Supplements Male Enhancement Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2023: Men’s Sexual Performance Guide

Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2023: Men’s Sexual Performance Guide

New male enhancement pill guide researches the top sexual health supplements for men and ranks the 20 best performance enlargement products in 2023.


Male Enhancement in 2023 and Beyond: Growing Pains

Everyone's talking about male enhancement, but let's really talk about ‘enhancing a male‘.

It has been said a man's penis is the dipstick to his health. Proven or not, is this measuring stick perspective the real secret to research about men's sexual performance versus the hopeful benefits of a product named ‘mandingo warrior wonder pill'? Humor aside, to digress or not, asking:

What if sexual health activity coincides with how well a man's body is performing internally?

From general health to genital health, the hush-hush stigma of “male enhancement” as “penis enlargement” terminology-only hurts the overall image of improving a man's sexual energy.

The body is known as a system of systems, and when comparing how important daily diet decisions are or avoiding harmful habits that can be detrimental to your well-being (not to mention the beneficial effects of regular fitness and exercise workout routines add for M.E.); making subpar to poor lifestyle choices stack up fast and lead to moderate sexual impairment or major erectile dysfunction problems.

Yet the focus is on miracle pills and magical potions? It doesn't make sense in totality, but the reality is making whole body health and wellness a priority. What we see in the current state of the male enhancement industry is a classic case of eager enthusiasm outpacing medical evidence. However, there is help in the form of herbal supplementation that can help men get an edge and extra boost of sexual confidence.

While common sense says, ‘yes, sexual health coincides with overall body wellness' – most men gloss over this fundamental factor and undergo troublesome trials and tribulations or side effects no man truly wishes for, especially if not overly elderly. In a recently-published January 2023 study on erectile dysfunction, researchers concluded, “these findings underline the utility of encouraging healthy lifestyle habits among young men in order to reduce the subsequent risk of prostatic enlargement and ED.

So if “the penis is a dipstick for the male health”, why do men go straight into searching for reviews of the top male enhancement pills; only to be sold the highest margin, lowest quality discount cheap supplement on the market from questionable companies and brands found everywhere online?

Luckily you're here. In an age where random testosterone enhancers and nitric oxide boosters run rampant in the male performance/enlargement pill industry – where an estimated few thousand products are available to buy – it is easy to get burned and sold false promises if no due diligence is conducted.

Advanced Living's researched list of proven male enhancers that work will be recapped with optimal sexual health tips for men to study up on more thoroughly. It's safe to say there are a few growing pains to researching dozens and dozens of products that claim to enhance sexual performance in men or fictitiously promote increasing manhood member sizes overnight.

The Advanced Living male enhancement guide acts as a treasure trove of supplemental resources on the latest men's health research regarding sexual performance and the most popular male enhancement pills. The following buyer's guide checklist will help ensure men from all over the world research and review the best of the best when it comes to male enhancement pills.

First, it is important to give a clear cut meaning to the male enhancement expression and definitively distinguish the true definition of enhancing a male's most prized organ. This will help eliminate the mistake of buying into the inflated fluff or unsubstantiated hype of most male performance pill claims are made of today.


What is Male Enhancement?



The shape of the male enhancement supplementation market has never been bigger in 2023.

The term male enhancement is largely associated with penis enlargement and promoting various pills, pumps and magical potions to restore all that is right within a man's sexual ability. In order to do a deep-dive definition to answer what is male enhancement, we must first understand the multi-faceted men's supplementation industry.

While the desires of being well-endowed cross through the minds of millions of men around the world, every man ponders if a natural herbal alternative works or exists to increase their sexual prowess when and where it counts. Overcoming the fear of sexual dysfunction or embarrassment of premature ejaculation in aging men is much more common than most people think in today's sex-sells, bigger is always better economy. In the pop culture modern society when the narrative is ‘size matters‘; confidence, self-esteem and overall mental wellness can quickly be jeopardized if the root of insecurity is not dealt with accordingly.

To establish a proper understanding of the taboo nature of male enhancement, recognizing the problem is much more common that one might think is the first step towards awareness. At the University of Michigan Medicine, they even went as far as saying ED is “an extremely common condition”, projecting that over 320 million men will have moderate to complete erectile dysfunction by 2025.

This is why it is no secret by now any grown adult man walking on the face of the earth has searched for the truth about male enhancement once experiencing any level of erectile dysfunction or shrinkage in youthful vigor. Whether its a drop in testosterone, physical stamina, virility, libido levels or even fertility; men do not have to look long or hard to be sold male enhancement fantasies. Ask any man walking on the street and they can admit the constant targeting and bombarding of miracle pills that flood their email inbox claiming to return them to promise land of penis perfection.

While these fairy-tale sexual enhancers want to make you believe any user can grow a jack-the-beanstalk manhood member overnight using their product, separating the male enhancement facts from men's enlargement fiction to even porn star folklore is difficult to do honestly. Many studies like “The Old Made New: Natural Compounds against Erectile Dysfunction” have been conducted over the years in a quest to accomplish the impossible and give men the staying power to intensify sexual drive and performance.

It is a rather disappointing state of affairs, but the good news is it's all ‘overcomeable' or ‘figureoutable'. While the notion of ‘bigger is always better in the bedroom' steals the spotlight when it comes to the term male enhancement, Advanced Living likes to think of the M.E. term as a plausible concept of ‘complete alpha-human optimization'.

The Advanced Living ultimate male enhancement guide sets out to revise and reconsider men's sexual health and penile performance as a sum of the whole, not an isolated event or organ. Currently, learning how to boost a man's sexual livelihood is quite a dysfunctional affair due to the dilution of truthfulness circulating around on the Internet. The penis health = man's health dipstick analogy is the start of our research towards helping men live more optimally within the confines of our sexual nature and desires.

Will a Male Enhancement Pill Actually Enlarge a Man's Dipstick?

Not everyone can be superman. Every man's body is unique. There is no one size fits all. Each man opting to use a penis pill will respond differently to the herbal stimulus. There is also the moving variable that each man is starting out from different health status and condition.

To steal a line from what the National Institute of Aging said:

“Quackery is at an all time high in the male enhancement market”

In most cases, men (and women) inquire about honest reviews of the best male enhancement pills as the first option versus giving up in the fight against E.D. and its dreaded side effects. Many wonder if it is even obtainable at all let alone naturally via a herbal supplement to increase the size and performance of the male genitalia. Even in 2023, sound evidence is lacking as to which male enhancement methods work and the truth is very evident to review when so many misleading options of products and types are advertised when it comes to treating impotency, like:

  • herbal pills, capsules, and tablets
  • liquid shots and drink powders
  • topical creams and serums
  • vacuum pumps
  • stretching exercises (jelqing and kegel)
  • patches
  • hanging weights
  • penoscrotal rings and clamps
  • extender devices
  • silicone injections
  • pharmaceutical prescription drugs
  • packaged male enhancement programs, systems, and books
  • and even lengthening and thickening surgeries

There are even the expensive testosterone hormone replacement therapy (TRT) sessions which some men resort to for boosting sexual function improvement when experiencing male hypogonadism. This condition is when the body doesn't make enough testosterone to aid in masculine growth and development and can result in weakened, limp erections.

In a review of “Erectile dysfunction through the ages” by Department of Urology, St. Mary's Hospital in London, UK, the defined the impotence term as:

“The term impotence has traditionally been used to describe the inability of the male to attain and maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse. Although the term has been used for centuries, as will be described in this article, it generates much confusion and has been replaced by ‘erectile dysfunction’ since 1992 [1]. This then differentiates the problem from the many other processes that are involved in male sexual function.”

