Fitness & Exercising Outdoors AusAir: Anti-Pollution Filtration Face Mask with Botanical Benefits

AusAir: Anti-Pollution Filtration Face Mask with Botanical Benefits

AusAir anti-pollution face mask is a botanically-infused designer breathing protector that offers health benefits of not only filtering clean air to breathe, but defense against environmental toxins.


AusAir is a clean air breathing face mask that uses patented botanicals and an Australian design to create a barrier between the pollution of the world and your lungs.

Protect Against Pollution With “Next Gen” Botanical Mask?

World air pollution continues to create a massive public health problem. Toxins in the air in nearly every country present a threat to the livelihood and health of men and women of all ages. Faced with this monumental problem, companies have worked to create masks that can help to protect users from the dangers of the outside air.

Developed by two brothers and their childhood friend, AusAir is a mask that helps consumers to create a barrier between the pollution of the world and their lungs. The mask is all natural and uses botanical components and a patented Australian design.


What is AusAir?

The world is full of pollution today, both in cities and in rural neighborhoods. The toxins in the area can cause a variety of serious health issues, especially in denser populations. Despite this risk, few options exist to help counteract the dangers of air pollution. Some consumers have been forced to create their own masks, which can vary greatly in effectiveness. However, the creators behind AusAir seem to have developed an option.

The AusAir anti-pollution face mask acts as a barrier, keeping consumers from succumbing to the toxins in the air around them. The design protects consumers from both pollution and viruses. The three founders of the company, brothers Elias Honor and Isaac Honor and their longtime friend Jack Graham, developed the concept after they dealt with pollution and sickness firsthand while traveling. They wanted to create a mask that could remain stylish while maintaining efficiency. Through a few years of design and various prototypes, they created AusAir.

This design features a highly breathable material that is incredibly lightweight and form-fitted to the user’s face. With three different sizes and several colors to choose from, consumers can find the option that best fits both their needs and style.

Frequently Asked Questions About AusAir

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that consumers may have about AusAir before they invest.

Q: How is the AusAir mask worn?

A: The mask hooks around the ears, keeping the nose and mouth covered. It has a click and switch design compromising of a memory foam nose part with a hidden aluminum nose clip as well as a washable outer layer.  The soft non-woven inner layer contains active carbon and a botanical PM2.5 filter layer.

Q: What AusAir Face Mask Sizes are Available?

A: The masks come in small, medium, and large. To find their best size, the users should measure across their lower eyelid and their lower chin. A diagram is available to help make this selection. You can also get AusAir anti-pollution face masks in deep black, soft blush or light grey colors that are made of marine-grade 316 stainless steel.

Q: Can the AusAir mask be washed?

A: For the outer skin, machine washing on cold with soapy water is necessary to keep it clean. However, the valves should be washed by hand, as they are made with silicone and aluminum. The filters should not be washed at all, but should be replaced when dirty.

Q: How long are the AusAir Replacement Filters good for?

A: The life of the filter will vary by use, but should generally last approximately 4 weeks.

Q: Who is the most at-risk for exposure to pollution and toxins?

A: Commuters by train experience the highest concentration of toxin and viral exposure per mile of all commuters. Cyclers in dense urban areas and city dwellers are also at major risk.

Q: How well does the AusAir Pollution Mask protect the user?

A: According to the creators, AusAir can defend the body from 97% of airborne pollution due to the PM2.5 filtration design. The masks last two to four weeks but have changeable filters that can be effective at preventing airborne viruses that are in the 0.1 to 0.5 micron range. The anti-pollution face masks from AusAir also help against bushfire smoke as well as odors and vapors, including vehicle exhaust emissions, tire dust and power generation.

Q: Is the AusAir Clean Air Breathing Face Mask on Amazon?

A: At the time of this AusAir review, the anti-pollution mask is not available on

If there are any other questions, the customer service team can be reached by filling out the contact form here. Consumers can also visit the official AusAir website for more information.

The Kickstarter Campaign for AusAir

Kickstarter offers the opportunity to get crowdfunding support for any project. As they develop their product further, AusAir hopes to make use of the crowdfunding platform to fill gaps in their funding. They have already surpassed their goal of $12,678 by almost 11 times over, but users can still back the project in the coming weeks.

By backing this project, consumers may pre-order a number of products with an early-backer discount. Currently, interested investors can still get:

  • Early Bird AusAir Mask Pack, with a contribution of $55 or more
  • Includes reusable skin, 3 02Plus filters, and a carrying case
  • Early Bird AusAir Double Mask Pack, with a contribution of $99 or more
  • Includes 2 reusable skins, 6 02Plus filters, and 2 carrying cases
  • Early Bird AusAir Family Mask Pack, with a contribution of $179 or more
  • Includes 4 reusable skins, 12 02Plus filters, and 4 carrying cases

The campaign originally offered an early bird special for users to get a single mask pack for $42, but this offer has sold out by eager backers.

When the AusAir hits the market, the retail price will be $90. This means that backers stand to save a significant amount of money by taking advantage of these early-backer discounts. These kits will be available by June 2020, so consumers won’t have to wait long. There are other trending pollutant blocking face masks available such as OxyBreath Pro too.


AusAir is meant for any consumer that is concerned about the pollution that their lungs are exposed to. The protective layer allows consumers to change out the filters as needed, and consumers can easily remove the mask if necessary. Even though the contributors backing the AusAir mask will need to wait a few more months to gain access, since the anti-pollution mask isn’t quite available for customer purchases yet. But as the revolutionary mask hits the markets, its kickstarter backers will be the first to show it off to the world.

You can compare some of the leading anti-pollution face masks on Amazon to the AusAir to see which one you like best.

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