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Oxybreath Pro: Safe Clean Air Breathing Mask?

Oxybreath Pro is a new anti-pollution facial breathing mask claiming to be highly-effective for filtering harmful allergens, bacteria, germs and virus microparticles to ensure you are breathing clean air.


OxyBreath Pro Review: Quality Face Mask for Clean Breathing?

The deadly Coronavirus continues to spread around the world. Fortunately, some companies have started to take action. Today, we’re reviewing the OxyBreath Pro mask.

The new “premium face mask” promises to protect wearers from harmful bacteria and microparticles in the air.

The mask fits comfortably over your face. It’s also surprisingly stylish: it’s available in a sleek black color instead of the traditional blue color seen on other face masks.

The goal of OxyBreath Pro, according to the official website, is “to keep you and your loved ones safe without spending a fortune.”

Let’s take a closer look at what the OxyBreath Pro mask is and how it works.

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What is OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro claims to be a highly-effective anti-pollution clean air breathing mask that fully covers your mouth and nose for maximum protection and defense against airborne microparticles.

The Oxybreath Pro face mask claims to protect you from allergens, bacteria, and viruses. It’s lightweight, can be washed easily, and can be reused as many times as you want.

OxyBreath Pro first appeared online on January 29, 2020. The official website does not mention the current virus at all. However, as deaths from the virus continue to rise worldwide, people are becoming increasingly cautious. More and more people are buying masks to filter contaminants. OxyBreath Pro seems to have been released at the most opportune time given the recent scare of a public health emergency status.

You can buy the OxyBreath Pro mask online today for around $50, making it one of the most expensive facemasks you can buy. However, on February 6th the National Community Pharmacists Association president had comments to share about the latest study and what it revealed about face masks being in high demand due to the coronavirus threat. The NCPA's Brian Caswell said:

“The news coverage is clearly affecting consumer behavior,” […] “Pharmacists are divided on whether the coronavirus is a serious health threat, but a strong majority of their customers are highly concerned.”

According to Chain Drug Review about the other results of the study on buying face masks with huge premiums because of the surging demand preppers are pre-planning for, this is what they had to say:

“Thirty-two percent of pharmacists surveyed say the Coronavirus is a significant public health threat, according to the survey released today. Forty-two percent disagree, while 26% are unsure. Fifty-four percent of them say, however, that their patients are very worried.” “Sixty-three percent of local pharmacists say their customers are buying surgical masks as a precaution, while a staggering 96% say they’re selling them faster than they can restock. Nearly 40% say they can’t get enough respirator masks. Many are reporting shortages of hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers, and gloves as well.”

“Patients are on edge and they’re preparing,” added the president of the National Community Pharmacists Association who also owns a Baxter Springs, Kansas-based Wolkar Pharmacy. In regards to whether or not you should buy Oxybreath Pro clean air breathing face masks really depends on your level of concern and safety precaution measures you want to make given the heightened coverage of the Asian bug. Caswell even added more commentary about the just-released trending-coronavirus survey:

“It’s wise to be prepared, but there’s no reason for Americans to panic,” […] “The flu kills tens of thousands of Americans every year. Only a handful of Americans have been diagnosed with coronavirus in this country and there are not yet any fatalities. Americans should remember to wash their hands frequently, avoid crowds if possible, and disinfect the things they touch. And if they have any questions, they should absolutely feel free to stop by the local pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. That’s why we’re here.”

Well-said. Get advice from a local healthcare professional about the best preparedness tactics you can do in case of any emergency situation. Let's review Oxybreath Pro's inner workings on how the anti-pollution face mask claims to help filter and purify clean air for breathing.

How Does OxyBreath Pro Work?

OxyBreath Pro claims to work using a “nanotechnology dust-free air filter” that filters contaminants larger than PM 2.5.

PM 2.5 is a particulate matter size rating. The amount of particulate matter in the air at any specific time depends on your environment – like whether you smoke or cook in your home. It also depends on your city, regional pollution levels, air quality, and other metrics.

The “2.5” in PM 2.5 refers to the size of the pollutant in micrometers. PM 2.5 masks will filter any particulates larger than 2.5 micrometers.