In 2023, nearly every man has been targeted through online advertisements and slammed with email inbox spam of marketing materials claiming to add inches or gain girth using a simple pill. However, there are a bunch of charlatans preying on vulnerable, often insecure men in order to make money selling these male enhancement pills, creams and magical potions to ‘fix' the problem. Even Harvard Medical School professor of urologic surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Michael O'Leary, MD, told WebMD:

“I think there isn't a guy in the world who hasn't wished his penis were an inch or two longer,” […] “Trust me, if I knew of a way to safely and effectively increase penis size, I'd be a billionaire,” […] “But I don't. Nobody does.”

So where does a man turn to for real male enhancement assistance and guidance when so many methods have unacceptably high rates of complications and risky side effects of disfiguring or even rendering a man's manhood member useless?

With so many ineffective, dubious, bogus and outright dangerous methods of possible enlargement strategies available, how can men safely research and properly apply any form of male enhancement in 2023 and beyond? Thankfully, there are a few reputable companies who offer trusted products that go above and beyond to satisfy their customers wants and demands. However, to no one's surprise, not all male enhancement pills are created equally.

With overload imminent, the Advanced Living male enhancement guide focuses on distinguishing male enhancement from penis enlargement in order to optimally overcome impotency. But first, the rankings for the top-rated best male enhancement pills. Then, it's time the growing pains of male enhancement emerge from the shadows by sharing some light on prominent pathways to improving a man's dipstick health.

Ranking the Most Popular Male Enhancement Products in 2023

In an effort to provide honest reviews of the most effective male enhancement pills, despite a wealth of fluff, hype and downright dirty strategies to sell size-enlarging products online, we did our best in identifying and selecting the top-rated supplements based on the following criteria:

  • company reputation/trustworthy brand ratings
  • quality formulas and sourcing of proven ingredients, Made in the USA in GMP-certified facility
  • dosage, potency and detailed instructions for using the product
  • accuracy and Transparency of the supplement facts label
  • verifiable third-party independent lab test results
  • return policy, money-back guarantee, no tricky free trial offers
  • not being marketed as seen on TV, i.e. Shark Tank, Dr. Oz or celebrity-endorsed

Cutting through the clutter of these various potential growth hormone tactics found online, it is wise to use a common-sense approach when researching the formula and ingredients of hundreds of available products on the market that promise to do all sorts of wonderful things for your size, stamina and testosterone levels. The following list is based on dozens of hours of research, analyzing each brand's product formula, ingredients and potency.

Knowing what to look for in the top sexual health performance enhancers on the market in 2023 is more than half the battle, so this section is not to be undermined or under emphasized. If you are going to take a male enhancement supplement, then you want to know what the best male enhancement pills are. What should you look for?

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things to examine when choosing your male enhancement supplement. We want to know whether real customers were happy with the results they experienced. While everyone will process a supplement and the ingredients differently, it will reflect the product's overall success.

It is essential to look at reviews from customers that purchased and tried the product. In this review, we will look at each supplement alongside genuine reviews that we have found regarding the product. Examining their experience can give a better picture of what you should expect.


The ingredients also reflect its effectiveness. We look into whether the elements have been through clinical trials and whether the clinical trials support the claims made by the product manufacturer.

In addition, we also look for all-natural ingredients. Sticking to all-natural ingredients is often all our bodies need to make the internal changes necessary for better sexual performance. After all, our ancestors have been using many of these ingredients for centuries to boost performance.

Natural ingredients also mean a low risk of adverse side effects; a prescription will not be required to purchase the product.

Reliable Manufacturer

A reliable manufacturer is essential when choosing the best male enhancement pills. We only look at manufacturers that offer complete transparency and follow government regulations in their manufacturing process. This ensures a safe, reliable, and clean product.

Money-Back Guarantee

While it might not seem like a lot, a money-back guarantee is essential for male enhancement supplements. If a company offers a full refund on its product, it expresses its confidence in its effectiveness. Nobody willingly sells products that don't work when they know they must return 100% of the money. A confident manufacturer says a lot about the product.

These are just a few things we look into when choosing the best male enhancement pills. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. This makes it easy to get bogged down in the finer details of all the different supplements available. But that's where we come in. We have narrowed the search to the ten best male enhancement pills for you. Without further ado, let's learn about these orgasm-enhancing, mind-blowing products.

Best Male Enhancement Pills to Boost Sexual Performance

Male enhancement supplements have rapidly grown in popularity after the rise of prescription drug Viagra, offering an alternative to the medication with natural ingredients that aim to help consumers get these effects as well. The formulas offer a combination of these ingredients to promote better sexual performance with dopamine boosts, nitric oxide increases, and increasing energy to last longer. While there are so many male enhancement pills to buy from Amazon, Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens or even every corner store and gas station; how do you find the best natural male enlargement supplements in 2023?

The team here, as hopefully you can see by our extensive introduction and research, rolled up our the sleeves and reviewed the top natural male performance enhancers in 2023. Check out some of the products catered towards ‘penile elongation' on the market right now and determine if these natural alternatives are the right option for your personal needs.

The Best Male Enhancement Pills With Highest Customer Satisfaction

  • Erectin
  • VigRX Plus
  • Semenax
  • VigRX Organic Bio Maca
  • ExtenZe
  • Volume Pills
  • VigRX Nitric Oxide
  • VigRX Tongkat Ali
  • Magna RX
  • Prosolution +

#1 Highest Customer Satisfaction—Erectin

Erectin came in at the top of our list for various reasons. This male enhancement supplement supports men feeling slightly disappointed between the sheets lately.

Erectin helps increase blood flow to the penis, giving you firmer erections. It also lets you last longer in bed, giving you more control over each orgasm. The boosted testosterone levels and increased stamina in the bedroom help increase orgasm intensity.

Why Erectin Passes The Test

Erectin stands out as the best male enhancement pill for several reasons. Here are some benefits that come along with choosing this supplement over others available:

Clinically Proven Ingredients. The ingredients found in Erectin have been studied extensively to evaluate their effectiveness and safety. The conclusion is that this formula genuinely works. Erectin uses only natural ingredients that are clinically proven to help testosterone levels, erection quality, and libido, among other sex-related issues.

High Rates Of Customer Satisfaction. Erectin is one of the most popular male enhancement supplements out there. Positive customer reviews are all over the internet, the website, and other online sources for the product. Most people have experienced life-changing results at a low cost.

Reliable, Transparent Manufacturer. Erectin comes from a trustworthy and transparent manufacturer. The manufacturer shares all ingredient information, dosages, and guarantees at full disclosure to the customer.

Advanced Absorption Technology. Erectin uses a unique “EC” coating that helps the supplement get through your body quickly and efficiently. In addition, Erectin uses a black pepper extract in its formula that helps support bioavailability levels within the body. This means your body is absorbing more of the supplement for optimal results.

Money-Back Guarantee. Erectin comes with a complete 67-day money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied with the product, you can return it within 67 days for a full refund. This allows you to try the product with no financial risk.

Easy To Take, Easy To Order. The Erectin formula and dosage keep things relatively simple. You won't be bogged down with a handful of pills to take throughout the day. You start with one or two capsules daily, and you can gradually increase your dosage to four daily for maximum results. You can reduce your quantity to one or two if four a day proves too strong.

cGMP-Certified. This means that Erectin manufacturers follow the same guidelines that the top pharmaceutical companies follow. You are getting a top-quality product without the hassle of a prescription or high cost.

Erectin doesn't just pass the test; it does so with flying colors. This male enhancement supplement uses clinically proven ingredients entirely safe for long-term use. It also comes with outstandingly high levels of customer satisfaction.

What Do Customers Say About Erectin?

Erectin is a popular male enhancement supplement choice for men worldwide. There are a lot of positive reviews on this product from real men that experienced actual results. Seeing these testimonials helps support the effectiveness of the product.

