Health Guides Back In Action: Reviewing Kimberly Clark’s Back Pain Relief Program

Back In Action: Reviewing Kimberly Clark’s Back Pain Relief Program

The Back In Action program by Kimberly Clark offers users The Complete Back Pain Relief System as an 8-part stretching exercise manual eBook that helps alleviate sciatica, fix posture and lose weight.


Back In Action is a health and wellness system that claims to relieve back pain by using one simple sleep stretch to do right before bed to “vanish back pain forever”.

The Back In Action program by Kimberly Clark consists of multiple eBooks and videos. By following these digital materials for detailed guidance, you can purportedly eliminate your back pain forever using the complete back pain relief system.

Back In Action comes with a step-by-step instruction manual, a pain-free tips eBook, and instructional videos. Much of the program consists of ten minute exercises or stretches you can perform at home to relieve back pain.

The Complete Back Pain Relief Program Manual wellness system is an 8-part blueprint marketed towards the millions of young and old Americans who suffer from back pain who want to heal their spine and fix posture naturally using easy to follow stretching program.

It’s available exclusively online through

Is Back In Action worth the price? Is it safe to follow the system’s medical advice despite it being a quarter of the price of a chiropractic consultation or physiotherapy with a 100% no-nonsense “lose the back pain or it's free” guarantee?

Find out everything you need to know about Back In Action today in our review to find out if the “ultimate how-to guide” for fixing sciatica and repairing back pain can actually work using highly innovative stretches and revolutionary body movements.


What is Back In Action?

Back In Action is a health and wellness system that claims to eliminate your back pain. The “Your Healthy Back + Slim Body System” includes eBooks and videos that is said to give users the optimal weight loss and fitness program to supplement their daily back stretching program. By following the advice within these products, you can purportedly relieve back pain “forever”.

What is Back In Action?

Back pain is a crippling issue that affects millions of people. Low back pain is increasingly common due to sedentary lifestyles and other factors. Upper back pain may be caused by improper exercise or lifting. Whatever caused your back pain, Back In Action claims to eliminate it using simple strategies. The weight loss portion of the Back In Action program includes strong core exercises that build and strengthen the abs and lower back muscles which can help alleviate nagging back pain.

When you visit, you’ll see a lengthy video presentation. That presentation is narrated by Kimberly Clark, a personal trainer, pilates instructor, yoga follower and health speaker who claims to have “years” of experience dealing with back pain.

Kimberly also has a personal connection to back pain relief: her father suffered from debilitating back pain for years. Today, Kimberly is sharing her years of experience through the Back In Action system.

Watch the Back In Action Program Here

The Story Behind Back In Action

Back In Action’s video presentation is led by a woman named Kimberly Clark, who claims to have years of experience in the back pain relief field and had a breakthrough by targeting the root cause of muscular and joint pain in the lower and mid back areas.

Kimberly is a pilates instructor who emphasizes natural, drug-free, surgery-free back pain relief methods based on repetitive movements and physical habits that can improve the posture and flexibility of your body.

Kimberly claims that she has helped countless clients deal with back pain. She also claims that her father struggled with back pain for years.

Kimberly claims that her work led her to research cures for back pain. She stumbled upon back pain relief strategies that could relieve back pain without drugs, surgery, or years of rehabilitation.

Kimberly decided to share her research through the Back In Action system, which she describes as the best system for relieving back pain on the market today.

How Does the Back In Action Program Work?

The Back In Action involves basic exercises and stretches you can do at home to relieve back pain.

Many of the exercises are designed to be done in 10 minutes or less. If you spend 10 minutes doing these low-resistance workouts, then you may enjoy relief from back pain.

The stretches are simple. They can be performed anywhere – including your home, office, gym, or wherever else you are.

There are a lot of myths about back pain, and Back In Action dispels these myths. One of the biggest myths is that back pain is only caused by injury.