Using its PM 2.5 filter, OxyBreath Pro claims to keep wearers protected from all of the following:

  • Harmful bacteria and microparticles
  • Allergens
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

OxyBreath Pro’s manufacturer claims their product was “made to protect you from every single one of those and keep you healthy”. By wearing the mask, you can avoid some of the deadly pollutants in the air.

What are the Main Features of OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro’s manufacturer markets all of the following features:

PM 2.5: OxyBreath Pro has a PM 2.5 rating, which means it will filter any particulate matter (PM) larger than 2.5 micrometers.

Full Protection: OxyBreath Pro claims to protect wearers against allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. The mask will protect against both airborne particles and liquid droplets.

Fits Over Nose and Mouth Completely: Like most facemasks, OxyBreath Pro fits completely over your nose and mouth to block particles.

Comfortable: OxyBreath Pro claims to be the most comfortable mask on the market.

Fits All Faces: The mask also claims to fit all types of faces, and it can stretch to accommodate faces of all sizes.

Lightweight: The manufacturer claims OxyBreath Pro is so light “you won’t even feel it on your face”.

Washable: You can wash the mask as many times as you like.

Reusable: The OxyBreath Pro mask is not designed to be disposable. It’s designed to be used over and over again. Just wash the mask and put it back on.

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OxyBreath Pro Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

The OxyBreath Pro mask was only made available to order on January 29, 2020. We can find no verified customer reviews online and the Oxybreath Pro mask is not on

However, the official OxyBreath Pro website is filled with unverifiable reviews from customers who appear to be satisfied with the mask.

Here are some of the things users had to say about the mask:

“Living in a big city with so much air pollution can cause some serious damage. I take the subway every day and everyone around me sneezes or coughs. I wasn't feeling safe at all until I tried OxyBreath Pro.”


“You have probably heard that once again human beings are being threatened by another disease and another virus. I'm not one to risk it and I need to protect my children as well. I bought one for each one of us and I feel safer.”

Obviously, it seems unlikely these reviews are completely genuine – especially given the product was only recently released. If you think OxyBreath Pro is a scam, one can also compare other anti-pollution breathing face masks to products found on Amazon too:

Despite whether or not the Oxybreath Pro reviews from real users are authentic and actual buyers of the new, the best question most want to know the answer to is the following:

Will OxyBreath Pro Protect Against the current virus?

The current virus was originated at a market in Wuhan, China in late December 2019.

Over the past few weeks, the virus has spread to thousands of patients across Wuhan and Hubei Province, China and around the world. As of January 30, 2020, there have been 7,818 confirmed cases of the virus (Source: WHO) – although a total of 12,167 cases of the virus are suspected.

To date, over 170 people have died from the virus.

New cases are emerging every day. So far, there have been 82 confirmed cases of the coronavirus outside of China, with patients spread across 18 countries.

All travel outside of Wuhan has been shutdown, yet cases of the coronavirus are still appearing around the world.

The virus has officially arrived in the United States. A couple got off the plane in Los Angeles from China and became the first confirmed cases of the virus in America, for example.

Countries are sending emergency flights to China to evacuate citizens. Cases have been spotted in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and the UAE, among other countries.

On January 30, the first confirmed reports of person-to-person transmission of the coronavirus occurred in the United States. Although there are only seven confirmed cases in the United States, dozens of additional people are being monitored for possible infections.

In response to all of this, many people have started to wear masks – especially when traveling through international airports.

The OxyBreath Pro sales page vaguely mentions a “new virus”, although the coronavirus isn’t mentioned by name. It’s possible the company doesn’t want to make any bold claims about preventing the coronavirus when the mask hasn’t been proven to prevent it.

Will the OxyBreath Pro facial breathing mask prevent the coronavirus? It’s not totally clear.

However, the mask does claim to protect wearers from “allergens, bacteria and viruses”.

At any rate, wearing a mask during a time like this is never a bad idea. It puts another barrier between your nose and mouth and the outside world.

For more information on coronavirus, there was a World Health Organization public health emergency meeting today:

How Much Does OxyBreath Pro Cost?