This customer has nothing but positive things to say had nothing but positive things to say about his experience:

“I’ve noticed an increase in erection size and longer-lasting sex drive. Better yet, my orgasm has just started to explode like I was twenty years old again! My girlfriend is also amazed at how long our sex lasts now, and more than just once a week…” -Patrick M.

Another customer claimed:

“I started using Erectin 6 weeks ago and I love the results already. I’m 56 years old with a wife 14 years younger than me and I felt my sexual performance was lacking some. Since I’ve started taking Erectin, my sex has improved 10X over. The hardness and satisfaction is nothing short of amazing… and my wife couldn’t agree more. I will be a lifetime customer!” -David D.

There is no shortage of reviews like this about Erectin. This reflects most men's overwhelming success when trying out this product. When it comes to all-natural supplements, you can't beat these positive statements.

Where To Buy Erectin

You can purchase Erectin directly from their website — no need to worry about an embarrassing trip to the pharmacy or drugstore. No need to worry about anyone knowing you are even looking at male enhancement supplements. You can order it straight from the source, where you will also find good deals.

#2 Best Customer Results—VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus rightfully earned the second spot on our list. This male enhancement supplement also has a never-ending list of happy customers who experienced life-changing results. In addition, the VigRX brand and manufacturer are reliable and well-educated in male enhancement-related issues.

VigRX Plus promises to supercharge the libido, so you'll be in the mood much more frequently. Not only will you crave the explosive finish, but that explosive finish will be like never before. This supplement gives you harder erections, more stamina, and more control for better orgasms.

Why VigRX Plus Passes The Test

VigRX Plus is one of the best male enhancement pills on the market. This supplement can genuinely deliver on its promises, and the customer reviews only help support this fact. Here are some benefits that come with choosing VigRX Plus as your male enhancement supplement:

  • Clinically Tested Formula: VigRX Plus has tested every single one of the ingredients. The results yielded fantastic results. This supplement is effective and entirely safe for use.
  • Great Customer Testimonials: VigRX Plus has many positive testimonials, as do all the products on the list. VigRX Plus does stand out slightly above most male enhancement supplements because of its loyal following and rapid results.
  • Name Brand Quality: VigRX has a line of male enhancement products representing what every man wants and needs. This brand is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all men, and it does so by offering effective choices.
  • Ingredients For Additional Absorption: VigRX Plus also includes a black pepper extract to enhance supplement absorption into the body. This aids in the overall effectiveness of the product.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: VigRX Plus comes with a complete money-back guarantee. You can try out the product for a bit. If it is not up to your satisfaction, you can return the product within 67 days for a full refund.
  • Easy To Take, Easy To Order: You only need to take one pill twice daily for full results. VigRX Plus makes it incredibly easy to step up your game with this optimal dosage formula.
  • cGMP-Certified: Every product on the list will be cGMP-Certified because this represents much about the company and the product. You can feel confident receiving a standard-grade product by following all guidelines.

There's absolutely no doubt that VigRX Plus passes the test. This VigRX product is a high-quality option for any man seeking to turn his sex life around.

VigRX Plus deserves second because its bullet-proof formula delivers astonishing results. But that isn't the only reason, of course. They follow all necessary guidelines to give you rock-hard, steel-like erections and a spiked libido.

What Do Customers Say About VigRX Plus?

You might be hard-pressed to find a negative review about VigRX Plus. Most testimonials about this male enhancement supplement have nothing but good things to say about it and their experience.

One customer shared their experience:

“I tried this product because my sex drive was lacking and I could barely get my soldier to stand at attention. This product is great, however, it takes a couple of weeks to build up. But when it does, you will get everything you want out of it.” Alfonso S.

Another customer made some steep claims about their experience:

“This product kicked in almost right away. I am new to the male enhancement supplement market and was just blown away by the results. My wife was too. We’ve been having a lot of trouble recently, and this was a complete game-changer for us and our sex life.” -Matthew R.

Customer satisfaction remains high for VigRX Plus, one of the biggest reasons it has earned such a high spot on today's list. When others are this happy, we know it is a good product with actual results. If the reviews reflect the product's effectiveness, there should be no doubt about VigRX Plus.

Where To Buy VigRX Plus

You can purchase VigRX Plus directly from their website. It is a safe, secure option for making a purchase. Only high-quality ingredients are in the product, so there is no need to worry about anything.

#3 Highest Customer Satisfaction—Semenax

Semenax is one of the most popular male enhancement supplements for orgasm intensity. Semenax targets orgasm intensity specifically by increasing semen quality and quantity. Ejaculating like a porn star effectively makes each of those orgasms feel like never before.

This male enhancement supplement also includes a unique blend of herbal ingredients to target testosterone levels, a healthy reproductive system, and libido-boosting ingredients. This formula has been perfected for maximum intensity, and positive customer reviews prove it.

Why Semenax Passes The Test

Semenax is a top-rated orgasm-intensifying supplement for just cause. This is one of the best male enhancement pills on the market if you are ready to take your cum levels to the next stage, satisfying you and your partner. Here are some additional advantages that come along with Semenax:

  • Safe and Effective Ingredients.
  • Customer Reviews Raving About Semen Quality.
  • Professional and Reliable Manufacturer.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cGMP-Certified.

Semenax follows all standards to a tee. Like the other supplements on the list, Semenax takes no shortcuts. These are just a few reasons Semenax is a top-shelf product.

What Do Customers Say About Semenax?

Most people who have left reviews for Semenax have nothing but positive things to say. A common denominator between reviews is that it is a relatively fast-acting supplement. It would be best if you did not have to wait months for results.

One customer reviewed Semenax saying:

“The results from Semenax were even more astonishing than I had imagined. Not only am I cumming harder than ever before, but I also have so much more energy for sex. It would be an understatement to say that my partner has been pleased with the results too.” -Garrett D.

Another customer warns that the results are almost too impressive:

“Only take Semenax if you are ready to be dripping all the time. That being said, it is so worth it. I have had the absolute best sex of my life ever since I started taking Semenax daily.” -Scotty D.

Where To Buy Semenax

If you are satisfied with the reviews and want to experience Semenax, you can find it directly on their website. And going off of reviews, you wouldn't be disappointed with this decision.

#4 Highest Customer Satisfaction—VigRX Organic Bio Maca

We have another VigRX product making it high on our list today. VigRX is a reputable manufacturer that has truly mastered the art of male satisfaction. VigRX Organic Bio Maca stands out because it relies almost entirely on the natural ingredient, Maca.

Maca works magic on sex intensity, drive, and erection quality. But that isn't where it stops. Maca is also linked to many health factors, such as reducing stress and improving memory and overall mood. It is an excellent ingredient to address male performance from many different angles.

Why VigRX Organic Bio Maca Passes The Test

VigRX Organic Bio Maca relies on a simple formula that has been tried and true throughout time. Maca has been used for centuries, and we love the outstanding results that are associated with it. Here are some additional benefits that make VigRX Organic Bio Maca one of the best male enhancement pills out there:

  • Simple and Reliable Formula.
  • Known Brand.
  • Provides Additional Health Benefits In Addition To Sexual Performance.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cGMP-Certified.

VigRX Organic Bio Maca is an excellent solution for any man looking to improve his overall quality of life. Not only does Maca work magic on sexual performance, but it also can enhance the quality of living in several other aspects. If you are ready to boost your mood, mental health, and performance, this supplement is for you.

What Do Customers Say About VigRX Organic Bio Maca?

While VigRX Organic Bio Maca isn't quite as popular and well-known as some of our supplements on the list, that does not diminish its quality. Most people just aren't aware of the powerful effects of this Peruvian herb.

One customer states:

“I’ve heard so much recently about using Maca as a remedy for all sorts of things. When I started having trouble in the bedroom, I stumbled across this supplement and thought I’d give it a go. It did just as I thought. Sex was better, my mood was better, and my work quality drastically improved.” -Miller S.