In reality, the Back In Action system describes how back pain is caused by spondylosis, or the general deterioration of the spine over time. As we get older, the back develops small tears. Over time, these little tears cause back pain.

Lumbar strain, improper lifting, sedentary lifestyles, and other factors can all increase back pain. With that in mind, Back In Action recommends certain exercises you can perform to relieve back pain.

Much of the advice in Back In Action is based on three core concepts of reliving back pain, including:

  • Posture
  • Stretching
  • Breathing

If you have ever taken a pilates class, then Back In Action’s exercises may seem similar. Kimberly is, after all, a pilates instructor. She claims she has seen these strategies work on her clients. Now, she’s sharing these strategies with the world through Back In Action.

What makes Back In Action different from other back pain relief systems available online for free? The system claims to tackle the root cause of muscular and joint pain in the lower and mid back, especially the repetitive movements and physical habits that lead to the overall deterioration of posture and easy flexibility.

Watch the Back In Action Program Here

What Will You Learn in Back In Action?

Some of the topics covered in Back In Action include:

  • The 7 most common myths about back pain
  • How posture, stretching and breathing can relieve back pain
  • One foundational stretch to relieve back pain
  • 10-minute exercises and stretches that let you relieve back pain
  • The root cause of back pain, including the repetitive movements and physical actions that lead to back pain
  • Pilates-like stretches and exercises that you can perform at home

Who’s Behind Back In Action?

Back In Action was created by a woman named Kimberly Clark, who claims to have years of experience dealing with back pain along with firsthand experience helping her father recover from back pain.

Kimberly Clark is a pilates instructor, personal trainer, speaker, and author. After helping others deal with back pain, she now wants to help more people, sharing her advice through the Back In Action system. In a recent interview, Back in Pain Program's Kimberly Clark was asked what happened the first time she felt back pain was taking over her life. She responded:

“Well, it all started gradually. At first, I didn’t notice the symptoms mainly because I was uber-busy with tons of work (at that time I was working as an administrative assistant). As the days went by, the pain grew worse and I started to worry because I’d seen my dad having a terrible time trying to cope with back pain. Naturally, it caught me by surprise and initially I was kind of “in denial” that it could happen to me as well. It’s funny because we always think: “nah, that can’t happen to me, only to other people …” until you really start experiencing pain.”

After other questions answered in the Back In Action Program presentation, Kimberly talked about her father and the struggle it was for not only him to endure the back pain but for her to cope with seeing the debilitating nature of sciatica and back pain. When asked about how much time, effort and energy went into the creation of Back In Action bain pain relief program, Mrs. Clark said:

Well, creating the actual program did take me some time, but what really took forever was the extensive research process behind it. I barely slept for months and  when I wasn’t working, I was conducting interviews, talking to experts and reading, reading and reading. I have to admit that my lovely husband was of great help to me, and without him none of this would have been possible. He remained patient when I got frustrated because I wasn’t able to find the right approach to tackle my back pain… But, I can safely say that it was all worth it! This was not only because it helped me to get my life back, but also because it has helped thousands of clients who are now living a better life!

Frequently Asked Questions About Back In Action

With so many purported solutions for back pain and related problems floating around the alternative health industry, it can be hard to know which products are helpful and which are mostly just hype. Although more specific questions should be directed to the Back In Action customer service team, this section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this new back pain treatment plan.

Q: What materials come with Back In Action

A: The program currently includes three main products for consumers to use to improve their back health and potentially manage their pain symptoms. These items include “The Complete Back Pain Relief Program Manual,” “Healthy Back Tips,” and “Daily Stretching Videos.” These supplementary resources might help users to maximize the results they experience while following the instructions of the Back In Action guide.

Q: Who created Back In Action?

A: According to the product website, Kimberly Clark first created this unique potential solution to back pain. She claims to have contended with serious back pain for years, and she developed her back pain solution during her time as a pilates instructor and personal trainer.

Q: Can Back In Action relieve back pain?

