Guides How To Be Healthy Sweet Freedom Detox: Reviewing the Sugar Craving Addiction Guide

Sweet Freedom Detox: Reviewing the Sugar Craving Addiction Guide

Sweet Freedom Detox by Cindy Corbin is a sugar cleansing dietary nutrition program that eliminates added table or artificial sugars to help end sugar cravings and boost health via habit replacement.


Sweet Freedom Detox is an eBook by Cindy Corbin that teaches you how to end addictive sugar cravings and reclaim your health once and for all.

The Sweet Freedom Detox sugar cleansing program claims to use a 1,000-year old Italian secret to teach readers how to end sugar carvings without dieting or harmful pills.

How does Sweet Freedom Detox work? What will you learn in the eBook? Is the eBook worth $9? Find out everything you need to know about Sweet Freedom Detox today in our review.

What is Sweet Freedom Detox?

Sweet Freedom Detox is an eBook available online through

The eBook explains how simple strategies can change your sugar cravings. By implementing simple lifestyle changes, you can reduce sugar cravings, prevent over-eating, and avoid excessive snacking.

The book claims to be based on a 1,000 year old strategy from Pioppi, a village in southern Italy. The village has an average lifespan of 102-years old. The villagers are old, healthy, and active:

“Fit as a fiddle. Filled with energy. Free of all kinds of dreaded diseases. Some are even sculpted like Greek Gods. And now… You’re about to discover their secret to slimness…On how you can use it to overcoming sugar and food addiction — even if you’d been struggling with it for years.”

The sales page for Sweet Freedom Detox features a woman named Cindy Corbin. Cindy claims to have struggled with sugar addiction for years. She has never been a good dieter, and her hunger cravings always affect her diet. She claims she would regularly “eat a dozen cookies at a time” or “nearly a whole pie at once” – and she couldn’t help it.

After years of humiliation, Cindy stumbled upon the secret to fixing her sugar addiction. She met a woman named Dr. Knowles who explained how to reduce cravings. Together, the two created Sweet Freedom Detox.

Cindy claims Dr. Knowles advice “changed my entire life”. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll learn in Sweet Freedom Detox.

How Does Sweet Freedom Detox Work?

Sweet Freedom Detox recommends lifestyle tips anyone can use to reduce sugar cravings.

Many of these lifestyle tips claim to target an area of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. That area is responsible for your cognitive controls and behavior. It’s also the last part of the brain to mature, and it doesn’t fully mature until you’re in your 20s.

This part of your brain is also ruled by something called ‘addiction-based commerce’, or ABC. The more you are addicted to something, the more of that addictive substance you’ll buy. Your brain becomes hardwired to seek certain foods.

The book recommends replacement therapy. It’s a popular treatment for addiction. Smokers replace cigarettes with vapes, for example, while alcoholics replace alcohol with fizzy drinks.

To reduce sugar cravings, Cindy recommends replacing sugar with “a bunch of healthy, natural substances”. These substances trigger the same pleasure receptors in the brain, helping reprogram your body’s addiction to make it a healthier habit.

Cindy claims that in the village of Pioppi, villagers have less risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other killers. Their secret, among other things, is that they “only had desserts once a month”. They were not addicted to sugar, and they did not need to eat sweets.

Sweet Freedom Detox discusses these strategies and other ways to break your addiction to sugar.

Get the Sugar Freedom Detox Program Guide Here Today

What Will You Learn in Sweet Freedom Detox?

Sweet Freedom Detox contains various strategies you can use to reduce sugar cravings, including:

  • How to avoid craving foods
  • How to reduce joint pain by cutting down sugar
  • Why processed food is not cheaper than whole food
  • How sugar affects energy levels
  • How to minimize sugar pangs, crippling headaches, and energy crashes without relapsing

Bonus eBooks

Your Sweet Freedom Detox purchase includes 3 bonus eBooks that enhance your diet, health, and wellness in other ways:

Bonus #1: Sweet Portion Control: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Food Addiction: This book explains how food addiction is similar to sugar addiction. It explains strategies you can use to break your overall addiction to food – not just sugar or sweets.

Bonus #2: Sweet Energy Breakthrough: How to Regain the Energy of your Youth: This eBook explains how to eradicate fluctuating energy patterns. If you find your energy rising and falling throughout the day, then Sweet Energy Breakthrough may help stabilize energy. The book highlights diet changes and exercises to keep energy high.

Bonus #3: The Freedom Juice: Juicing Recipes for Better Immunity: This eBook claims to strengthen your immunity with vitamin and nutrient-rich juices. The book highlights recipes you can make using ordinary fruits and vegetables. A diet rich in healthy fruits and vegetables can strengthen your immune system, and juices can help get your recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables in a convenient way.

Sweet Freedom Detox Pricing

Sweet Freedom Detox is priced at $9.

You can pay online using credit card or PayPal. It’s a digital purchase with no physical product delivered at all. You will receive a copy of the digital product in your email inbox immediately after your payment is processed.

The sales page for Sweet Freedom Detox has two upsells, including Anti-Aging Food & Skin Care ($9) and The Healing Power of Fruits & Vegetables ($9).

Get the Sugar Freedom Detox Program Guide Here Today

Who is Cindy Corbin?

Cindy Corbin does not appear to be a real person. The images posted on Sweet Freedom Detox are stock images of other women. There’s no evidence that Cindy Corbin exists.

There’s also no evidence that Cindy Corbin has a health or nutrition background of any type. She does not claim to be certified to provide any type of medical advice or nutritional guidance.

Cindy claims to have worked with a woman named Dr. Knowles to create Sweet Freedom Detox, although we cannot find further information about Dr. Knowles available online.

Sweet Freedom Detox Refund Policy

Sweet Freedom Detox has a 60 day refund policy. You have 60 days to read the book and request a complete refund if you are unsatisfied.

This is the same refund that applies to all Clickbank digital purchases. With most Clickbank products, you can request a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked – and you can even keep the book.

Final Word

Sweet Freedom Detox is an eBook that claims to reduce sugar cravings using simple strategies. By implementing these diet and lifestyle strategies, you can reduce carvings for sweet foods.

At $9, Sweet Freedom Detox is an affordable way to learn more about sugar cravings. The eBook also comes with a 60-day refund policy – even if you have read the book and want to keep it, you can request a complete refund.

To learn more about Sweet Freedom Detox or to buy online today, visit



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