Another customer was equally satisfied with the power of Maca:

“I couldn’t come up with enough praise for this product. I was only taking it for about a week before I started noticing a significant improvement in my performance. Sometimes I haven’t been able to stop myself. I love this product!” -John F.

Overall, customers have been thrilled with this product. They are also quick to point out that not only does it improve erection quality, stamina, and desire, but also several other areas of their lives.

Where To Buy VigRX Organic Bio Maca

If you're ready to join the long list of men giving Maca a try, you can find VigRX Organic Bio Maca on the Leading Edge Health official website. This website is an excellent source for many health supplements for men.

#5 Highest Customer Satisfaction—ExtenZe

With over a billion pills sold, no list would exist without ExtenZe. This top-rated male enhancement supplement targets overall penis performance and appearance. By increasing blood flow to the penis, your erections will be firmer and ampler than ever imagined.

ExtenZe uses an all-natural formula to maximize nitric oxide supply and blood flow to the penis. This formula also includes natural libido-enhancing ingredients and testosterone supporters.

Why ExtenZe Passes The Test

ExtenZe is one of the best male enhancement pills that certainly does not disappoint. This is a classic option for any man seeking improved sexual performance and libido. Reviews for this product are through the roof. This is not surprising, considering this supplement's popularity among men of all ages. Here are some additional benefits of choosing ExtenZe as your supplement:

  • Loaded with Natural, Effective Ingredients.
  • Popular Choice Among All Men.
  • Well-Known Manufacturer.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cGMP-Certified.

ExtenZe checks all the boxes we look for when choosing a male enhancement supplement. It is an effective supplement, offers a full money-back guarantee, and follows all government regulations to guarantee quality.

What Do Customers Say About ExtenZe?

It's no surprise, given how popular ExtenZe is, it comes with a long list of positive testimonials. According to the reviews, this supplement takes slightly longer to kick in. However, all-in-all, there are few disappointed with the results.

One customer said about their experience:

“It did take a little longer to kick in. Maybe about two months or so until I started to notice more results. But boy was those results extreme. Not only has it improved my sex life, but it has given me more energy! I’ve been taking it for over a year now and the results just keep getting better” -Stanley J.

Another customer had a similarly positive experience:

“It took a little while for me to notice results, but when I did, I knew it was worth the wait. I can’t say enough good things about ExtenZe and just how much it has improved my relationship. I’d recommend this supplement to any man out there.” -Corey R.

Overall, people tend to be very happy with ExtenZe. They notice rock-hard erections, more stamina in the bedroom, and significantly more sexual drive. While, according to reviews, it does take a little longer to kick in, almost all customers have said it was worth the wait.

Where To Buy ExtenZe

If you think ExtenZe might be worth the wait for you, you can order it directly from their website. They offer some excellent deals, including free international shipping with some packages.

#6 Highest Customer Satisfaction—Volume Pills

Volume Pills is one of the best male enhancement pills with high customer satisfaction rates. This male enhancement supplement is another supplement that includes a well-rounded formula that significantly increases semen volume.

Volume Pills uses unique ingredients, like Trihydroxyflavone and Tian Men Dong, to increase total semen volume and overall reproductive health. This supplement also contains ingredients to aid sexual performance and testosterone levels. Volume Pills is a good option for any man looking to escalate orgasm intensity with pornstar-quality cum loads.

Why Volume Pills Passes The Test

Volume Pills is one of the best male enhancement supplements because of its effective formula and high customer satisfaction. While this isn't the most popular supplement on the market, it still has many advantages that allow it to stand out.

  • Stacked, All-Natural Formula.
  • Safe and Effective Option.
  • Trustworthy Manufacturer.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cGMP-Certified.

Volume Pills also offers a complete money-back guarantee, making it a relatively risk-free option. This guarantee allows you to try the product out and return it within 67 days for any reason if you are unsatisfied.

What Do Customers Say About Volume Pills?

Even though they offer a solid money-back guarantee, most customers seem to have been more than satisfied with their results. Customer satisfaction remains high with Volume Pills. This supplement has garnered a relatively loyal following through the years.

One customer claimed after a couple of months of trial:

“Cumming like there is no tomorrow, having the time of my life. Girlfriend loves it!” -Naudeep M.

Another customer agreed about the significant cum loads brought about by Volume Pills:

“Very satisfied with results, I’m 49 and frequently active with my girlfriend. It's nice to know that at my age I can still count on having a nice load.” -Anthony W.

Overall, customer testimonials express the effectiveness of the cum size increase and orgasm intensity. Customer satisfaction reveals a high success rate for men of all ages.

Where To Buy Volume Pills

If you are ready to boost cum load, reproductive health, and sexual performance like never before, you can head to Volume Pills' official website to order for yourself. This product is relatively affordable, and the friendly website makes ordering easy.

#7 Highest Customer Satisfaction—VigRX Nitric Oxide

VigRX Nitric Oxide is on our list because of its efficiency and high satisfaction levels. This male enhancement supplement focuses primarily on boosting nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide allows the muscle tissues to relax, increasing blood flow. More blood flow to the penis means harder and bigger erections.

The primary goal of VigRX Nitric Oxide is to ramp up blood flow to the penis, leading to more intense orgasms accompanied by harder erections. This is a superb choice for any man looking for a simple yet effective formula to boost sexual performance.

Why VigRX Nitric Oxide Passes The Test

VigRX is a well-known and reputable brand that produces high-quality supplements for men of all ages. VigRX Nitric Oxide stands out as one of the best because it relies heavily on two simple ingredients clinically proven to enhance arousal and performance. Here are the benefits of choosing VigRX Nitric Oxide:

  • Simple and Effective Formula.
  • Safe For Long-Term Use.
  • Promotes Muscle Recovery.
  • Trustworthy Manufacturer.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cGMP-Certified.

VigRX Nitric Oxide has mastered the art of firmer erections. Besides this benefit, it is also proven to benefit memory, muscle recovery, and overall stamina. VigRX Nitric Oxide has a long list of benefits that have not disappointed the customers.

What Do Customers Say About VigRX Nitric Oxide?

There is overwhelming support for VigRX Nitric Oxide. Most reviews highlight the extreme difference found in their erections. And many men point out the relatively fast-acting nature of the formula.

One reviewer said:

“I thought it would take a lot longer to kick in, but I swear I could notice significant results in like a week. My erections are so much bigger than ever before and I have so much more energy throughout the day.” -Tony B.

Another reviewer had similar results:

“Absolutely outstanding results! I went with nitric oxide support because I heard it was a key player in erection strength, and I was not disappointed! I’d recommend VigRX Nitric Oxide support to anyone!” -Troy R.

The consensus around VigRX Nitric Oxide is overwhelmingly positive. Men are happy with their results and notice the results relatively quickly. This is why VigRX Nitric Oxide made the list today.

Where To Buy VigRX Nitric Oxide

If you want to give this supplement a go, you can find it on the Leading Edge Health official website. For different options, you can also browse the other VigRX brand supplements on their website.

#8 Highest Customer Satisfaction—VigRX Tongkat Ali

We are sticking with the VigRX brand for another moment here. VigRX Tongkat Ali is one of the best male enhancement pills to maximize sexual and athletic performance. This supplement relies mainly on the ingredient Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali is proven to increase libido and testosterone levels and improve athletic performance. This is an excellent option for any man looking to achieve significant results, both in the bedroom and the gym.

Why VigRX Tongkat Ali Passes The Test

VigRX Tongkat Ali has received some high praise recently as more and more information becomes available about their crucial ingredient, Tongkat Ali. This ingredient is full of nutrients that aid the body's function to top performance. Here are the advantages of choosing VigRX Tongkat Ali:

  • Clinically Proven Formula.
  • Aids in Sexual and Athletic Performance.
  • Trustworthy Manufacturer.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cGMP-Certified.