A: Yes and no. Even mainstream traditional doctors will tell you that exercise, stretching, and proper diet can help to minimize back pain. However, sufferers of persistent back pain should work with their physician to develop a more comprehensive treatment plan to provide lasting results. This program simply might not do the trick for some sufferers, although it could help others to manage their pain more effectively.

Q: Can stretching help the back?

A: Absolutely. Studies in rehabilitative medicine routinely find that patients might experience significant reduction in their chronic back pain if they commit to regular exercise and moderate stretching. If your back pain comes from the muscles, stretching might be a particularly valuable addition to your home treatment routine.

Back In Action Pricing

Back In Action is priced at $37 USD. Your purchase is processed through ClickBank.

All Back In Action digital files are sent to your inbox immediately after your purchase is processed. You do not have to wait for physical products to be delivered to you. The Back In Action PDF eBooks will be available immediately to download right away.

What’s Included with Back In Action?

Back In Action comes with three core products, including:

The Complete Back Pain Relief Program Manual: This 8-part manual explains the science behind the Back In Action system in clear language. It explains the causes of lower back pain, the things we’re doing wrong to solve lower back pain, and simple lifestyle improvements you can make to reduce back pain. The end of the manual describes a comprehensive stretching program that claims to be “guaranteed” to fix even the tightest back pain. The manual is a PDF file – not a physical product.

Healthy Back Tips: This bonus eBook explains how dieters can tailor their back repair plan to suit their body type. The eBook explains which exercises to perform daily for their unique body type, for example.

Daily Stretching Videos: Back In Action comes with a daily video series that claims to take all of the guesswork out of back pain relief stretches. By following the 5 to 10 minute videos, you can discover exercises and workouts that can have a significant effect on back pain.

All of these products are delivered through PDFs and video files.

Those interested in Kimberly Clark's Back In Action System can download a free version of The Complete Back Pain Relief Program PDF here.

Other Back In Action Products

In addition to the three core products above, Back In Action offers several additional products at added cost.

The Complete Back Pain Relief Program ($67)

The Complete Back Pain Relief program builds off the advice in Back In Action, offering more strategies people can use to relieve back pain, lose weight, and achieve their fitness goals.

There are two videos included with The Complete Back Pain Relief Program, including The Ultimate Stretch and Tension Reliever and The Upper Body Toning and Tightening Program.

Pain Relief and Relaxation Pack ($39)

Back In Action also offers a third package of products called the Pain Relief and Relaxation Pack. This pack describes pilates and breathing exercises you can perform to relieve back pain.

The package includes two sets of videos, including Pilates and Meditation: Relaxing Stretches for Night-Time Back Pain Relief; and Back In Action: Soothing Affirmations for Vanishing Pain. By following the stretches and exercises in either video, you can relieve back pain.

Back In Action Audiobook ($27)

Finally, Back In Action offers The Complete Back Pain Relief Program audiobook. If you want to listen to the guide on a phone, tablet, or other device instead of reading the PDF files, then you can buy the audiobook version.


Back In Action Refund Policy

Back In Action has the same refund policy as all ClickBank products: a 60-day money back guarantee. You have 60 days to try Back In Action. If you don’t like it, then you can request a refund and get a 100% refund.

Because Back In Action is a digital system, you do not need to “return” the PDF files or videos to qualify for the refund. All refunds are processed immediately with no questions asked.

Final Thoughts 

Back In Action is a back pain relief system that claims to eliminate back pain “forever” by targeting stretching, breathing, and posture.

The system includes exercises, tips, and more. You can follow the stretch videos at home in 10 minutes or less, discovering actionable ways to relieve upper or lower back pain.

Back In Action was created by a pilates instructor named Kimberly Clark. Over the eBooks and videos, Kimberly guides users through back pain relief exercises, including simple stretches you can perform at home with no equipment required.

To learn more about Back In Action, or to buy the system today, visit

Watch the Back In Action Program Here

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