Gadgets EMF Radiation Blockers BioArc Phone Disc: Reviewing the Chi Organizer’s EMF 5G Fix

BioArc Phone Disc: Reviewing the Chi Organizer’s EMF 5G Fix

EMF 5G Fix by Dr. Don Paris of Chi Organizer is a new awareness campaign for the BioArc Phone Disc sticker that adds protection against harmful electromagnetic field radiation poisoning and frequencies.


The EMF 5G Fix is a series of online videos that explain how to protect yourself from 5G and EMF pollution.

The videos discuss the purported dangers of 5G and EMF, then recommend buying a “disc” (a sticker) called the BioArc Phone Disc. This sticker claims to neutralize 5G and EMF radiation. You place the sticker on the back of your phone, and it purportedly blocks any harmful effects. The scientist-approved EMF Protection Disc is also said to help fight radiation from electronic tablets, computers and WiFi Routers as well as smartphones.

5G and EMF

After viewing the videos, you have the opportunity to buy the BioArc Phone Disc for “free” (you just pay the $2.99 shipping fee).

Is The EMF 5G Fix legit? Will the BioArc Phone Disc really protect you from radiation? Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about The EMF 5G Fix and the BioArc Phone Disc.

Watch The EMF 5G Fix About the BioArc Protection Disc


What is The EMF 5G Fix?

The EMF 5G Fix is a new marketing campaign for the BioArc Phone Disc, a sticker that claims to protect you from 5G and EMF radiation.

The marketing campaign consists of four 20-minute videos brought to you by Chi Organizer. The videos explain the dangers of 5G and EMF, how to reduce your exposure to EMF, and how to protect yourself and your family.

You can watch the videos for free online today. Just enter your first name and email address into the online form.

5G is fifth generation mobile communication technology. Studies have proven that 5G is safe, and that 5G radiation has no significant effect on the human body. However, companies are building 5G equipment worldwide, and that makes some people nervous.

Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, meanwhile, comes from any electronic device. Every electronic device emits a small amount of radiation. Again, studies have shown this radiation has no significant effect on the human body, although EMF radiation makes some people nervous.

Most evidence suggests 5G and EMF radiation has no significant impact on the human body, although there’s some evidence of health effects. Some studies have shown an increased risk of cancer when exposed to EMF radiation, for example.

The EMF 5G Fix is targeted towards people who are worried about the effects of 5G and EMF pollution and want to use new technologies to combat and essentially negate or block EMF poisoning.

What Will You Learn from The EMF 5G Fix?

The EMF 5G Fix consists of four videos 20-minute videos, each of which covers a different aspect of 5G and EMF pollution:

  • Video #1: The EMF 5G Fix: Learn about the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation, including how certain protective measures can help.
  • Video #2: Tips to Reduce EMF: The second video highlights ways to reduce EMF exposure, including tools, protective measures, and strategies you can use to limit the effects of radiation on your body.
  • Video #3: Transform & Enjoy: The third video explains how to transform your life and enjoy health benefits by removing 5G and EMF radiation from your life.
  • Video #4: Organize Your Chi: The final video talks about your life force – or chi – and how EMF radiation affects it. If you frequently feel tired or uncomfortable at home when surrounded by wireless devices, then wireless devices could be affecting your chi.

The goal of all four videos is to convince you to buy the BioArc Disc, a sticker that claims to protect you from 5G and EMF radiation. By placing the sticker on your phone and other wireless devices, you can purportedly enjoy various health benefits.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Ways to reduce EMF at home
  • Free or cheap ways to limit exposure to EMF and microwave radiation
  • How to know if you are being radiated by EMF and microwave radiation
  • How the BioArc Disc can protect your health and prevent radiation

How Does the BioArc Phone Disc Work?

The purpose of The EMF 5G Fix is to convince you to buy the BioArc Phone Disc, also known simply as the BioArc Disc. This disc claims to protect against the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation. All you need to do is place the device on the back of your phone, and it will protect your health.

The BioArc Phone Disc is priced at $20 and claims to be “the most effective way to smooth out the harmful frequencies of your cell phone”, according to the sales page at

The sticker purportedly uses a “gold and copper antenna”, which has “harmonizing and purifying” effects on the harmful frequencies of 5G and EMF.

The phone disc is normally priced at $20, although you can buy it for just $2.99 through the sales page at The EMF 5G Fix.

How is the disc so cheap? Here’s how the official website explains it:

“BioArc Phone Disc retails for $19.95, but we bought it for you! We just ask that you pay your shipping / handling to receive it (just $2.99 anywhere in the world). Your information is secure and will not be shared.”

In reality, the BioArc Phone Disc likely costs just a few pennies to make. It’s also lightweight to ship, which means the company isn’t likely losing money by selling the BioArc Phone Disc for $2.99.

You can find similar protective sticker discs online. Most stickers contain a small amount of metal substance that purportedly blocks radiation. There’s limited scientific evidence they block radiation. In fact, some stickers have actually been found to double radiation from a phone by reflecting signals back towards you.

Who is Dr. Don Paris?

Dr. Don Paris is the host of The EMF 5G Fix videos, and he seems to be a big supporter of using the BioArc Disc to neutralize the effects of radiation.

Dr. Don Paris is the owner of Shambhala Oceanside Retreat and Spa, a wellness retreat in Bali. Dr. Paris has explored radionics and scalar technology since the early 1970s. Dr. Paris’s faculty page at New Earth University describes him as “the guru of the SE-5”, which is a subtle energy, scalar instrument.