VigRX Tongkat Ali shares all the same advantages of the best male enhancement supplements. It's a safe, easy, and reliable supplement that can fit into any daily routine with no trouble.

What Do Customers Say About VigRX Tongkat Ali?

While VigRX Tongkat Ali is not as well-known as some male enhancement supplements on the list, there is no shortage of positive reviews on behalf of the magic of Tongkat Ali. This male enhancement supplement has also received glowing reviews from men of all ages.

One man wrote in his review:

“I’ve been taking VigRX Tongkat Ali for a while and could not recommend it enough. Not only has it made sex so much better, but it also affects my gym results. I love Tongkat Ali!” -Trinity R.

Another reviewer shared his positive experience:

“I’ve tried so many different male enhancement pills, and this was by far the best one. Almost immediately, I noticed a big increase in sexual drive, as well as improvements with my gym sets. I’d recommend this for all gym rats or men wanting to please their partner better.” -Andrew G.

Overall, the reviews for VigRX Tongkat Ali are positively glowing. No adverse side effects have been associated with this supplement, both in a short-term and long-term commitment. Many people point out that it becomes more effective the longer you take it. This is no surprise as your body adjusts and adapts to the nutrients in the supplement.

Where To Buy VigRX Tongkat Ali

To boost sexual and physical performance, you can find VigRX Tongkat Ali on the Leading Edge Health official website. They guarantee that you receive only high-quality ingredients and offer a complete money-back guarantee.

#9 Highest Customer Satisfaction—Magna RX

Magna RX is on our list because of its outstanding customer reviews and unique formula. This male enhancement supplement aims to maximize erection strength, increase libido, and intensify orgasms. It utilizes a stacked formula with ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, Catuaba Bark, and Asian Ginseng.

Each ingredient is specifically chosen to increase sexual performance and give you immense desire and energy.

Why Magna RX Passes The Test

Magna RX is one of the best male enhancement pills for men seeking refuge in booty-shaking orgasms. This male enhancement supplement successfully maximizes blood flow to the penis for the optimal experience. Here are some other advantages of Magna RX:

  • Ingredients Backed By Science.
  • Trustworthy Manufacturer.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cGMP-Certified.

Like other supplements on the list, Magna RX follows all safety guidelines in production to guarantee a quality finish. In addition, they offer a money-back guarantee for anyone that may doubt the extreme results.

What Do Customers Say About Magna RX?

Customer satisfaction remains high for Magna RX, which is one of the reasons it made the list today. Magna RX has fulfilled the dreams and desires of many men that have experimented with it.

One customer said:

“I’ve read about Magna RX+® in Maxim Magazine and thought I’d give it a try. WOW! My sex life has improved so much it’s amazing. I used to have very little stamina. One pop a day for me and I was through. No longer! I keep coming back for more and my girlfriend loves it.” -Larry S.

Another reviewer had a similar experience:

“Just wanted to tell you people about the wonderful results I’ve got using Magna RX+®. Simply Amazing! Especially in my attitude towards women. I know I’m capable of satisfying any woman, so it makes it so much easier to approach a woman at a club, or anywhere for that matter.” -Kyle T.

After reading reviews of this product, the consensus is that it works relatively quickly. This is an excellent option for any man looking to enhance sex by making it happen more frequently, with more intense orgasms.

Where To Buy Magna RX

If you want this little magic pill, you can order your supply through their official website. They guarantee only high-quality ingredients for a high-quality product. They also offer discounts and promotions when purchasing in bulk.

#10 Highest Customer Satisfaction—Prosolution +

Prosolution + barely makes it on the list as #10, but that does not mean this is not a viable option. While it may come at the end of the list, Prosolution + still stands out above many male enhancement supplements.

Prosolution + is an all-natural herbal remedy for any man facing problems related to libido, stamina, and erection strength. This male enhancement supplement aims to spike libido through natural aphrodisiac ingredients, improve erections by maximizing nitric oxide flow to the penis, and support healthy testosterone levels.

Why Prosolution + Passes The Test

Prosolution + made our list because of its high customer satisfaction rate, thorough formula, and production by a reliable manufacturer. This supplement can deliver on its promise. And while it isn't as popular as previous supplements on the list, it also deserves recognition. Here are some advantages that come along with Prosolution +:

  • Nine Ingredient Power Formula.
  • Clinically Proven Results.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cGMP-Certified.

Prosolution +, like all supplements discussed today, checks all the boxes. It follows safe guidelines to guarantee a high-quality product. It offers a money-back guarantee that allows customers to purchase and try it risk-free. Finally, it uses historically successful ingredients supported by scientific trials.

What Do Customers Say About Prosolution +?

Customers and internet users all around express an overwhelmingly positive reaction to Prosolution +. While it may not be the most potent male enhancement supplement, it still has a loyal customer base that has received positive results.

One customer on their website kept the review simple and sweet:

“This is a really great product I have used for six months. It works and my girlfriend is very happy and satisfied.” -Darryl S.

Another happy customer left a slightly more detailed review online:

“My friend recommended Prosolution Pills to me after he had an overwhelming experience with it. I was doubtful at first, but figured I’d give it a try since I had been having some performance problems. Those problems went out the door entirely, after only about a month of taking this supplement. I’ve taken it every day since!” -Christian F.

Overall, customer satisfaction remains high for Prosolution +. No reported adverse side effects are found, just positive testimonials. While most reviewed that it took about a month to notice results, some did say it took longer.

Where To Buy Prosolution +

If Prosolution +, and its ability to strengthen erections and increase stamina, caught your eye, you can purchase it on the Leading Edge Health official website. This isn't the only product on our list today from this source. Leading Edge Health is a top health supplement provider for both men and women.

Now that we have researched, reviewed and ranked the top 20 best performance pills for men's sexual health, let's analyze the million dollar question:

What Are Male Enhancement Supplements?

If you want to rock your partner's socks off with mind-blowing orgasms, you are in the right place. You aren't alone if you've noticed a steady decline in sexual abilities and overall desire over the years. This happens as we age. However, men worldwide have discovered the hidden secret to preventing this lackluster desire.

Male enhancement supplements help get you in the mood, optimize your overall performance, and help you achieve bigger and better erections. These supplements are the solution to all bedroom-related issues any man is facing.

But that brings about the next question. What are the best male enhancement pills out there? To help answer this question, we will delve into the top ten male enhancement supplements on the market. Erectin stands above all other male enhancement supplements we examined, but we also have some other popular options on the list.

The best male enhancement pills use age-old, all-natural ingredients to give the body the necessary nutrients and minerals to get back on track. These ingredients, ranging from Maca to Horny Goat Weed to Zinc, have been used for centuries to help aid male sexual performance and fertility.

Male enhancement supplements are easy to take, have a low risk of side effects, and require little additional work. They are deemed an easy-out for men craving to step up their overall performance in the bedroom.

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

It's the 800 pound gorilla in the room. A grandiose question in the male enhancement equation is “will a pill actually enlarge the penis and improve its performance”? While the instant effects and permanent results pipe dream may lead the ‘fix erectile dysfunction' headlines, most men's sexual health products lack solid proof and efficacy. Often times, many of these piss-poor pills rely on the placebo effect at play actually helping rather than the ingredients and formulas put forth by so many below-average companies and brands.

The supplement industry is filled with various supplements that promise to improve the size of the user’s manhood. Pumps, weights, pills, and even surgeries suggest that they are capable of improving girth and length, but how reliable are these methods?

As touched on above, realistically, the scientific support is minimal at best, and there’s no medical organization that presently endorses surgery from a cosmetic standpoint. Instead of wondering how long does it take for a male enhancement pill to kick in and last, the main question is will they actually work to enlarge your manly member and boost your performance?

