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Beyond Body: Review the Personalized Weight Loss Book

Beyond Body is a personalized weight loss book for men or women that maps out customized meal plans, daily routines, and health strategies with educational content and training lesson guides.


Beyond Body is a book that claims to offer fully personalized weight loss advice.

You complete a survey online with basic health and wellness information. Then, Beyond Body gives you a personalized meal plan, fitness plan, lessons, and other content.

Beyond Body claims to be the world’s first fully personalized weight loss book. Does it actually work as advertised to help you lose weight? How does Beyond Body work? What will you learn in Beyond Body? Find out everything you need to know about the eBook today in our review.


What is Beyond Body?

Beyond Body is a weight loss manual marketed as the “first fully personalized weight loss book” and your “one weight loss solution for the rest of your life”.

Anyone can obtain Beyond Body online today through the official website. Just answer a few basic questions about yourself, your demographic data, your current weight, and your weight loss goals. Then, you’ll receive a customized copy of the Beyond Body.

You receive a digital version of Beyond Body within 24 hours. Then, you’ll receive a physical copy of the book within 8 to 14 business days. However, at the time of our review, you could only order a digital replica of the eBook, and we can’t find any evidence of any physical books being printed.

The team behind Beyond Body claims to have spent five years creating the perfect quiz. After completing that quiz, you can get customized weight loss information, including meal plans, exercises, and lifestyle habits customized to your unique physiology.

Beyond Body is published online by a Vilnius, Lithuania-based company named Perfect Wellness Solutions. The eBook is priced at $40.

How Does Beyond Body Work?

You start by answering the Beyond Body quiz. You tell the quiz whether you’re male or female, for example. You explain your starting weight, goal weight, eating preferences, lifestyle habits, and other information.

After entering all this information into the quiz, you get a digital copy of Beyond Body that contains the following information customized to your unique goals and physiology:

Personalized Meal Plan: Based on your preferred ingredients (or disliked ingredients), Beyond Body lists a customized meal plan that will help you meet your weight loss goals while being tasty.


Personalized Educational Content: Beyond Body analyzes your lifestyle habits, then provides educational content based on that information.

Other Customized Information: Beyond Body also offers customized information about your body, health, nutrition requirements, and more. The goal of this information is to increase your quality of life.

Unique Daily Routines: Based on your quiz answers, Beyond Body recommends implementing unique daily routines to improve your wellbeing and mood instantly.

Recovery Plan: Beyond Body delivers a customized recovery plan to help you soothe sore muscles after a workout and decrease recovery time between workouts.

Customized Weight Loss Guidance: Beyond Body explains customized weight loss information, including how to lose weight and reach your target weight – and how to avoid re-gaining that weight in the future.

Beyond Body provides all of this information based on a 28-day weight loss journey. The company emphasizes sticking to your new habits for 28 days to be successful.

The Beyond Body Quiz

The quiz makes Beyond Body different from other weight loss books. You complete the quiz, then receive a customized eBook based on your answers to those questions. Below, we’ll take a look at the quiz and some of the questions it asks.

Beyond Body separates its quiz into two versions: male and female.

First, you’re asked which problem areas you want to focus on. Whether you’re taking the male or female version of the quiz, you can choose from the same options, including the double chin, flabby arms, saggy breasts, belly fat, thick buttocks, and thick legs and thighs.


The quiz also asks questions like:

  • How many hours do you usually sleep per night?
  • How often do you feel stressed out?
  • What types of fruits, vegetables, meats, carbs, and other foods do you eat?
  • What types of food allergies or intolerances do you have?
  • How much time do you have to prepare food each day?
  • How often do you exercise? Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser?


The quiz has some unusual features. It asks you to “select the foods you never eat”, for example and gives you just a few random vegetables to select.


Similarly, the quiz asks how often you exercise each week, allowing you to choose 3, 4, or 5 or more times each week. There’s no option to select fewer than 3, which may be confusing for beginners.


The quiz consists of 25 total questions. After answering the first few questions, the quiz starts generating the first chapters of your Beyond Body eBook.

After answering all of the questions, you arrive at a page explaining that most weight loss books are not suitable for you – but the content in the Beyond Body eBook is 99% suitable for you.


