Supplements Heart Health Nature’s Boost Blood Boost: Reviewing the Blood Pressure Formula

Nature’s Boost Blood Boost: Reviewing the Blood Pressure Formula

Nature's Boost Blood Boost Formula is a blood flow accelerator supplement for safely and naturally supporting healthy blood pressure, blood sugar and blood levels while fighting insulin resistance.


Nature's Boost Blood Boost Formula is a nutritional supplement that claims to support cardiovascular health.

By taking Blood Boost Formula daily, you can purportedly support healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood levels. In fact, Nature’s Boost claims their supplement is the “#1 formula on the marketplace for managing healthy blood levels”.

Nature's Boost Blood Boost Review

Is Blood Boost Formula really the best way to manage your cardiovascular health? Will this supplement work as advertised to lower cholesterol and blood pressure? Or is this yet another overpriced, over-hyped supplement with no scientific evidence? Find out more in our Blood Boost Formula review to see how it compares to other Blood Balance Formulas.

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What is Blood Boost Formula?

Blood Boost Formula is a nutritional supplement from Nature’s Boost. The company describes their supplement as a “blood flow accelerator”, claiming it supports healthy blood sugar and blood pressure, among other cardiovascular effects.

The supplement is sold through, where it’s priced at $50 per bottle. Nature’s Boost is a Kirkland, Washington-based supplement company that sells two supplements online.

How Does Blood Boost Formula Work?

Blood Boost Formula claims to support cardiovascular health using natural ingredients. The supplement contains several herbal and plant extracts. By taking two capsules daily, you can purportedly maintain good cardiovascular health.

Key ingredients include white mulberry leaf, berberine extract, juniper berry, bitter melon, cinnamon bark powder, biotin, and chromium.

Nature’s Boost doesn’t go into great detail about how these ingredients work. They vaguely claim that white mulberry leaf was “shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and decreases blood sugar levels”, for example, or that cinnamon bark extract “controls insulin levels and helps with insulin resistance”.

Together, these ingredients purportedly provide the following benefits:

  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL)

Overall, Nature’s Boost claims their Blood Boost Formula is the best formula on the marketplace “for managing healthy blood levels”, although it’s not totally clear what they mean by “healthy blood levels”.

Blood Boost Formula Benefits

Supplement companies are not permitted to advertise health benefits. Nature’s Boost, however, seems to toe the line. The company seems to suggest that its formula reduces blood pressure, increases good cholesterol, and even combats insulin resistance and other diabetes symptoms, for example.

Some of the specific advertised benefits of the formula include:

  • “Reduces blood pressure”
  • “Regulates blood sugar”
  • “Lowers bad cholesterol” and “increases good cholesterol”
  • “Combats insulin resistance”
  • “Supports weight loss”

Blood Boost Formula has not been studied in any scientific or clinical setting. However, the company claims that it can have significant effects on various aspects of health. It claims to “combat insulin resistance”, for example, which is “the main cause of type 2 diabetes”. Nature’s Boost doesn’t quite claim their supplement can reduce the risk of diabetes, but they’re almost suggesting it.

Nature’s Boost also claims their formula can lead to weight loss “by boosting your natural fat burning metabolism”, although they don’t go into further detail about how the supplement can encourage weight loss or boost your metabolism.

Nature’s Boost also claims these benefits will go into effect “right away”. You won’t have to wait days or weeks to start experiencing the benefits. They go into effect immediately.

Blood Boost Formula Ingredients

Nature’s Boost has published the full list of ingredients and dosages online. Some supplement companies hide ingredients behind proprietary labels or refuse to disclose individual dosages. Blood Boost Formula is more transparent.

Unfortunately, that transparency may not be a good thing for Blood Boost Formula: the supplement does not appear to contain significant levels of any of its active ingredients. The formula contains just 10mg to 50mg of most herbal or plant extracts, for example, which is a lower dosage than most studies.

In fact, the most active ingredients in Blood Boost Formula are basic vitamins and minerals you can get from any supplement, including vitamin C (83% Daily Value), vitamin E (50% DV), biotin (100% DV), magnesium (31% DV), zinc (50% DV), manganese (50% DV), and chromium (56% DV).

There are a dozen other ingredients in Blood Boost Formula, although none of these ingredients seem to have a particularly strong dosage.

There’s some evidence that taking 120 to 360mg of cinnamon bark extract per day can help diabetics manage certain symptoms of diabetes, for example. Blood Boost Formula contains just 50mg of cinnamon bark powder – it’s the right ingredient but at an inadequate dosage.

Similarly, licorice root has been studied in daily doses ranging from 760mg to 15,000mg. There’s just 50mg of licorice root extract in each serving of Blood Boost Formula.

Overall, Blood Boost Formula seems to contain many ingredients linked to its advertised health benefits, although the dosages seem much lower than recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Boost Formula

This section should clear up consumers concerns by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about both the Blood Boost Formula and the company behind it.

Q: What does Blood Boost Formula do?

A: The company behind this supplement makes quite a few claims about the benefits that their formula may offer consumers. To start, it might help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, combat insulin resistance, and even promote weight loss. The studies cited by this supplement company usually concern ingredients tested at higher dosages than the amounts used in the formula, so it's hard to definitively back any of these claims.

Q: How do you use Blood Boost Formula?

A: The creators of this supplement recommend that you take two capsules each day for optimum results. It is not currently clear whether or not it is recommended that users take the capsules with water or food, although this information might be available to consumers who contact the customer service team for more information.

Q: Can supplements promote weight loss?

A: Generally, yes. A number of foods and supplements have been shown to help promote weight loss in both men and women. However, any weight loss supplement should be combined with proper diet and exercise, because the creation of a caloric deficit remains the only guaranteed way to ensure fat burn and weight loss.

Q: Is Blood Boost Formula scientifically backed?

A: Yes and no. This supplement has not been studied in any peer reviewed trial for its specific formula. However, this is relatively common among supplements in the alternative health industry. The company behind Blood Boost Formula links to several research trials establishing the effectiveness of certain key ingredients in their supplement. The problem is that these studies often used dosages dissimilar to the ones employed in Blood Boost Formula, making it hard to take the results as a genuine endorsement of the supplement's healing properties.

Q: Should you talk to a doctor before using Blood Boost Formula?

A: Yes. In fact, we'd recommend you speak to your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen. This is especially important if you currently take heart, blood flow, or blood sugar medications, as supplements might interfere with your doctor's current treatment plans.

Blood Boost Formula Pricing

Blood Boost Formula is priced at $49.95 per bottle.

There are 60 capsules (60 servings) in each bottle. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules per day.

Blood Boost Formula Refund Policy

Nature’s Boost offers a 60 day refund policy – and you can keep the supplement bottles. Just contact the company within 60 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a 100% refund. You do not have to mail the supplement bottles or anything else to the company.

Final Thoughts

Blood Boost Formula is a high-priced cardiovascular supplement that makes big claims about its effectiveness yet fails to contain significant levels of many of its active ingredients. The formula contains small amounts of plants and herbal extracts, for example, although the dosages do not seem strong enough to have any significant effect on your health.

Despite the lack of evidence, Nature’s Boost claims that Blood Boost Formula “reduces blood pressure” and “regulates blood sugar”, for example, potentially reducing symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Overall, there’s limited evidence that Blood Boost Formula works as advertised to improve your cardiovascular health. However, the supplement has a very generous refund policy, letting you try the supplement and request a refund within 60 days without returning the bottles.

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