From a broader perspective, the World Health Organization (WHO) has a standalone sexual health definition:

“…a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. For sexual health to be attained and maintained, the sexual rights of all persons must be respected, protected and fulfilled.”

Telling insight that all men should adhere to when contemplating the male enhancement topic. In order to review if male enhancement pills work, let's research the potential benefits of men's sexual health pills to know what to look for in terms of safety, effectiveness and results.

How To Know If You Need A Male Enhancement Supplement

Do you suffer from erectile difficulties? Have you noticed a decline in your overall interest in sex? Do you dream of harder and bigger erections? Do you feel like you don't satisfy your partner enough?

Male enhancement supplements can benefit your life if you answer yes to any of those questions. These supplements are designed for any man of any age who wants to boost his overall performance through various methods. Here are some benefits of taking a male enhancement supplement:

  • Harder erections that look and feel better.
  • More sexual desire.
  • Increased stamina for better sexual performance.
  • Improved reproductive health.
  • Boosted testosterone levels.
  • More blood flow and relaxed muscles for peak performance.

If you are looking to make any of these changes in your sexual health and performance, then a male enhancement supplement is an easy and affordable option to get there.

Male Enhancement vs Men's Performance Enlargement

As it stands today, male enhancement references the performance and size of his dipstick vs the well-being of his body's overall health. In time this will surely change, but there seems to be two camps or sides of the coin when it comes to “what is male enhancement” in today's culture. There is the A. side and B. side:

A) performance (wellness status of a man's most prized organ, erection quality, libido, etc)
B) size (adding extra inches etc)

The first, which is much more important in the grand scale of things; is all about having healthy blood flow, hormonal circulation and maintaining ‘rock-hard' solid status throughout arousal activities like intimate foreplay or intercourse.

The second, which right now, the term male enhancement is largely associated with ‘penis enlargement' more than any other phrase – when in reality – could zoom out and shift to a man's overall health and wellness enhancement meaning first and foremost versus the hardcore-nature of Ron Jeremy-advertised email inbox spam marketing claims of adding two to three inches by next weekend.

For a moment, men specifically, imagine that Advanced Living were synonymous with Male Enhancement. Obviously, advanced is enhanced and living as a man. In an effort to marry the two phrases and merge them together to form our ‘Advanced Living male enhancement guide', we wanted to go the extra inch and not only review the best male enhancement pills, but address the core elements of how to truly enhance a man's body, performance and sexual health. We figured why not both, get the best of both worlds to use as a quality resource to complement a list of the top-ranked sexual performance products of this year.

Depending on where you are on the spectrum of erectile dysfunction or even desired erection size goals, Advanced Living's Male Enhancement guide would like to introduce a third camp into the male enhancement formula equation and stack it as a functional healing modality along side the size and performance seekers. And that is:

3. Sexual Medicine

Now, the expression sexual medicine is not new (what is under the bright and beautiful sun?), but when stacked in comparison to the size and performance effects of male enhancement, it tends to stand out in a more organic healing way. Defined as a medical specialty dealing with sexual health, it encompasses all aspects that relate to sexuality as well as the human body's ability to perform the act of intercourse.

Whether physical, emotional or mental, sexual medicine is often the missing ingredient for so many men around the world dealing with erectile dysfunction, impotency and low libido levels.

Advanced Living likes to think of sexual medicine as the blend of male enhancement and sexology, where emphasis is put on the wellness of the whole system versus thinking a M.E. pill will work magic for size and performance while nothing else changes. The term sexual medicine starts to put the spotlight on overall health and wellbeing, where the body's system of systems starts working synergistically and produces the euphoric effects of performing optimally.

Benefits of Using Male Enhancement Supplements?

The use of male enhancement supplements has been primarily linked to the increase in sexual performance and has frequently helped with the reduction in blood pressure levels. The use of ingredients like capsaicin is helpful in promoting proper blood flow through the rest of the body. In doing so, it is easy for men to use these ingredients and these supplements to reduce hypertension and reduce inflammation in the joints.

Nitric oxide production is a huge part of these supplements, as it helps the man’s erection to become engorged with blood to increase its size. As testosterone levels decrease over time, it becomes harder to reach this level of arousal naturally. The use of these ingredients helps to create a more youthful climate to allow men to rekindle their younger habits with ingredients that are meant to stimulate these natural processes.

That’s not to say that these supplements could come with some side effects. For instance, most of these formulas aren’t nearly as effective as a medication. Furthermore, some ingredients can cause stomach issues, skin issues, and changes in the urine. One of the biggest concerns for these products is the potential to interact with some medications, though it varies from product to product. Speak with a doctor for a more personal discussion on the designated formula.

Based on how successful these products have been, male supplements will likely see long-term use, and anyone that decides to integrate them into their daily routine should do their research. However, the twenty supplements may be an ideal place to start researching and reviewing.

Dr. Oz on Male Enhancement and Sexual Health

As for the fellow who was referenced above, about the penis as a man's dipstick gauge to his health – that was none other than famous celebrity TV-doctor, Dr. Oz. On his Doctor Oz show, he talked about penis health outside of the scope of lovemaking, saying it's important for making sure your entire body is working.

“The penis really is the dipstick of the body,” he says. “The penis tells you if everything's working, because if it's not working, the odds are stuff inside of you is not functioning the way it's supposed to be.” […] “To know if everything's functioning, you need to know an erection works. First, arteries leading to the penis open up and they let the blood rush in and it engorges the penis. “But something else happens that is really subtle,” […] “What drains the penis are these very thin veins. They get squeezed off so the penis can't let the blood come out again. That's why it gets big and hard and stays that way.”

Further adding:

“If it’s not able to get erect, it’s a reflection that the cells that allow blood to engorge that organ aren’t working in other parts of the body; they’re not working in your kidneys, not working in your heart, your brain, your skin — there are lots of issues going on.” […] “When people are not embarrassed but thoughtful about what this signal is, then, you know, people find solutions.”

These doctor-approved insights have stood the test of time since making them in 2013.

The Science Behind Male Enhancement Pills

Male supplements are relatively easy to purchase and are sold both online and in stores. The Food and Drug Administration has stated previously that these supplements are often filled with natural alternatives to the ingredients found in medications like Viagra and Cialis. In some cases, the supplements are made with exactly the ingredients found in those drugs, or they contain altered versions unapproved by the FDA. This authority doesn’t regulate supplements in the same what it regulates medications.

More often than not, these supplements are created by overseas manufacturers, and the distributors in the United States don’t particularly care or know what’s in the products. When it comes to using Viagra, Cialis, or any of the other medications on the market, medical supervision is needed. Without this type of supervision, some people don’t watch out for the side effects that are fairly common with their use. Untested versions are even riskier, and their side effects are unpredictable.

Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School who has done his fair share of research on these supplements, stated,

“Since the FDA can find the Viagra in the pills relatively quickly if they’re looking for it, that’s when [manufacturers] start playing with the chemical formula and coming up with dozens and dozens of brand new chemicals that have never been tested in humans. You can have a medication that is very safe and effective, but if you just make a slight adjustment to the chemical structure, it becomes a dangerous compound.”

There are many supplements that have “hidden drug ingredients,” but these products likely only are a “small fraction” of what the market has. However, there’s also the worry that dangerous chemicals are involved. In a shipment that was analyzed by the US Customs and Border Protection, high levels of lead were found. A case in Singapore in 2008, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that there was a male enhancement pill taken that contained high levels of glyburide, a diabetes drug. Of the people that took it, a total of 150 men came down with severe hypoglycemia, while four died. Dr. Cohen remarked,

“We’ve already had multiple deaths from these kinds of products, and I’m afraid there’s going to be more because of this complete recklessness with which manufacturers are putting new drugs into sex supplements.”

