Health Guides The Truth About Vaccines 2020: Reviewing the TTAV Event Details

The Truth About Vaccines 2020: Reviewing the TTAV Event Details

The Truth About Vaccines by TTAV Global is a 9-part documentary series where health freedom advocates Ty and Charlene Bollinger share their safety, awareness, freedom and efficacy insights.


The anti-vaxx movement has grown steadily in the past few years. The spread of online sites espousing views against vaccination has helped to turn the once-small group of advocates into a much larger full-blown movement.

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 is a nine-episode docu-series starting April 22.

The documentary series will reveal new facts about vaccine safety. You can register for free today by visiting the official website for the series. Just enter a first name and email address.

The documentary series features 60 vaccine experts, including doctors, scientists, and researchers. The series is hosted by Ty and Charlene Bollinger, best known for their alternative cancer treatment docu-series The Truth About Cancer.

What will you discover during The Truth About Vaccines 2020? Is this documentary series worth attending? Let’s take a closer look.

What is The Truth About Vaccines 2020?

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 is a documentary series airing for free online starting April 22.

One new episode will be released each day for nine days straight. You can watch all nine episodes for free. Just register online, and you’ll receive an email to get started.

Each night before 9pm EST, the hosts will send you an email with a private link to watch.

During the nine episodes, hosts Ty and Charlene interview 60 vaccine experts, including doctors, scientists, and researchers.

What Will You Learn?

The purpose of The Truth About Vaccines 2020 is to convince you that that vaccines are dangerous. The official trailer for the docu-series describes how vaccine requirements are “draconian,” for example, and have a “corresponding lack of freedom of choice.”

The docu-series is particularly marketed towards parents and elderly people concerned about vaccines:

“This information is vital for parents to have to fully understand the magnitude of the vaccine issue today, and to be educated to make the best decision for their family,” explains Ty Bollinger introducing the docu-series.

After signing up for free online, you’ll be asked to share a referral link with your friends. If more than 10 people sign up through your link, then you’ll receive a free DVD. There are additional rewards for 25, 50, 75, and 100 referrals.

Some of the topics covered during the documentary series include:

  • The history of vaccines, including the smallpox and polio vaccines
  • Which vaccines are in the current CDC schedule?
  • What’s in a vaccine?
  • Potential vaccines for the COVID-19 coronavirus
  • Safe and effective alternatives to vaccines
  • The CDC’s role in the vaccine schedule
  • The censorship of anti-vaccine people online by Facebook and YouTube
  • How your body can become naturally immune to disease without vaccines?
  • How the World Health Organization (WHO) lies about vaccine safety

Overall, The Truth About Vaccines 2020 promises to take you on a journey through the world of vaccines, sharing information that proves vaccines are dangerous:

“During this breathtaking 9 part docu-series, you’ll be taken on an exciting journey discovering information that can change your life and the life of your family,” explains the official trailer.

Featured Hosts and Guests

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 is hosted by Ty and Charlene Bollinger. We’ll talk more about them below.

It also features 60 “world leading experts,” including “world renowned scientists, clinical physicians, and researchers.”

The names of these experts have not been disclosed prior to the release of the documentary series, which might prompt concerns in some individuals who are interested in transparency before buying into the event.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Truth About Vaccines 2020

The vaccine and anti-vaccine debate is filled with misinformation, so it makes sense that consumers might have a number of questions. This section will answer many of the most commonly asked questions about The Truth About Vaccines 2020.

Q: Why is the series free to watch?

A: Our best guess is that the company behind this documentary series makes money from advertisements. It is likely that the organization profits from sending ads to their subscribers via email. This is partially good because it allows consumers to gain access to the information in the program for free, but some users might be cautious of this business model.

Q: What does The Truth About Vaccines include?

A: The documentary series includes hosts from all over the anti-vaccination community. Topics covered in the series are widely varied, and include information on what is in vaccines, how vaccines work, ‘scientific' evidence against vaccines, and more.

Q: Is the series scientifically backed?

A: The answer to this question depends largely on who you ask. The proponents of the anti-vaccine movement will likely cite a number of studies backing their viewpoint, while many researchers argue that these sources are often cherry-picked, not peer-reviewed, or even debunked.

Purchasing The Truth About Vaccines 2020

The documentary series is free for anyone to view, although viewers may receive advertisements for eBooks, DVDs, subscription memberships, and more once they subscribe with their contact information and name.

It seems some advertisements will appear before, during, or after the documentary series airs. It’s also possible that you’ll receive emails or text messages with advertisements for certain products, including eBooks, DVDs, and membership subscriptions.

You are not required to purchase anything to view The Truth About Vaccines 2020. You can watch all nine episodes for free just by entering your email address.

Who Are Ty and Charlene Bollinger?

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 is published online by a company called TTAV Global, LLC, the production company of Ty and Charlene Bollinger.

Ty and Charlene Bollinger are documentary producers who have launched a series of similar documentaries.

They’re best-known for The Truth About Cancer (TTAC), a docu-series highlighting alternative treatments for cancer. That docu-series explores eastern treatments for cancer. In an interview about the documentary, Ty and Charlene criticized the western world for keeping this information private:

“As the power brokers of Western Medicine continued to silence anything that could jeopardize their stranglehold on the health system in the USA…Eastern Medicine has been flourishing and is coexisting in peace with Western Medicine to give patients the best outcome possible. Especially when it comes to treating and beating cancer.”

The pair have also released similar documentaries, including The Quest For Cures in 2015, which was another cancer documentary.

Here is the company support information and location:

  • TTAV Global, LLC 4610 Prime Parkway McHenry, IL 60050
  • Customer Support 1-775-473-9225

Ty Bollinger is an accountant and former bodybuilder. Charlene is an actress and producer.

Experts have criticized Ty and Charlene Bollinger for purportedly advertising unproven cures for cancer, targeting vulnerable people searching desperately for a cure.

Final Thoughts

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 is a documentary series that promises to provide a “fair and balanced” take on vaccines. The nine part docu-series highlights concerns about vaccines and vaccine requirements.

Although The Truth About Vaccines 2020 claims to be fair and balanced, it has a decidedly anti-vaccine angle. The documentary series describes mandatory vaccines as “draconian” and “medical tyranny”, for example, and highlights random studies indicating the dangers of vaccines – but few studies proving the safety of vaccines.

It’s free for anyone to attend The Truth About Vaccines 2020. Just visit here online today using an email address.

After entering your email address, you’ll receive an email every night starting April 22 with a link to a new episode.



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