Finally, you’re asked to personalize your book by entering your name and choosing a color. You can choose a pink, blue, yellow, green, blue, or red color, then immediately view a preview.


Your Beyond Body book features your name across the top along with your desired color.


Finally, you’re asked for your age, height, weight, and desired weight. You can enter this information in imperial or metric units.


Before you check out, you view detailed information about the contents of your book, the effectiveness of your book, and your physiological data.


You can view how many pages are in your book, for example, and how many food combinations are inside.


This all sounds good – but we have doubts about how customized or personalized the information in Beyond Body really is.

Does Beyond Body Really Personalize your Weight Loss Information?

It’s unclear how personalized Beyond Body really is. The quiz seems to spit out the same information regardless of what you enter.

As far as we can tell, the most significant changes are with foods: the book recommends different foods and recipes based on your dietary preferences.

We created two profiles. One was a severely overweight woman with heart conditions, spinal injuries, multiple diseases, extensive food allergies, and an ‘obese’ BMI who only ate meat – no vegetables or fruits. The second profile was an extremely fit man with no health conditions, allergies, dietary restrictions, or other issues. Despite the difference between these profiles, we got the same quiz results for multiple pages:


The quiz also outputs similar information on other pages. No matter what your answers are, the quiz always tells you that 87% of similar people lost more than 10kg using the eBook, for example:


Similarly, the book is always 363 pages long with 500+ food combinations and 99% personalized content.

Overall, it’s unclear how customized the advice in Beyond Body really is. Yes, the book changes its content based on your dietary preferences and weight. However, the book does not seem to consider medical conditions, diseases, illnesses, or other customizations – all of which are crucial for weight loss.

Beyond Body Features & Benefits

Perfect Wellness Solutions claims their eBook will lead to all of the following benefits:

  • Faster and more sustainable weight loss
  • Reduced health problems
  • Reduced risk of gaining weight after the 28-day plan
  • No need to spend money on other weight loss books and plans
  • No need to change your lifestyle because the book adapts to your lifestyle
  • Enjoy a stress-free shift to a healthy diet while enjoying the content that will be useful for life

Beyond Body Pricing

Beyond Body is priced at $39.99.


Although Beyond Body claims to offer a physical and digital book, you can only order a digital copy of your book. As far as we can tell, no customer has received a printed or physical copy of their Beyond Body book.

Beyond Body Refund Policy

Beyond Body has a limited refund policy. You can request a partial refund within seven days by contacting Perfect Wellness Solutions at, but only if “the product was faulty/has not met the description”.

Despite the limited refund policy, the sales page for Beyond Body claims to offer a “100% money-back guarantee”.

Who’s Behind Beyond Body?

Beyond Body is made by a Vilnius, Lithuania-based company named Perfect Wellness Solutions, UAB. The company also seems to work under the ’28 Days’ brand.


You can contact Perfect Wellness Solutions or learn more about the company via the following:

  • Mailing Address: Lvovo g. 105A, LT-08104 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Email:
  • Phone: +370 663 19 127
  • Company Code: 305585742

It’s unclear what type of medical expertise, weight loss certifications, or nutritional qualifications the company has. Perfect Wellness Solutions claims to have spent five years developing the Beyond Body quiz. However, it’s unclear if the information is based on professional medical advice from medical doctors – or if it’s similar to free weight loss advice available online.

Perfect Wellness Solutions claims to employ someone named “Christine Ellis”, listed as the “Head of Nutrition” of the company. However, it’s unclear if Christine Ellis exists or what type of medical qualifications she has.

A Lithuanian corporate registry database shows the company has eight employees and was founded in July 2020. The company is led by Lina Jasaite (CEO), although we cannot find information about any employees involved with the company. You can view Lina Jaisate’s LinkedIn page here.

Final Word

Beyond Body is an eBook that claims to provide customized weight loss guidance based on your medical history, weight loss goals, food preferences, and other information. Although the book makes a big deal out of its personalization, it’s unclear how personalized the advice really is – and it’s unclear if the authors have any type of medical experience, weight loss certifications, or nutritional qualifications.

However, if you want a basic meal plan, exercise plan, and other information catered to your physiology, then Beyond Body is available online today through

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