The FDA issued warnings to consumers in regard to Cave Diver and Super Cheetah supplements, which are both distributed by Boscolini LLC in Chicago. The FDA stated that these supplements contained an active ingredient that is found in Viagra. Founder of Boscolini, Safa Moayyed, stated that the company was started when he used years’ worth of savings at a time when “the market was hot” for these kinds of products. He used a Chinese supplier on and struck a deal. However, when the FDA got involved, his company ended, and he was unable to reach the company any longer.

The market continues to evolve, and not every company is caught as quickly as this. When looking through the ingredients involved in any of these products, consumers should make sure they do their research, and pay attention to any missing details. If there are labels that mention there are ingredients beyond what is listed, be apprehensive.

FDA Issuing Male Enhancement Pill Side Effects Warnings

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had a war on dietary male enhancement pills over the years. The authoritative government agency is known for policing the entire health and wellness supplement industry, and penis enlarging supplements are at the top of the list when it comes to helping censor and regulate the dietary nutritional product industry.

In the age of Internet porn and sex sells marketing methods, with countless warnings and startling amounts of sex pill recalls; the FDA put out a list of advertising gimmicks used by the makers and creators of these erectile dysfunction-curing products.

Here are the FDA's warnings about not buying male enhancement pills that promise the following claims:

  • Promise quick results (within 30 to 40 minutes)
  • Are advertised as alternatives to FDA-approved prescription drugs
  • Are sold in single servings
  • Advertise via spam or unsolicited e-mails
  • Have labels written primarily in a foreign language
  • Have directions and warnings that mimic FDA-approved products.

The head of FDA's Division of Dietary Supplement Programs, M. Daniel Dos Santos, Pharm.D., Ph.D., and FDA’s national health fraud coordinator, Gary Coody, R.Ph, have both respectively shared comments about “all-natural” and “herbal” alternatives versus the FDA-approved prescription drugs for ED treatment. They said:

“We're finding an alarming number of these products sold online and in retail stores. They're often sold in single-serving sizes in gas stations or vending machines. We've seen pills, coffees, chewing gum and dissolvable oral strips that contain hidden drug ingredients or untested chemicals,” […] “Consumers have no way of knowing which drugs or ingredients are actually in the product just by reading the ingredients on the label.” […] “Some of these products have as many as six different ingredients contained in FDA-approved prescription drugs and analog of those ingredients, which are similar compounds of the drugs. We don’t know what danger this poses because these combinations have never been studied before they’re sold to unsuspecting consumers.”

Pretty serious and impactful statements coming from the leaders within the FDA. In addition, OOC's Import-Export Team team leader, Huascar Batista, was on record about the FDA recalling, seizing and alerting the public about tainted herbal male enhancement pills stating:

“FDA is working closely with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to develop a more effective network to successfully screen and stop these shipments from entering U.S. commerce,” […] “FDA uses all of its enforcement powers—including warning letters, seizures, injunctions, import alerts, and criminal prosecution—to protect consumers against these products.”

Many of these so-called all-natural penis enhancement pills for men are contaminated with Viagra's Sildenafil, Levitra's Vardenafil or Cialis' Tadalafil as well. The FDA director for the Division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance, Michael Levy, also made a statement about the alarming number of suspect male enhancement products on the market:

“The number of these problematic products available on the Internet appears to be increasing.”

Types of Enlargement Products for Men

The Mayo Clinic states that the majority of the enlargement products on the market are “ineffective,” and some even pose a risk of long-term damage to the body. Here are some of the common products and techniques that the market promotes.

  • Pills and lotions, like vitamins, hormones, and other supplements, which are not proven to work
  • Vacuum pumps, which directs more blood supply into the shaft temporarily
  • Exercises, which are not scientifically proven
  • Stretching, which may help increase the length by up to two inches

We included the entire list above but these are the main ones circulating on the Internet and your inbox. But one important note is to touch on surgery, which is in a whole category in comparison to natural male enhancement products.

Surgical Solutions May Be Risky and Ineffective

For consumers that want to take a more aggressive and serious approach, surgery may be discussed as a possibility. There have been multiple studies on the way to surgically lengthen the shaft of a man's genitalia, discovering a range of different results for safety, efficacy, and even the satisfaction of the patient. Most of the time, this type of surgery is best for up to a centimeter of length when not erect, but it doesn’t really impact the length with an erection.

In the worst case, surgery can cause scarring or even loss of function and sensation. Still, surgeries are rare, and they are almost never performed without a birth defect or injury.

What Can Men Do?

Though supplements are seemingly the least invasive and the most likely to improve performance, it is unlikely that long-term changes in length could be impacted. Men who are concerned about their size should speak with their partner about igniting their sex life more effectively. If changes are needed, reducing belly fat can make the penis appear even longer, though it won’t change the natural size.

Improving a man’s size of his erection won’t really improve sexual prowess or even improve their own performance because only the man himself can change how he uses his body. Furthermore, it is likely that he may already be within the normal range, and there has yet to be a proven way to actually make an erection larger. Speak with a professional counselor if there is substantial concern still.

In fact, there is even a psychiatric diagnosis called ‘penile dysmorphic disorder' (the kind of perceptual distortion anorexics have when they believe they are fat regardless of how thin they are) that self-imposingly plagues men from all walks of life who now dwell inside the notion that ‘bigger is always better' and suffer from what is known as locker-room syndrome.

Let’s take a look at some important factors to consider, starting with what is normal for the male body.

Natural Penis Size: What's Normal?

We would reminisce if we did not research what exactly is normal and natural about a man's erection size.

Odds are, if you are reading this and wondering if your penis size is adequate – it is. Take a deep breath, relax and stop doubting your manhood and eliminate the uneasiness about your dipstick not being good enough to satisfy your sexual partner during intercourse.

The fear that a man doesn’t measure up to others of their age and body type is a fairly common concern. For that reason, it may come as a soothing fact to these men that individuals who worry about being too small often have fairly typical size erections, according to Mayo Clinic. There are also studies that suggest that many men think that the average size is actually much bigger and that a non-erect penis predicts the actual length while erect.

In fact, there is a condition called “penile dysmorphophobia” where men underestimate their own dick size while overestimating the average cock size of other men and believe they need some sort of penile rehabilitation in order to be acceptable.

In reality, the flaccid length has nothing to do with the erect length, so that size cannot be factored in when judging length. The normal size is considered to be five to six inches long, when erect, and a man only falls into the category of “abnormally small” if it reaches less than three inches long while fully erect which is a conditioned called micropenis. There are many advertisers that try to claim that the normal length is small in an effort to represent sexual partners, but this is a personal preference.

So where do most men get the narrative that their penis size isn't suitable nor optimal? Porn. Because male performers appearing in pornography are typically above average, many men believe this is the standard for what women crave and desire due to the acting found in the videos. In fact, one of the largest penis size studies ever conducted in the world found out that when over 3,000 men who were interested in penis enhancement were examined, they were under the impression and assumption that the average flaccid size (non-erect) was nearly 5 inches which are grossly overestimated. The research was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research in 2002 and found that a man with a 7-inch erect penis would be in the 99th percentile.

Even New York sex counselor and author of the book She Comes First, Ian Kerner, commented on the fantasy imaginations of a gargantuan penis and told WebMD:

“When it comes to penis size, being average is really where you want to be,” […] “Having a penis that's too big can be a much larger problem — pun unintended — than one that's too small.” […] “Size really doesn't matter nearly as much as being a good and creative lover,” […]  “How you use your brains, your hands, your mouth, and everything else — that's what counts in the bedroom.”

Wise words indeed!

FAQ on Male Enhancement Pills

This best-ranked male enhancement pill review throws a lot of information, insight and hopefully intelligence into a man's inner workings and the wheelhouse of sexual performance. Let's recap some of the most basic as well as advanced questions pertaining to male enhancement products:

What is the most effective male enhancement pill that works best?

