Guides How To Be Healthy Body of Brutality: Review 12-Week Pure Power Fitness Program

Body of Brutality: Review 12-Week Pure Power Fitness Program


Body of Brutality is a training system that teaches you how to build muscle and increase testosterone.

The eBook is marketed primarily towards men who want to become more powerful and intimidating. By following the lessons in the Body of Brutality eBook, you can purportedly become more of an alpha male.

Obviously, plenty of strength training eBooks promise similar results. Let’s take a closer look at how Body of Brutality from Billy Storm works – and what you’ll learn.


What is Body of Brutality?

Body of Brutality is a strength training system created by Billy Storm. The system consists of digital guides and workout videos.

By following the workout strategies in the eBook and videos, you can purportedly raise testosterone, boost muscle mass, and increase confidence, among other benefits.

The sales page is filled with claims of men becoming more confident after following the lessons in Body of Brutality. Billy claims you can “compel the world to bow to your will” with Body of Brutality, for example, and make men “see you as the alpha-male in the room,” among other benefits.

Obviously, many strength training guides make similar claims. Some deliver on that promise, providing excellent training advice for anyone looking to boost testosterone. Other guides fail to deliver, offering similar advice to what you can find online for free.

Let’s take a closer look at how Body of Brutality works – including the things you’ll learn in the eBook.

How Does Body of Brutality Work?

Any eBook can offer strength training advice. In fact, you can find plenty of advice available for free online today. However, Body of Brutality doesn’t just claim to boost your strength; the eBook also claims to raise testosterone and make you the “alpha male archetype.”

Some of the dramatic, advertised claims on the Body of Brutality sales page include:

  • Develop an amazing, impressive, and intimidating body
  • Dominate every room you walk into
  • Enjoy more respect and power when men see you as the alpha male in the room
  • Make women swoon with list “even if they are married or in relationships”
  • Compel the world to bow to your will

As you can see, Body of Brutality doesn’t claim to be your typical strength training guide. The eBook claims to offer benefits that go above and beyond what we expect from other strength training systems – including dramatic and long-term changes in your confidence, testosterone, and approach to life.

Body of Brutality is based on Billy Storm’s idea of the “body type and power connection.” We’ll explain more about that connection below.

The Body Type and Power Connection

Any strength training guide can teach you how to lift weights and build muscle. However, Billy Storm claims to teach you much more than that in Body of Brutality: he claims to teach you how to change your mindset and become an alpha male.

Billy’s strategy is based on the body type and power connection.

Billy noticed how men with certain body types carried themselves differently than men with other body types. Here’s how he explained it:

“I first started noticing the Bodytype & Power Connection a few years ago…I had noticed that when I had a “post-workout” pump… (meaning my muscles were slightly larger)… that for the next couple hours, people would treat me different…People would move out of my way… women would become more flirty and seductive…And I could just take what I want in life without having to worry about how other people felt…”

Now, Billy aims to share his wisdom with the world, teaching you how to get that post-workout confidence boost every day of your life.

What Will You Learn in Body of Brutality?

Obviously, you can find plenty of free strength training and workout videos or guides available online, and many of them make similar claims to Body of Brutality.

Body of Brutality aims to differentiate itself from other strength training guides, however, with two major discoveries:

Discovery #1: Eliminate Grains and Focus on Muscle Carbs: Many diets recommend eating low carbs. You can follow a high-fat, low-carb diet (like keto) or a high-protein, low-carb diet (like many strength training diets). Body of Brutality, however, recommends focusing on muscle carbs instead of eliminating carbs entirely. By removing grains from your diet and focusing on muscle carbs, you can boost confidence and strength training results. Billy specifically recommends getting carbs through fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beats – with as few carbs as possible.

Discovery #2: Use Varying Weight Amounts and Sets: Many people use the same weight for all sets and reps. You might do 5 sets of 5 at your maximum weight, for example, or 3 sets of 12 at 80% of your maximum weight. This is traditional strength training advice, but Billy recommends a different approach. Instead, Billy recommends mixing up weights and movements within sets for explosive muscle growth. Billy describes it as a “tempo trick” when you lower the weight bar for four seconds on some exercises and two seconds on other exercises. By changing weight, tempo, and movements, you can purportedly enjoy massive muscle growth.

The entire Body of Brutality program is based on these two core discoveries. Most of the guide focuses on exercises you can do at home with minimal experience or equipment.

Body of Brutality Features & Benefits

Body of Brutality emphasize the following features and benefits:

  • 12-week all-in-one program
  • 100% moneyback guarantee
  • Video demonstrations for every exercise
  • Requires just basic gym equipment
  • Safe program for beginners and experts alike
  • Go from any physique to ripped, strong, and tough within 12 weeks

As mentioned above, Body of Brutality focuses particularly on an alpha male mentality, catering to men who want to boost testosterone and dominate the world around them. The sales page is filled with unusual warnings about how powerful you will be after following the training protocol.

