Supplements Probiotics ProBiora Plus: 2020 Oral Probiotics Product Review Research

ProBiora Plus: 2020 Oral Probiotics Product Review Research

ProBiora Health's ProBiora Plus oral care probiotics supplement is the first healthy mouth product designed to freshen your breath, whiten your teeth and heal your gums naturally.


Optimal oral health is vital to one’s health as it prevents bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease among others. What many people fail to realize is that oral health doesn’t only affect the mouth, but is also indicative of possible health issues that could be detrimental to your overall well-being. For instance, many are not aware of the fact that if proper attention isn’t given to one’s mouth then the risks of experiencing a heart attack, stroke, and becoming diabetic are increased?

The mouth can be viewed as a database that reports on how the rest of the body is doing. On that note, this is where it is most fit to introduce ProBiora Plus. What makes ProBiora Plus interesting is the use of probiotics to fight off poor oral health. Is that really a thing? Let’s find out:

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What is ProBiora Plus?

ProBiora Plus is a unique mint-flavored probiotic intended to be taken once per day to maintain and support top oral health using a balance of bacteria just the way nature meant. The ProBiora Plus oral care probiotic supplement by ProBiora Health is designed to support gum and teeth wellness, while naturally producing results similar to that of whitening treatments. It is the first of its kind, as no other oral health solution introduces probiotics to fight bacteria that supports your oral microbiome.

Frequently Asked Questions About ProBiora Plus

Q: What are probiotics?

A: Probiotics are living microbial organisms that naturally exist within the body. Probiotics are often referred to as ‘good' or ‘beneficial' bacteria. While many probiotics are associated with gut and digestive health, there are a few specific strains that are specific towards oral health.

Q: Is ProBiora Plus Safe?

A: ProBiora Plus is considered to be safe because it contains beneficial bacteria that naturally supports the good bacteria already living inside healthy mouths. ProBiora Plus' ProBiora3 probiotic blend is the primary ingredient and its formula only contains bacteria for oral and mouth care. These specific probiotic strains do not interact with the gut or digestion process as there is nothing to absorb or break down as its action is primarily based on gum tissue and the tooth's surface.

Q: Can I take ProBiora Plus if I am taking medication?

A: Yes. ProBiora Plus is safe to take with other medications and is said to be wise to use during and after a round of antibiotics because that is known to disrupt the balance of bacteria in the mouth. ProBiora Plus has no known interactions with medications, but like anything, it's always suggested and recommended to check with your Dentist/Doctor and/or Pharmacist for more information.

Q: Can I give ProBiora Plus to my children?

A: Yes, ProBiora Plus is safe for children of all ages to use as long as they can swallow mints without choking.

Q: Do I need to take ProBiora Plus if I already take probiotics?

A: Most definitely. Most probiotics are designed to improve gut health. ProBiora Plus contains specific probiotics to support healthy teeth and gums, freshen breath and make smiles brighter and whiter.

Q: What does the ProBiora Plus formula consist of?

A: The key ingredient found in all of ProBiora Health products is a patented ingredient called ProBiora3, a specific ingredient that is believed to promote healthier gums and teeth and  fresher breath.

ProBiora3 contains three key freeze-dried strains; Streptococcus oralis KJ3, Streptococcus uberis KJ2 and Streptococcus rattus JH145 made up of 100 Million CFU Probiora3. The trio is deemed to be a naturally-occurring oral bacteria delivered in the form of a dissolving mint. Hence, the activation commences the moment the mint interacts with one’s saliva, which then allows the bacteria to attach themselves to either the surface of one’s teeth or below the gumline.

As per the claims made, the combination of KJ2 and KJ3 produce hydrogen peroxide, which is responsible for the whitening claim made.

Q: How should consumers make the most out of ProBiora Plus?

A: To make the most out of ProBiora Plus, consumers have been advised to take one mint once-a-day. This can be any time of the day; however, it is often encouraged to take it at bedtime for better results. So, after brushing, consumers need to allow the mint to dissolve on the tongue and the rest is said to be taken care of.

Q: Do consumers need to take ProBiora Plus if they already take probiotics?

A: This is a question that commonly comes up and the answer, as per the creators, is yes. Probiotics come in different strains, so if consumers are taking one that supports gut health, it has nothing to do with strains typically found in oral health supports.

Q: How long will it take before changes are witnessed?

Based on the claims made, changes are immediately witnessed. Given that each individual’s oral health varies, on average it is expected to take 30 days of use to see a noticeable difference.

Q: How To Purchase ProBiora Plus?

A: For a 30-day supply, consumers can expect to invest $17.95 (excluding shipping). One can also consider purchasing a two-pack for $35.90 (free shipping) or becoming a member of the ProBiora Health subscription plan, where two units are sent every 2 months for a total of $31.90.

ProBiora Plus Final thoughts

Oral health is just as important as all other areas of health. Sometimes habits we think play no role in the damages created, are the leading causes of bacteria formation, such as unhealthy diets high in sugar, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, fluoride deficiency, you name it.

While ProBiora Plus (who was formerly EvoraPlus) claims to support gum and oral health, while tending to teeth whitening and fresh breath, it doesn’t suffice on its own. Hence, consumers need to take the extra step to support positive changes.

As for ProBiora Plus, what makes it unique, along with all other ProBiora Health supplements, is the incorporation of the ProBiora3, which has been extensively studied and certified as “Generally Recognized As Safe (“GRAS”)” status. Additionally, they are deemed safe for adults and children who can chew. Not to forget the fact that ProBiora also offers pet-friendly oral support as well. To learn more about ProBiora Plus and others available, visit their website today.

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