Gadgets Cleaning Devices PhoneSoap Go: Reviewing the UV Light Phone Sanitizer Research

PhoneSoap Go: Reviewing the UV Light Phone Sanitizer Research

PhoneSoap Go is a battery-powered UV light sanitizer box that cleans and charges smartphones using ultraviolet UV-C disinfection that sterilizes germs and viruses for on the go mobile device protection.


PhoneSoap Go is a battery powered UV smartphone sanitizer and phone charger that uses no liquid, heat or chemicals.

Announced in April 2020, the PhoneSoap Go case claims to keep your smartphone germ-free without the use of alcohol or other chemicals by using the sterilizing properties of ultraviolet light. The UV-C light technology disinfects viruses, disease germs, fungi and bacteria by damaging their DNA and stops the spread of them duplicating due to disrupting their ability to reproduce.

PhoneSoap Go is currently available to preorder for $100, with shipments expected to start in May 2020. With the increased awareness in going the last mile when it comes to hand sanitation and cleaning public areas, touchscreens and surfaces, combined with the innovation and technology of ultraviolet light, it is understandable to why the pre-order price tag is so lofty for a ‘first-ever' UV light cleaner and charger.

But is PhoneSoap Go worth the price? Will UV light sanitizers really kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria? Did PhoneSoap create the first and only portable, rechargeable cell phone charger that cleans and powers up your favorite mobile device effortlessly? Find out everything you need to know about how PhoneSoap Go works today in our review.

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What is PhoneSoap Go?

PhoneSoap Go is a portable on the go device that sanitizes your phone with ultraviolet (UV) light while also charging your device. You place your phone inside the case, close the lid, and let the UV-C light go to work.

The device is more portable than other products from PhoneSoap, including the PhoneSoap 3.

UV-C light is proven to kill harmful germs and bacteria. Hospitals use ultraviolet light to sanitize surfaces and equipment. Today, companies are adding UV-C lights to small electronics – like air purifiers and phone sanitizers – to kill harmful germs.

You’ve probably heard that a phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat. It’s true: your smartphone screen is a hub of germs and bacteria. You interact with your phone constantly. Your fingers touch the screen. You hold the phone against your face. You use your phone when out in public. It’s easy for germs to spread.

PhoneSoap Go is one of three main products sold by PhoneSoap. The company also offers similar devices like PhoneSoap 3 and PhoneSoap Wireless.

How Does PhoneSoap Go Work?

You place your phone inside the PhoneSoap Go case, then leave it for ten minutes. The device has a small UV-C light at the top of the case. This light will shine on the surface of your phone.

PhoneSoap Go has lightbulbs on both the top and bottom, which means it sanitizes both sides of your phone.

PhoneSoap Go claims to kill 99.99% of harmful germs within just ten minutes. The light sanitizes any bacteria it touches, disrupting the DNA of the bacteria to deactivate them.

Unlike many other sanitization systems, PhoneSoap has been genuinely tested in a lab. The company has tested its PhoneSoap UV lights in a controlled environment, where the light was shown to kill E. coli, salmonella, staph, MRSA, flu, and cold bacteria. Testing was done in a laboratory setting on actual phones, Apple Watches, headphones, credit cards, and keys. You can view all testing data, including a video of the test, here.

After placing your phone in the case, you click the lightning bolt on top of the PhoneSoap Go to start the sanitization cycle. Each sanitization cycle lasts ten minutes.

PhoneSoap Go will sanitize your phone and recharge it. On a full charge, PhoneSoap Go will sanitize your smartphone up to 45 times or recharge a phone from zero to 100% approximately four times.

There are four lights above the lightning bolt on top of the PhoneSoap Go. Each light indicates 25% battery life. All four lights are lit up when the battery is 100% charged.

PhoneSoap Go will fit any new Apple, Samsung, and Google smartphones. The manufacturer has published the inner dimensions of the case online, making it easy to check if your smartphone fits. Generally, PhoneSoap Go will fit any standard-sized smartphone.

You can also place other devices in the PhoneSoap Go. The device will work on any hard, non-porous surface, including phone cases, keys, credit cards, and more. However, UV light is less effective against fabrics and other porous materials.

PhoneSoap Go will charge your phone. The case has two standard 5V USB ports, including an ordinary USB port and a USB-C port. You use your ordinary phone charger, plugging the charger into one of these USB ports.

PhoneSoap Go Tech Specs

PhoneSoap Go has the following technical specifications:

  • Inner Dimensions: 173 (L) x 95 (W) x 20 (H) mm (6.8 x 3.74 x 0.78 inches)
  • Battery: 6,000mAh (4.5 hours to charge to 100%)
  • Light: UV-C
  • Ports: USB-C and USB (5V)
  • Sanitization Effectiveness: Kills 99.99% of germs

PhoneSoap Go Creators

PhoneSoap is a Provo, Utah-based company that makes a variety of sanitizing phone cases and systems. The company was launched in 2011.

The company’s goal, according to their official website, is “to create a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world through convenient and long-lasting products, saving time and eliminating the need for unnecessary waste and chemicals.”

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Phone: 866-432-0525
  • Mailing Address: 1837 S East Bay Blvd, Suite 201, Provo, UT 84606

Frequently Asked Questions About PhoneSoap Go

This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about PhoneSoap Go, as well as the company and technology behind it.

Q: Do phones cultivate bacteria?

A: Yes. Studies repeatedly show that phones can be some of the dirtiest surfaces in the world. Bacteria grows very easily on phone screens and backs, and this bacteria can cause illness. We recommend that consumers wipe down their bacteria as often as they can. Doing so might minimize the risk of viruses and other illnesses spreading through this commonly used surface.

Q: Who is behind PhoneSoap Go?

A: The company behind this product is also named PhoneSoap Go. The organization is based in Utah, and they specialize in the creation of sanitizing phone cases and systems. Since 2011, the experts behind PhoneSoap have worked to create “a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world” through the gadgets and devices they help to promote.

Q: How do you use PhoneSoap Go?

A: This phone case functions as both a sanitizer and a charger for your cellular device. Simply place your phone in and close the lid on the device. The UV cleaner works to eliminate bacteria and pathogens on the device while it also charges your phone.

Q: How does PhoneSoap Go work?

A: This device cleans phones using UV lights. There are UV light bulbs on both the top and bottom of the charging device. UV lights can eliminate bacteria with extreme effectiveness; even some hospitals use UV cleaning systems to sanitize medical devices.

PhoneSoap Go Pricing

PhoneSoap Go is available for $99.95.

You can choose two colors: indigo or white.

As of April 2020, PhoneSoap is shipping orders in late May, although pre-orders are currently open.

Final Thoughts

PhoneSoap Go is a new portable phone sanitization system from Utah-based electronic company PhoneSoap. The company claims to have launched the first and only portable cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while charging.

PhoneSoap Go has been tested to show that it kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria, including E. coli, staph, cold, and flu bacteria, among others.

If you want to sanitize your phone while it charges, then PhoneSoap Go may be the right choice for you.

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