Body of Brutality Workouts & Exercises

We can’t list all of the workouts and exercises in Body of Brutality upfront without spoiling Billy Storm’s system. However, here are some of the workout systems covered in the program:

The Barbaric Biceps and Tyrannical Triceps Techniques: Arm strength is important. This set of exercises teaches you how to train your biceps and triceps, making your arms look noticeably large whether you’re in a tank top, t-shirt, or tuxedo.

The Diamond Cutter: The Diamond Cutter exercise system promises to turn your undefined, blobby back and chest muscles into “shredded tectonic plates of power.” By following this system, you can purportedly build a strong back that demands attention when you walk into a room.

Primal Power Drill: The Primal Power Drill is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) based cardio training system that helps with fat burning and human growth hormone. HIIT cardio training is more popular than ever, and the Primal Power Drill system aims to walk you through basic HIIT training systems.

Virility Booster Shot: The Virility Booster Shot system is the first on this list that is a mental training strategy – not a physical training strategy. By practicing this Virility Booster Shot in your head before approaching women, you can purportedly make women swoon.

Alpha Endurance Technique: This technique claims to increase stamina in the gym – and in the bedroom. By following this technique, you can purportedly recover more quickly, lift more, and pump harder – again, both in the gym and in the bedroom.

Legs of Steel System: The Legs of Steel System claims to give you a powerful base on which to build the rest of your body. Your legs have some of the biggest muscles in your body, and this system teaches you how to optimize leg strength with foundational exercises.

The Secrets to Forearms of Fury: Many men overlook forearm strength to their own detriment. This system teaches you how to develop powerful forearms “that subconsciously convince anyone with a single handshake that you are the leader of the tribe,” among other benefits.

The Bulldozer Shoulder Pump: Your shoulders are some of the most noticeable parts about you. In The Bulldozer Shoulder Pump, you learn how to get boulder shoulders with high-intensity strength training shoulder workouts.

The 5-Second Testo Generator: This system claims to increase testosterone production, helping you lift double while boosting your confidence.

What’s Included with Body of Brutality?

Body of Brutality comes with all of the following videos and guides:

Body of Brutality eBook: This eBook walks you through Billy Storm’s Body of Brutality mindset, including the workout strategies and mental strategies you can use today to boost strength, enhance training, and enjoy other powerful benefits.

Body of Brutality Exercise Videos: Body of Brutality comes with a series of videos explaining how to perform each exercise. These videos show you exactly how to work out different parts of your body for maximum gains.

Bonus #1: Sexual Savage: This guide explains strategies you can use to last longer and stay harder in bed, making you an unforgettable lover for any woman.

Bonus #2: Devastating Alpha Dominance: This bonus guide explains mental strategies you can use to feel like the most powerful person in every room you walk into. It’s an alpha male training guide.

Bonus #3: Caveman Casanova: This bonus guide explains under the radar strategies you can use to pick up women at the gym. Billy claims you can use these strategies to successfully pick up women at your local gym without looking like a sleazeball.

All products in Body of Brutality are delivered digitally. There are no physical products included with your purchase.

Body of Brutality Pricing

Body of Brutality is priced at $47 USD.

You can pay online through Clickbank, which accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

Body of Brutality Refund Policy

Body of Brutality comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, the same refund policy that applies to all Clickbank products.

You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked. Since all products are digital, you don’t need to return anything to qualify for a refund.

If you are unhappy with the advice provided in Body of Brutality, or if you did not notice significant strength training or testosterone boosting results, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

About Billy Storm

Body of Brutality was created by a man named Billy Storm. Billy Storm is a fitness specialist with an active presence on Instagram and other social media. He’s based in Delray Beach, Florida and originally from Syracuse, New York.

Prior to releasing Body of Brutality, Billy Storm was best-known for creating The Titan Lifestyle (, a workout training program that emphasizes similar benefits to Body of Brutality, helping any men go turn into a “titan” by implementing certain physical and cognitive training strategies.

You can contact Billy Storm via the following:

  • Facebook: billy.storm.1 (
  • Instagram: billy.storm (

For order support and refund information, contact Clickbank.

Final Word

Billy Storm has launched a new workout program called Body of Brutality. By following the lessons in Body of Brutality, you can purportedly build strength, increase testosterone, and adopt an alpha male mindset.

Priced at $49, Body of Brutality consists of eBooks, videos, training guides, and other digital materials. The system is backed by a 60 day refund policy, giving you 60 days to try the system to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

To learn more about Body of Brutality and how the system works, visit today.

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