Supplements Male Enhancement Fertility Factor 5: 2024 Male Infertility Product Research Review

Fertility Factor 5: 2024 Male Infertility Product Research Review

Reviewing the new Fertility Factor 5 supplement by Leading Edge Health and analyzing the research on the five ingredients used for boosting male reproductive health.


Fertility Factor 5: Improve Your Chances of Creating a Family?

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is a clinically-tested male fertility supplement by Leading Edge Health that helps men overcome infertility by producing higher sperm count levels and increase sperm development activity. The Fertility Factor 5 product by the makers of VigRX can be purchased online, and consumers can get a discount for ordering multiple bottles at once.

Let's extensively review the new Fertility Factor 5 formulation and research the star ingredient; a proven patented-extract developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to help increase sperm count, shape and movement for men suffering from male infertility side effects.

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What is Fertility Factor 5?

The VigRX Fertility Factor 5 capsule is optimized for reproductive health using five key ingredients. And this product is designed and created to address a much more sensitive area in the sexual health and performance category of supplements. While ‘male enhancement‘ is all the rage, there is a growing niche of men who care more about creating life and want to boosting their male fertility health levels than they do about increasing their manhood size.

By now, it is no secret one of the most damaging and difficult struggles to face in a relationship is infertility, and it can create a major problem as the fault of man. His self-confidence takes a major hit and can lead to conflicts that cannot be undone. The creators behind VigRX have already dealt with part of this sexual relationship, but they’ve developed Fertility Factor 5 as a way to help men find a solution for male fertility problems leveraging the heavily-research ingredients that are clinically proven to work independently and synergistically.

How Fertility Factor 5 Works

The Fertility Factor formula is focused on helping men to improve their fertility with the use of natural ingredients. Based on the information available online, anyone that takes Fertility Factor 5 may experience:

  • A stronger libido
  • Better sperm morphology
  • Increase sperm motility
  • Higher sperm count

With any concerns about infertility, from low sperm count to poor sperm mobility, it is best to see a specialist to learn more about the individual’s particular problems. However, the use of a supplement can help to naturally (and less invasively) remedy the issue without medical intervention.

Read on below to see what makes Fertility Factor 5 as effective as it says.

Fertility Factor 5 Ingredients

Fertility Factor 5 is made with its own patented ingredient that is “proven” to make a difference in sperm shape, motility, and count. There are a total of five main ingredients (which is likely what gives Fertility Factor 5 the “5” in the name). Those ingredients include:

Tongkat Ali LJ100 is made from the roots of eurycoma longifolia and modified by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This formulation made it possible to develop the aforementioned proprietary substance. The Malaysian rainforest born Tongkat Ali translates into the expression “Ali's Walking Stick”, which many wonder its rather suggestive aphrodisiac reflection of providing virility for aging men.  This study investigated and concluded:

Eurycoma longifolia Jack, which is thought to enhance male fertility with regard to higher semen volumes, sperm concentrations, the percentage of normal sperm morphology and sperm motility in male partners of sub-fertile couples with idiopathic infertility.” [concluding with] “The proprietary extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack significantly improved the sperm quality in these patients.”

As you can see, there is no clinical data shortage of ginseng. Panax ginseng is also referred to as the “king of all herbs,” believed for years to positively impact the sex lives of men. Grown in Asia, studies show that it can help with general sexual health while improving the sex drive and promoting healthy sperm development.

Zinc, the second most abundant trace element in the human body, is crucial for healthy sperm development. In fact, studies reveal that there’s a possibility of poor sperm health to be attributed to a deficiency in this mineral, which is why so many infertility supplements contain it. However, there is quite an intriguing scientific and medical debate going on about zinc's ability to increase male fertility. In January 2020, a new study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) surfaced elaborating on why zinc (and folic acid) supplementation does not improve male fertility. While this looks to be an ongoing discovery, there is zero question how important zinc is in many regulatory, structural and catalytic functions in the body.

Selenium is similar to zinc in the way that the body needs it for healthy sperm development. Supplementing with this trace element substance can help correct the imbalance that is linked to fertility issues while also providing DNA protection and assisting in brain health function. According to Leading Edge Health, studies revealed two out of every five men with fertility issues are deficient in the trace mineral. Even the NIH's selenium page references how a selenium deficiency correlates with male infertility.

BioPerine is a naturally active ingredient from the fruits of Piper nigrum, a pungent alkaloid most commonly known as black pepper extract and carries a nickname of ‘king of spices'. BioPerine is a 95%+ pure piperine source and is often included in many supplement formulas due to its ability to make other ingredients bioavailable. The standardized black pepper ingredient has a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status and is largely associated with improving the benefits of nutritional substances and magnifying nutritive compounds' effects such as herbal extracts, water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

The official VigRX Fertility Factor 5 supplement salespage actually lists the details of each clinical study for all of the five ingredients found in the FF5 formula.

Using Fertility Factor 5

Consumers are provided with 30 fertility-boosting capsules to cover a full month of use. While full directions are not available online, it appears that only one capsule a day is needed to promote optimal male fertility levels. While on the topic of using Fertility Factor 5 properly, it can not be emphasized enough the importance of fitness, exercise and consuming a healthy diet with wholesome foods. Eliminating poor lifestyle choices and subpar habits will go along way in helping naturally enhance your semen volume and sperm count levels.

The male infertility pill is said to have no adverse side effects and be safe for long term use.

Purchasing Fertility Factor 5

When it comes to purchasing Fertility Factor 5, consumers can choose a one-month supply for $59.95. However, by committing to a package of multiple boxes, consumers can get substantial discounts. Users can also choose from:

  • Three-month supply: $53.32 each
  • Six-month supply: $49.99 each
  • One-year supply: $45.83 each

Taking any supplement to remedy fertility issues can be a hit or miss. If this formula doesn’t meet the needs of the user, they have up to 67 days to request a full refund.

Contacting the Fertility Factor 5 Creators: VigRX

Even with the information available on the official website and through Leading Edge Health (where it is advertised for purchase), consumers may want to know more. Reach out to VigRX by calling 1-866-621-6886 or speak with a customer service representative about this order with Leading Edge Health at 1-866-269-3487.

Fertility Factor 5 Summary

Fertility Factor 5 is meant for any man that wants to take control of his infertility. While not a substitute for consultation with a doctor, this regimen is created in a way that can naturally stimulate healthier sperm for better odds of conceiving.

There are many natural fertility remedies to try. But the magnitude that it is of diving into proactively-assisting your bodily needs into what is ultimately the act of conceiving a child can not be understated.

Unfortunately, there is more misleading information than truthful insights available to research on a man's reproductive health. With so many pseudo-vitamins and magic pills and miracle potions claiming to transform you into Superman or the Brady Bunch (take your pick); it is best to go with a reputable company like Leading Edge Health and branded product line such as VigRx because it has the science, transparency, and research all comes full circle with the Fertility Factor 5 formula.

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