start to eat again, for example. You might lose 10 pounds in 10 days while fasting, then gain 12 pounds the next week when you return to a normal diet.

To accelerate weight loss results further, 10-Day Flat Belly Flush emphasizes targeting three hormones that trigger the formation of belly fat, including:

Cortisol: The stress hormone triggers the formation of belly fat. Signs of high cortisol include fatigue, inflammation, belly fat, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure, among other effects.

Insulin: The makers of 10-Day Flat Belly Flush claim insulin is “a storage hormone that can cause you to put on weight quickly”. When you eat carbs, your body releases a lot of insulin. Over time, this can lead to insulin resistance. Symptoms of insulin resistance include belly fat, excessive cravings, and high blood pressure.

Estrogen: The authors also describe estrogen as a belly fat trigger because it encourages the female body to store more fat in their lower bodies, while men (with lower estrogen) store fat around their belly and love handles.

10-Day Flat Belly Flush recommends foods that target these three hormones. You eat specific foods at night, then “wake up with a flatter stomach in the morning”, according to the authors.

Don’t like exercise? That’s okay! 10-Day Flat Belly Flush claims “exercise is a bad way to lose weight”. You don’t need it. In fact, they claim their weight loss program delivers better results than someone who runs 5 miles per day.

Foods to Eat While Following the 10-Day Flat Belly Flush

The 10-Day Flat Belly Flush emphasizes foods we don’t always see with other weight loss programs, including all of the following:

Eggs: Eggs contain choline, which is “a super-nutrient that most people are lacking”, according to the authors. Choline can lower inflammation and enhance brain development, among other effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a popular weight loss aid backed by some scientific evidence. Some studies show that taking a shot of apple cider vinegar 30 minutes before a meal can encourage you to eat less. Other studies have been less supportive.

Heavy Whipping Cream: 10-Day Flat Belly Flush recommends adding heavy whipping cream to your coffee every morning. It’s a healthy fat that will curb hunger throughout the morning.

Cocoa Powder: The authors claim cocoa powder can accelerate weight loss and block fat storage, among other weight loss benefits.

What’s Included with 10-Day Flat Belly Flush?

Your purchase includes all of the following:

10-Day Fat Flush eBook: This eBook is a 26-page manual that explains exactly what to eat and drink over the 10 day detox period. By following the program for 10 days or more, you can purportedly wake up feeling lighter and leaner with no exercise required.

10-Day Fat Flush Quick Start Guide: This guide is a 7-minute video explaining how to get started with the weight loss protocol, including step-by-step instructions for getting started.

Intermittent Fasting Blueprint eBook: This eBook teaches you how to burn more fat without having to complete actual work. With intermittent fasting, you only eat during specific windows of the day. You might eat for 6 hours and fast for the other 18 hours, for example.

5 Secrets to a Flatty Belly in Just 7 Days eBook: This eBook teaches you how to flatten your belly in seven days.

Bonus #1: 10-Day Green Smoothie Detox: This eBook explains how to drink green smoothies for weight loss, including smoothies rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Bonus #2: 1,000 Step Home Walking Workouts: This 6 minute video explains several workouts you can perform at home. These 1,000 step workouts can be done at home with no equipment and just a few minutes of spare time per day.

10-Day Flat Belly Flush Pricing

10-Day Flat Belly Flush is priced at $15.

Your order is processed by Clickbank. You can pay online using credit card or PayPal.

The sales page has an upsell for the 7-Day Diet Challenge to Drop Up to 10lbs ($9), which is an additional eBook to accelerate weight loss results.

10-Day Flat Belly Flush Refund Policy

10-Day Flat Belly Flush has the same refund policy as all other Clickbank digital products.

You can request a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked.

Who’s Behind 10-Day Flat Belly Flush?

10-Day Flat Belly Flush was written by a Madison, Wisconsin-based couple named Derek and Keri Wahler. It’s unclear what qualifications these two have – if any.

Derek Wahler lists ‘CTT’ after his name, although it’s unclear what these letters mean. We cannot find any fitness certification organization that uses CTT or provides CTT certification.

The two also run the website, which is currently a blank WordPress blog. There’s limited other information about the two online, although Derek Wahler has previously published a book called The Fat Shrinking Signal. In his Twitter bio, Derek claims “I help people lose weight by eating more and exercising less”.

Although Derek and Keri are in great shape, it’s unclear if they are qualified to provide health advice, weight loss recommendations, or nutritional guidance.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

10-Day Flat Belly Flush makes enormous claims about its weight loss results. The sales page for 10-Day Flat Belly Flush is filled with customer testimonials from people who lost over 20 pounds in less than one month while following the program.

One woman named ‘Betty’ claims to have lost 32 pounds in just 3 weeks while following the program, dropping from 189 pounds to 157 pounds. Another woman claims to have lost 20 pounds, 24 inches, and 2 sizes in 90 days.

The longer you follow the program, the more weight you can lose.

Final Word

10-Day Flat Belly Flush, also known as Fat Shrinking Signal, is a weight loss program that emphasizes eating more and exercising less from certified fitness trainer Derek Wahler. For $15, you get a 26-page eBook, bonus videos, and bonus eBooks, among other materials.

The weight loss program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. However, it’s not overly clear what weight loss qualifications the authors have – if any. TO learn more, buy 10-Day Flat Belly Flush today.

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