OxyBreath Pro is priced at $49 apiece, although additional discounts are available when buying in bulk. It’s easy to get confused with the unusual pricing system, so here’s how it breaks down:

  • 1 Mask: $49 USD + Free Shipping (retails at $98)
  • 2 Masks: $98 at $33 each + Free Shipping (retails $294 with 67% discount)
  • 3 Masks: $135 at $27 each + Free Shipping (retails at $490 with 73% discount)
  • 4 Masks: $123 + Free Shipping (originally offered four pack option but high demand discounted it for time being)
  • 5 Masks: $135 + Free Shipping (originally offered had five pack option but high demand discounted it for now)

It is clear whether you want to buy 1, 2 or 3 Oxybreath Pro face masks. The more masks you buy, the less you’ll pay. Shipping is included with every order. It is unclear if there are any additional offers after making your initial order.

You can also opt to add an extra $9 for a three year warranty on your mask, although it’s not totally clear how that warranty works.

The OxyBreath Pro sales page accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.

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Who’s Behind the Oxybreath Pro Mask?

OxyBreath Pro is being sold online by an Estonia-based company called Novads.

The company’s contact page mentions an address in Tallinn (Harjumaa, Tallinn, Narva mtnt 7, 10117).

oxybreath pro contact information

You can contact the company by email or phone:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 20 3808 9234

Aside from this basic information, we know little about where the masks are made or who’s behind the company.

However, a Google Search for Novads reveals plenty of telling information about the company, including complaints about chargebacks, payment issues, and low-quality products. The company appears to have as low as 2-star ratings or less on consumer review websites. However, the HyperTech website has many trendy gadgets and looks to be a shopping portal for many types of new ‘high-tech' products.

Is OxyBreath Pro Worth the Price?

Do a reverse image search on the photos of OxyBreath Pro. You’ll realize that Novads has simply rebranded a same style facemask available from other retailers online for under $7.

Joom, for example, lists an identical mask for just $5. That mask looks exactly the same as OxyBreath Pro: it uses the same filtration system and has the same PM 2.5 rating. In fact, even the promotional images are identical. As far as we can tell, this is the exact same mask. However there is no guarantee they will stay available as the demand rises throughout the world.

Where does OxyBreath Pro Face Mask Ship to?

The OxyBreath Pro mask does ship to Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America, The Philippines and all 50 United States.

Is there a Oxybreath Pro Promo Discount Coupon Code?

To date, there is no working coupon code to apply to receive a discount on the OxyBreath pro masks. The only way to get a OxyBreath Pro discount is to buy the bulk packs of three or five masks where one masks drops from $49 for a single to $33 each for 3 or $27 for five OxyBreath Pro breathable devices. Be cautious about any coupon codes online as the company's official website does not offer any option to enter a discount as it says it is automatically applied upon arriving at the sales page to select your option.

Is the Oxybreath Pro Anti-Pollution Breathing Mask on Amazon?

If the creators of OxyBreath Pro did in fact take a cheap-discounted air purifying face mask and increase the price to offer the anti-pollution solution at a hefty premium online (the OxyBreath Pro facemask sells for $50 apiece, while other retailers sell it for less than $10-15), it is up to you to buy the premium if the demand is soaring for these men and women air filtering masks for your nose and mouth. The research is all out there, but it is highly unlikely OxyBreath Pro is a scam that won't ship orders or fulfill consumer demands. However, the quality of the face mask and its materials, effectiveness and protection defense is still up for review. There are many “dusk masks” or “head respirators” found on as a comparison to see if the newly released OxyBreath Pro is right for you:

Final Word on the Anti-Pollution Clean Air Breathing Mask

With fears of the Coronavirus sweeping the world, it may be time to wear a good face mask that covers your mouth and nose. With a few seconds of research you can find an similar face masks to OxyBreath Pro sold for as little as $10-15 online. If you want a PM 2.5 face mask and don’t mind paying for the sense of urgency at a higher ticket price (gets lower per face mask for bulk orders) an inflated price, OxyBreath Pro is a solid option.

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