Guides How To Lose Weight Reviewing the 2024 Research About Vitality Code Diet

Reviewing the 2024 Research About Vitality Code Diet

The Vitality Code Diet uses a ketogenic model to help users lose weight and feel their best while continuing to eat the foods they love.


It is no secret that a number of people across the United States today lead unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles which eventually leads them to suffer from a number of physical and mental ailments. For example, as per data released by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), obesity-related issues were found to affect more than 93 million adults in the country (through 2015~2016.) In this regard, it also bears mentioning that people suffering from excess weight-related issues have also been found to suffer from a number of other problems such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, a research study released a few years ago has shown that the approximate medical cost of treating obesity-related issues in the United States lays somewhere around the $147 billion threshold. The study also states that the average cost of treating people suffering from obesity is nearly $1,500 more than people with normal weight levels.

Lastly, a survey conducted by a reputable fitness media outlet in 2013 showed that of a select group of individuals who claimed to be dieting regularly, two out of five quit within the first week itself. Not only that, it is estimated that only 20% of these individuals stuck with their goals and made it past the three-month mark. Clearly, consumers often need more than just simple diet and exercise to guarantee success in their weight loss and wellness goals.

Let's review Vitality Code Diet and see if the new health plan is worthy of a second look or if sticking with a keto shake, keto diet pill or ketogenic diet challenge may be optimal.

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What is the Vitality Code Diet?

As the name seems to suggest, Vitality Code is a ketogenic diet plan that seeks to help users maintain their vitality and wellness through a proper diet. According to Vitality Code Diet creator Amanda S., most weight loss programs get key aspects of the weight loss equation completely wrong. She had previously tried out a number of different weight loss plans, including Paleo, Whole 30, Elimination Diets, Carb Cycling, HCG, Alkaline Diet and Mediterranean Diet. For a number of reasons, though, all of these weight loss plans fell short of helping her achieve her goals.

The Vitality Code Diet outlines that most diets fail because of three main reasons. These include:

  • Forced Starvation. Most weight loss systems impose insane eating restrictions on their users for extended periods of time. And while such methods may work initially, they usually end up doing more harm than good to one’s body in the long run.
  • Nutritional Imbalance. Another reason why many diet plans fail to deliver long-lasting results is because they compromise on the nutritional intake of certain key ingredients, minerals, and vitamins that our body requires for optimal functionality.
  • Sudden Shift in Hormonal Levels. Many diets (such as High-Fat Low-Carb) force people to give up certain foods that they are used to consuming on a regular basis. This can cause one’s hormone levels to fluctuate wildly. This causes malfunctions in the thyroid and pituitary glands, which can negate the effects of the weight loss routine and even cause weight gain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vitality Code

Users probably have a number of questions about this interesting new take on the traditional ketogenic diet. While our information is limited because we have not personally purchased a subscription to the Code, this section will include answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about The Vitality Code and the company behind it.

Q: Who created The Vitality Code?

A: This weight loss regimen was created by Amanda S. Little information is given about her background; she merely explains that she was a mother of four and became disenchanted with other weight loss programs that were available to her. This is a bit troubling, as consumers cannot be sure that the program was created by someone with a clinical understanding of human nutrition.

Q: How does The Vitality Code help you lose weight?

A: The Vitality Code relies on the principle of ketosis. When the body enters a state of ketosis, it begins to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for the energy it needs. This helps to quickly burn through fat and lose weight for the user. For The Vitality Code, this state of ketosis is attained without the use of calorie counters or the gym. It is unclear how, precisely, the program helps users enter this state; the site simply explains that most keto diets “do it wrong.”

Q: Who can use The Vitality Code?

A: The Vitality Code is not made specifically for any demographic; all adults can use the program. We would advise against children beginning any type of ketogenic diet without the prior approval of their primary care physician.

Q: Can you eat whatever you want on The Vitality Code Diet?

A: Yes! Generally, the only restriction applied to ketogenic diets is that users should curb their intake of carbohydrates, mainly found in breads and grains. It is unclear what specific restrictions are placed on users by The Vitality Code, but it is likely that the program asks users to gradually decrease their carb intake.

Vitality Code Diet Benefits

To start off with, the Vitality Code Diet seeks to address many of the common health issues that a lot of people around the world deal with on a day to day basis. For example, when followed diligently, the system can help allay a host of issues related to dizziness, digestive malfunctioning, respiratory difficulties, and chronic fatigue.