Dr. Don Paris does not appear to be a “real” doctor. He calls himself a “doctor” because he has an honorary doctorate degree in Human Sciences from the International University of Vitalogical Sciences in Stockholm. As far as we can tell, Don Paris has no formal education.

It is not customary for recipients of an honorary doctorate to call themselves “Dr.” or add a PhD after their name – especially if this is their only degree.

Making things look worse for Don Paris is that there’s no evidence that the University of Vitalogical Sciences is an accredited university or legitimate school. In fact, the University of Vitalogical Sciences in Stockholm may not even exist: we can’t find any evidence of the school on Google, and most search results for those keywords are just profiles of Don Paris.

Meanwhile, New Earth University appears to be more of an online blog than a formal teaching institution.

All of this makes us skeptical of any evidence presented by The EMF 5G Fix, however, it should be understood that this space is largely still developing and evolving and as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. While it may sound or seem unlikely that the BioArc Disc works as advertised, the doctor was quoted saying this:

“The BioArc Disc Is The Most Effective Passive EMF and 5G Protection Device We Have Ever Tested, And Our Scientific Studies Prove This Gold And Copper Antenna Is Harmonizing And ‘Purifying' The Harmful Frequencies We Are Exposed To Every Day”

Frequently Asked Questions about the BioArc Phone Disk

The information surrounding Chi Organizer's EMF radiation and 5G is often confusing and hard to navigate. Most scientists negate the claims made by anti-5G advocates, and misinformation continues to dominate the dialogue on this issue. This section should clear things up as we answer several of the most commonly asked questions about BioArc Phone Disc.

Q: Is EMF radiation dangerous?

A: The scientific community is relatively split on this important issue. On one hand, some studies have found that EMF radiation might have small long-term effects on individuals. However, it is the general consensus among researchers that the amount of EMF radiation given off by 5G is so small that it is unlikely to serious impact your health.

Q: How can you protect against EMF radiation?

A: Phone cases are the most commonly recognized devices used to prevent radiation from getting into your body. However, many phone cases are ineffective at preventing all radiation, and users who are especially concerned should be careful before using any phone case to block EMF rays. The BioArc solution is a disk that is placed on the back of the phone and uses a special kind of metal to purportedly block EMF radiation at the source.

Q: How does the BioArc Phone Disc work?

A: This small device is a disc-shaped circular sticker. You place it on the back of your mobile device, and it is supposed to block radiation from your phone from escaping. The creators of the BioArc phone disc claim that the gadget includes a “gold and copper antenna” which is able to easily block radiation.

Q: Who created BioArc?

A: This device was developed by Dr. Don Paris. Paris runs a popular wellness spa. He does not have an actual degree in medicine, but he was instead given an honorary doctorate from a human services university in Stockholm. This might be troubling to some consumers, considering that the device claims to serve distinct medical or wellness benefits.

The BioArc Phone Disc Pricing

The BioArc Phone Disc is priced at $2.99 through the special online offer. The $2.99 covers the cost of shipping anywhere in the world. It’s normally priced at $10 to $20 online through other retailers.

Price: Free + $2.99 Shipping

The sales page has an upsell for a “Family Pack”. You can pay $75 to add a Family Pack to your order, which includes 4 x phone discs, 1 x modem disc, and a modem disc stand.

Who’s Behind The EMF 5G Fix?

The EMF 5G Fix videos are hosted by Dr. Don Paris, author of Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions. The sales page describes Dr. Paris as “our modern bible scholar on scalar energy”.

Dr. Paris is interviewing Thomas Brown from the movie 5G Apocalypse by Sacha Stone. The pair discuss 5G and EMF radiation, then advertise the BioArc Disc as a preventative measure.

Final Word

The BioArc Phone Disc is a phone sticker that claims to neutralize the effects of EMF, 5G, and microwave radiation. Just attach to the sticker to the back of your phone, and you’ll immediately be protected.

The sticker is being marketed online through The EMF 5G Fix. After watching a series of videos on radiation, you can buy a BioArc Phone Disc for “free” – just pay shipping of $2.99.

There’s no evidence that the BioArc Phone Disc has any significant effect on radiation. In fact, some phone stickers magnify radiation, causing signals to bounce back towards you at twice the intensity. The company cites “Dr. Don Paris, Ph.D” as proof that the device works. However, Dr. Don Paris only has an honorary degree from a school that doesn’t seem to exist (“The University of Vitalogical Sciences in Stockholm”). It’s very unusual to call yourself a doctor when you only have an honorary degree, and it’s especially unusual when the school does not seem to be a real institution.

There are proven ways to reduce 5G and EMF radiation. Certain phone cases are proven to deflect radiation away from you, for example, and removing wireless devices from your surroundings can eliminate radiation. By watching the first video in the EMF 5G Fix, one can see how the BioArc radiation blocking disc works to reduce exposure. Fortunately, this is not one of those cheap defense shields that uses unusual online sales tactics or downright scam strategies to make a sale. Instead, the first video reveals why this is an actual legitimate scientifically-backed product where Chi Organizer's Dr. Don Paris reveals the positive effects the BioArc EMF Protection Disc has on 5G radiation poisoning and harmful EMF frequencies.

Watch The EMF 5G Fix About the BioArc Protection Disc

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