Guides How To Be Healthy Cancer: The Integrative Perspective – Review Nathan Crane Film

Cancer: The Integrative Perspective – Review Nathan Crane Film

Cancer The Integrative Perspective is an award-winning documentary film by Nathan Crane about how to prevent, heal and reverse the deadly disease that individuals can watch online for free today.


Cancer – The Integrative Perspective is a 2019 documentary that explores alternative treatments for cancer.

Throughout the documentary, viewers learn about natural and integrative solutions for preventing cancer and reversing cancer. As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, you can view Cancer – The Integrative Perspective for free online by entering your email into an online form.

Is Cancer – The Integrative Perspective worth watching? What will you learn? Can you really reverse, treat, heal, or cure cancer using natural treatments? Find out everything you need to know about this unique documentary today in our review.

What is Cancer – The Integrative Perspective?

Cancer – The Integrative Perspective is a documentary released in 2019. Produced by Nathan Crane, the documentary explores alternative treatments, cures, and preventative measures for cancer.

During the feature length documentary, viewers hear from integrative health experts around the world. Health experts share their opinion on preventing and reversing cancer using unique treatments. The documentary features dozens of experts, including naturopathic doctors and other integrative health specialists.

The ultimate goal of Cancer – The Integrative Perspective is to share unique solutions to cancer with the world.

The documentary is available for free online. You can also buy various packages ($29 to $99) with digital or physical copies of the documentary. Those packages also include various health and wellness bonuses.

Watch Cancer – The Integrative Perspective for Free Today

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Cancer – The Integrative Perspective is streaming online for free.

The 1h43m documentary is available online for free through Just enter your email address into the online form, and you’ll be able to watch the documentary for free.

After entering your email address into the online form, you need to wait 2 days for your online screening.

The online stream stays up for a brief screening period. You can watch the documentary for free during that screening period. Once the screening period is over, you can purchase the film, buy bonus content, and receive products related to the natural health therapies discussed in the documentary. Or, you can close the stream without paying anything.

Here’s how you can watch Cancer – The Integrative Perspective for free:

Step 1) Enter your email address. Type your email address into the online form at

Step 2) Wait 2 days for your stream to start. For whatever reason, the website makes you wait 2 days before accessing the stream.

Step 3) After 2 days, you receive a link in your email inbox. Click that link to watch the documentary online.

Step 4) You can watch the documentary during the screening period (typically a 24 hour window). Once that screening period ends, the documentary is no longer available to view online.

Step 5) You can close the stream without purchasing anything. Or, if interested in the natural therapies featured in the documentary, you can buy additional guides and products or purchase permanent access to the documentary after the screening.

Cancer – The Integrative Perspective Pricing

Cancer – The Integrative Perspective is free for anyone to view online. Just enter your email address, wait to receive a link to the stream, and watch the documentary.

However, you can purchase digital and physical copies of the film and receive bonus products. Depending on your package, you could receive up to $500 in additional bonus products.

Packages range from $29 to $99. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Sapphire ($29)

  • Digital copy of Cancer – The Integrative Perspective
  • Audio download of documentary
  • Digital transcript of documentary
  • Lifetime access
  • Over $500 of health and wellness bonuses

Ruby ($49)

  • Everything included in Sapphire
  • Physical DVD of documentary
  • Additional health and wellness bonuses

Emerald Digital Only ($79)

  • Everything included in Sapphire
  • Additional health and wellness bonuses
  • 33 interviews (videos, audio files, and digital transcripts)

Emerald Digital + Physical ($99)

  • Everything included in Emerald Digital Only
  • Physical DVD of documentary

Cancer – The Integrative Perspective Health & Wellness Bonuses

Each purchase comes with over $500 in health and wellness bonuses. No matter which package you choose, you receive the same bonuses.

Bonuses include all of the following:

Bonus #1: 21-Day Online Course for Greater Health and Happiness

Nathan Crane has an online course that claims to help you become happier and healthier. Over a 3-week period, Nathan will explain healthy habits you can implement today to start living life with more energy, focus, mental clarity, and vitality. Nathan claims his lessons will also lead to better health. He values the digital course at $147, and it’s included with all packages above.

Bonus #2: The Entire Global Cancer Symposium Digital Set

This package includes 27 experts who, in a series of interviews, highlight solutions to cancer from the world of natural, holistic, and integrative medicine. The package includes video files, digital transcripts, and audio files, allowing you to consume the content however you like. The package is valued at $197. It’s entirely digital, and there are no physical products included with this package.