According to its creators, The Vitality Code:

  • Optimizes Gastrointestinal Health. By gradually eliminating the unhealthy fat and grease deposits that tend to line up inside our intestines, the Vitality Code diet helps rejuvenate one’s gastrointestinal system, thereby making digestion smoother and much less taxing on our circulatory system.
  • Promotes physical and mental balance. One of the key facets of Vitality Code is that it helps restore the hormonal balance in our bodies. Not only that, the diet also helps maximize the efficiency of our neural network, thus allowing for increased mental clarity, enhanced focus, improved spatial awareness, etc.
  • Helps reduce anxiety. People who have followed the Vitality Code diet diligently have seen a drastic reduction in their anxiety and nervousness levels. This is because the program helps maximize the efficiency of our circulatory system in a highly streamlined manner.
  • Mitigates health problems. When followed on a regular basis, the official company website claims that the Vitality Code diet can help prevent a number of major physical ailments such as appendicitis, arthritis, bladder pain, candida, carpal tunnel syndrome, colitis, etc.
  • Achieves ketogenic state. As mentioned in an earlier section, this diet is largely based on the keto weight loss system – with a few minor changes here and there. In this regard, followers of this diet are required to refrain from consuming substantial quantities of carbohydrates — since they are known to metabolize into sugars and fats quite quickly.
  • Sustainable in the long run. Research studies have shown that the Vitality Code diet plan can be followed by users for extended periods of time without any harmful side effects.
  • Optimizes metabolism. One of the most important aspects of Vitality Code is that it helps enhance the metabolic activity of our bodies. This not allows for faster weight loss but also allows individuals to feel more vital and fresh through the course of their daily activities.
  • Is easy-to-follow. The plan clearly lays out all the foods that are good for one’s body and those that aren’t. Not only that, the program also helps educate users about a number of so-called “health foods” that have been clinically shown to sabotage one’s weight loss efforts.
  • Accelerates fat loss. Thanks to the ketogenic principles that this diet is based upon, it helps users lose large amounts of weight within short periods of time. In this regard, it should be pointed out that when followed diligently, users can lose around 3-5 kgs within the first few weeks of following the Vitality Code diet.
  • Spurs muscular development. Traditionally, high carb-low fat diets have been shown to reduce one’s muscle mass levels. However, the Vitality Code system not only maintains our muscle mass but also helps increase the strength of our tissues and tendons so as to enhance our overall strength and endurance capacity.

More Vitality Code Facts

In addition to the main benefits offered by the Vitality Code, users can expect to avoid some of the pitfalls that come with many other diets in the current dieting industry. These points are important; the types of trends avoided by the Vitality Code often deter successful adherence to the diet, reversing the effects of weight loss and preventing real progress for users.

By using the Vitality Code system, users will avoid:

  • Counting calories. Unlike a number of other systems, Vitality Code does not require people to monitor their daily food intake incessantly or even count their calories meticulously. Instead, all that is required from the user is that they minimize the consumption of certain harmful nutrients from their regular meal plans.
  • Food tracking. When following the Vitality Code dietary system, it is not necessary for users to keep an accurate tab of the food that they have consumed over the course of their day.
  • Food intake restrictions. As mentioned earlier, people making use of Vitality Code do not have to starve themselves or keep their food intake at a bare minimum. Instead, they can consume large meal portions without having to compromise on the taste or quality of their food.
  • The gym. More often than not, dieting plans require users to spend substantial amounts of time in the gym to see real results. However, when following this diet plan, no such thing is necessary. While the gym certainly won't hurt the process, users don't need to obsess over lifting weights or running to see results while using the Vitality Code.

Purchasing The Vitality Code

To purchase Vitality Code, just follow the instructions on the official Vitality Code website.  Right now, the program is being offered at a discounted rate of $37, which is $30 less than its regular cost of $67. Payments can be completed using a host of safe and secure methods including AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, etc.

For additional questions or support, contact customer support at this email address:

Last but not least, the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee in case users are not satisfied with its overall quality or effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

The main premise of the Vitality Code is simple; the weight loss plan allows users to take advantage of the ketogenic diet in a way that keeps them from excessive time in the gym, hours spent counting calories, and the inevitable pitfalls that come with diets that preach under-eating and self-deprivation. While consumers should still consult their physician before beginning any new radical diet program, The Vitality Code offers a simple solution to the problem of obesity.

Check out the Vitality Code Diet Here

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