Health Health Care BloodPressureX: Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Device Review

BloodPressureX: Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Device Review

BloodPressureX is an accessible, easy-to-use device for consumers looking to effectively monitor their blood pressure levels and accurately measure heart rates from home.


BloodPressureX is an automatic blood pressure monitoring device also measures heart rate activity that uses one button to operate on an easy-to-read large-LCD screen.

Blood pressure monitoring is a major part of a healthy routine for any person. But especially for older consumers, the difficulty associated with many blood pressure measuring devices is a deterrent from taking the measurements they should. As technology becomes more complex, the demand for an easy-to-read, accessible blood pressure monitor has never been higher.

BloodPressureX is a device that allows consumers to take their blood pressure with a large, easy-to-read LCD screen that only needs four AA batteries to work. Consumers can purchase the device from the official of HypersTech website. Multiple package options are available to choose from.

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What is BloodPressureX?

Millions of consumers suffer from some sort of blood pressure issue. Both low and high blood pressure can be cause for medical concern. In fact, recent reports show that one out of every eight people suffer from hypertension. These conditions require regular monitoring of the heart rate, which most people tend to check at their doctor’s office. But sufferers should also be informed of their blood pressure at home. This is where products like BloodPressureX come in.

BloodPressureX offers a simple digital screen with an attached arm cuff, allowing consumers to check their blood pressure at home to guarantee it remains within a healthy range. With the large LCD screen, consumers with all levels of vision will be able to clearly see the numbers and accurately gauge their blood pressure. Rather than having to use a separate stethoscope or watch for too much pressure, the user just needs to press a single button to measure their blood pressure.

Even if the user forgets to turn off the device, the battery-saving mode will kick in to automatically power it down, ensuring that the device won't die when it is needed most. Whenever the batteries actually run out, the user only needs four AA batteries to get it working again.

Purchasing BloodPressureX

Users have multiple options for purchasing BloodPressureX. They include:

  • One BloodPressureX: $89
  • Two BloodPressureX: $139
  • Three BloodPressureX: $177
  • Four BloodPressureX: $219
  • Five BloodPressureX: $267

To protect their purchase, consumers can sign up for the three-year warranty for an additional $14 at checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions About BloodPressureX

Users might have a number of questions about BloodPressureX. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the product.

Q: How do you use BloodPressureX?

A: Use is simple. Just tighten the armband around the upper arm and press the start button to activate the device. For specific instructions, consult the user manual.

Q: Who should monitor their blood pressure?

A: Elderly and overweight consumers are at highest risk for blood pressure problems, but everyone should check their blood pressure regularly.

Q: How should you turn the device off?

A: The device can be deactivated with a single marked button. However, if users fail to turn the device off, it automatically deactivates to save battery.

Q: What batteries does BloodPressureX take?

A: The device requires only four AA batteries, making its power source easy to replace.

For additional questions, feel free to contact the company here.

Contacting the Creators of BloodPressureX

Even with the information provided online, consumers may find that they need additional details before they decide to make their purchase. The customer service team can be reached by phone or by email.

Review Summary for Blood Pressure X Monitor

BloodPressureX is ideal for any consumer who is told by a medical professional to monitor their blood pressure. Though no recommendation is required, the device can provide patients with assurance that their blood pressure remains within a healthy range. With low prices and minimal required upkeep, consumers can use the BloodPressureX device to keep themselves safe.

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