Bonus #3: 7-Day Juicing Detox Program from Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

This 7-day juicing detox program comes in a downloadable PDF with recipes and step-by-step instructions. By following the juicing program over a 7 day period, you can purportedly detoxify your body using common fruits and vegetables found at home. The eBook is valued at $17 and is made by Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD.

Bonus #4: 5 Ways to Sneak Raw Foods Into Your Diet by Elaine Gibson

This 16-page PDF eBook explains easy strategies you can use to implement raw foods into your diet today. It was written by Elaine Gibson, who is described as a raw food master. If you are curious about raw food and are looking for an easy and tasty way to integrate it into your diet, then this book can help.

Bonus #5: The Panacea Cleanse by Nathan Crane

This eBook, valued at $14.95, explains how to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit using certain strategies. Nathan Crane explains how fruits, vegetables, and other detoxifying compounds can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Bonus #6: Recommended Teleseminar with Bruce Lipton

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is a stem cell biologist and author. In this teleseminar, he discusses bridging the gap between science and spirit. You get an Mp3 file of the seminar.

Bonus #7: Food as Medicine Audio Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

In this podcast, Nathan Crane interviews Dr. Gabriel Cousens, an author and health expert. Cousins explains how to use food as medicine and medicine as food, helping your body heal with every meal.

Bonus #8: Food and Hormones by Elaine Gibson

In this eBook, Elaine Gibson explains how foods impact hormones, including how specific foods impact specific hormones throughout the body.

Bonus #9: 27 Flavors of Fulfillment eBook

This eBook features 27 health experts describing how to live life to the fullest in different ways. Nathan Crane has gathered the wisdom of many of the speakers in the Cancer – The Integrative Perspective documentary. They explain their thoughts on positivity, meditation, and happiness.

Bonus #10: Life Regenerator Interview + Workbook

This interview and workbook features Dan “the Man” McDonald, also known as LifeRegenerator on social media. Dan is a “Certified Detoxification Specialist” with 15+ years of experience studying plant nutrition and raw food diets. During the interview, Nathan Crane interviews Dan on how to regenerate health through food.

Bonus #11: How to Grow Organic Healing Food and Medicine Without Electricity or Soil

In this interview, Nathan Crane interviews Mike Adams, described as “The Health Ranger”. Mike explains how he grows healthy, toxin-free, natural medicine with basic gardening supplies – and how you can too.

Cancer – The Integrative Perspective Refund Policy

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can request a complete refund in 30 days with no questions asked.

If your package included physical products, then you need to mail those products back to the company to qualify for a refund. If your package only included digital products, then you do not need to return anything.

To start the refund process, email

Can You Really Cure Cancer with This Documentary?

There is no known cure for cancer, and cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world today.

Despite the fact that there’s no known cure for cancer, this documentary shares an alternative perspective.

The health and wellness experts in the documentary suggest you can “reverse” cancer by following specific therapies. They also suggest you can prevent cancer by following their recommended treatments.

In fact, the sales page for Cancer – The Integrative Perspective seems to suggest modern medicine is not the answer to cancer:

“The unfortunate truth is… most people don't know that there are non-toxic, evidence-based options available when it comes to preventing and reversing cancer. We have been told that the only option is medical intervention and to wait for the pharmaceutical industry to find a cure.”

Typically, when someone talks about “reversing” a disease, they’re talking about “curing” that disease. However, the creators of Cancer – The Integrative Perspective specifically claim their information is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

We know some things can increase the risk of cancer – like smoking or exposure to certain carcinogens. However, we don’t know of any 100% effective ways to prevent cancer, despite what the experts in Cancer – The Integrative Perspective claim.

“Once you know the primary causes of cancer and the evidence-based integrative solutions, then you can be empowered to make good decisions for your health.”

The sales page for Cancer – The Integrative Perspective also mentions that “thousands of people around the world have reversed cancer using natural, holistic, integrative methods.” By following the recommended therapies in the documentary, it’s possible you could enjoy similar success – at least, that’s what the interviewed experts suggest.

Overall, the information presented in Cancer – The Integrative Perspective shares alternative perspectives on cancer treatment and prevention.

Final Word

Cancer – The Integrative Perspective is a documentary featuring alternative approaches to cancer treatment and prevention. In the documentary, dozens of experts share their views on treating, preventing, and curing cancer.

You can get free access to the film by entering your email into You can also buy additional packages featuring bonus products, digital or physical access to the documentary, and more.



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