With hundreds of products to choose from, the VigRX Plus male enhancement virility pill is the number one top-selling natural performance booster for men's sexual health. Made by Leading Edge Health and formulated by Dr. Steven Lamm, a company with a solid reputation of nearly 20 years of making wellness products, has created a doctor-recommended, clinically-proven male enhancement supplement is a tried and true product that works for optimal results with over 1.2 million boxes sold since 2007.

How do male enhancement supplements work?

In short, yes male enhancement pills work to boost sexual function but not when it comes to the outrageous overnight enlargement claims. The main method in which male enhancement pills produce noticeable results is by increasing blood flow through supplying potent dosages of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and proven ingredients. The formula for using male enhancement pills that actually work comes down to studying medical literature and uncovering scientific discoveries that show which aphrodisiacs, libido enhancers and natural erection precursors can actually boost nitric oxide and testosterone levels in men.

Can male enhancement pills cause erectile dysfunction?

The E.D. condition plagues men of all ages and walks of life. No man is immune to experiencing erectile dysfunction and most male enhancement pills are marketed to fix the problem, not add to its hindering complications. While most natural herbal alternatives will be free of harmful side effects that could assist in weaker erections, not all pills are created equally nor have been tested for accuracy and transparency of ingredients listed. In short, male enhancement products can further increase penile performance, which puts emphasis on buying clean, pure, high-quality pills even more.

When is the best time to take male enhancement pills?

Many men want to know the perfect time to take male enhancement pills in order to produce peak performance results and measure up optimally when the opportunity arises. Usually, no over the counter pill has a magical moment of suddenly working like a prescription medication drug does within 30-45 minutes. Herbal supplementation depends on several factors including; severity of nutrient deficiency, dosage potency, bodily absorption rate and of course supplement quality and integrity of ingredients. While most male enhancement pills are designed to be daily sexual health and performance products, common sense says to take at least one to two hours for the body to fully process the herbal stimulants and utilize the naturally boosting if you are trying to maximize the effects for the perfect climax.

How long will it take for male enhancement pills to kick in?

In essence, male sexual health pills are not overnight wonders or hour by hour performance enhancers. While most men expect fast results, depending on the scale of nutrient deficiency, poor dietary habits, subpar sleep cycles and overall lack of energy levels a man has will have a huge effect on how quick male enhancement pills take to kick in. Most natural pills contain safer formulas that should be taken each day so you stay ready when the time comes to perform optimally.

Can over the counter male enhancement pills boost sexual performance?

Yes, OTC male enhancement pills can improve sexual performance in men. While taking on much different approaches than prescription medications, naturally formulated over the counter products with herbs, vitamins and minerals that are scientifically-engineered to increase sexual drive, pleasure and performance are available to buy online. The attractiveness of using near-instantaneous effects of pharmaceutical drugs may seem optimal, but harsh side effects could shortly follow as soon as the ED medication subsides.

What are the most popular benefits of using male enhancement pills?

The biggest, most cherished health response men's bodies have to consuming a high quality male enhancement pill is increased blood flow and growth in physical penile performance. Healthy blood circulation can lead to optimal stamina, strength and sensitivity too. Along with prolonging endurance, there is also the beneficial hormonal effects of supercharging libido and testosterone levels which can lead to improved confidence, heightened passion and intimacy desire.

What are the most common side effects of taking male enhancement pills?

There are many dangerous male enhancement supplementation side effects to put on your radar. From a rise in body temperature to sweating, to headaches and facial flushing to nasal congestion and heartburn; there are many risky adverse reactions that can result from using sexual performance pills for men. While nausea and upset stomach can occur too, there are more serious implications such as hearing loss or ringing in the ears and visual changes to increased blood pressure or a racing heart rate to be cautious about too. Some men will even experience allergic reactions, diarrhea, light-headed dizziness and muscle aches if a low quality non-optimized dosage is consumed. And of course, the infamous television advertisement disclaimer of if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours, please call your doctor immediately.

What are the best ingredients to have in male enhancement capsules?

The most common active male enhancement ingredients come from a number of different herbal and botanical extractions. For men, whether boosting testosterone or nitric oxide levels, the most popular essential ingredients to look out for as the primary pieces to a working formula include; tongkat ali, zinc, maca, horny goat weed, L-arginine, L-citrulline, tribulus terrestris, selenium, cordyceps, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, fenugreek, saffron, DHEA, yohimbe, yerba mate, muira puama bark extract, catuaba bark powder, stinging nettle leaf, astragalus root, wild yam, deer antler, shilajit, hawthorn berry, polypodium vulgare, mucuna pruriens and beet root powder.

Where can I find honest reviews of male enhancement supplements?

The truth is, real male enhancement pill reviews are hard to come by online. While most men seeking to increase sexual performance and drive may search for written testimonials or even before and after pictures, the harsh reality of using male enhancement pills is no man wants to admit the dependency or need to increase his performance. The process of evaluating authentic feedback and genuine comments regarding men who overcame their erectile dysfunction issues should be taken with a grain of salt as most manufacturers and pill pushers will completely fabricated fictitious people, names and stories in order to sell their product. This is why it is absolutely vital to buy from a company and brand who offers real supplements with optimized dosages of quality ingredients.

Where to buy male enhancement pills?

Male enhancement products are available online and at major retail platforms and stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, CVS, GNC and Walgreens. Most men will seek to ensure discreet packaging is used when shipping male enhancement pills ordered over the Internet, as well as credit card billing statement names. Some men will opt to buy products near them at local corner stores and gas stations, but be careful as these pills are usually highly questionable and could be tainted or laced with drugs in improper dosages.

Final Word on the Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2023

The research does not stop about male enhancement. Men all over the world care deeply about their dipstick's health, function, and performance as it is a vital part of their anatomy.

While diet trends come and go and new discoveries give high hopes for the next big thing in health and wellness, the specialty niche of the tried and true, essentially taboo male enhancement needs a clear-cut no-nonsense guide to male enhancement and that is what we provided above. After researching all of the facts about penis enlargement methods and going over the sexual performance benefits supplements can provide, we ranked the top 20 best male enhancement pills in 2023 and gave you the reasons as to why they made the coveted list.

It is truly a buyer beware market for purchasing penis pills designed to increase sexual health performance. While the male enhancement industry is maturing, but there is much more room to grow in terms of quality, transparency, and authenticity. Harvard called male enhancement pills “unicorn juice”, stating most sexual function supplements have not been scientifically studied or validated in clinical trails in any capacity despite being marketed as natural performance boosters.

Here are additional resources we used, reference and highly recommend reading, researching and reviewing for more information about natural male enhancement and sexual health performance:

There was even a top-level surface video explaining the basics of healthy sexuality worthy of listening to.

In closing, every man should recognize the penis is a dipstick to the body's health. Advanced Living's male enhancement guide on ranking the best sexual performance pills is meant to educate, inform and empower users for making optimal choices when it comes to increasing men's health as a whole; whether dieting, exercising or supplementing, the conversation surrounding male enhancement is changing and the future of enhancing men is brighter than ever.

It can be hard to muster up the courage to talk to friends about problems in bed. If you're too shy or too embarrassed to bring up erection problems, you might want to turn to the internet. The internet is a valuable place to learn about products that may help with whatever issues you have and is a good starting point for finding the best male enhancement pills for you.

The internet is also an excellent source for customer reviews from people who have tried different male enhancement pills. Their experience sheds valuable light on what you might expect from a supplement. The reviews show all the information you might need on a product, from when it takes to kick into any side effects to expect results.

After examining reviews, ingredients, and overall expectations, we have compiled this list of the top ten male enhancement supplements. Erectin came in first, but every supplement mentioned here today is a good option for any man looking to turn his sex life around.

So if you're ready to get your sex life going again, review these ten supplements and what customers have reported on their experience, and try them yourself!

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