Supplements Immunity Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges: Reviewing the Research

Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges: Reviewing the Research

Immune Defence supplement are zinc lozenges made with rosehip, acerola and vitamins A, C and E that claim to help soothe the back of the throat or fight colds using immune system-boosting nutrients.


As the COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to sweep across many parts of the world, global interest in wellness supplements that boost our immunity has likely never been higher. Immune efficiency could be the key to stopping the spread of a number of infections and viruses.

However, consumers should be aware that the science behind these types of viruses is unclear, or about how consumers can protect themselves against the COVID-19 infection. No supplement or immune increasing product has been shown to kill or prevent the spread of the virus. As of right now, the most effective way that you can protect yourself from COVID-19 is to regularly wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and practice social distancing.

Don't fall prey to the scams of some supplement companies. Any company that claims that their product can cure the COVID-19 virus is being untruthful. Read more about our statement on wellness supplements and COVID-19 here. 

Immune Defence is a supplement that helps consumers to provide additional nourishment of their immune system, though it can also be used intermittently to reduce the severity of a cold. This treatment can be found on the official website, which has several packages available.


What is Immune Defence?

As the pandemic sweeps the United States and many other parts of the world, many consumers are turning towards immune boosting supplements as a potential way to avoid becoming ill. Readers should know, first and foremost, that no immune supplement has been shown to stop or mitigate the infection of COVID-19.

That being said, increasing our immunity is never a bad thing, and a decent amount of scientific evidence supports the idea that some supplements can help to increase the immunity of their users.

Immune Defence isn’t your classic supplement. It works in two ways, creating a stronger immune system with daily use while shortening the effects of the common cold.  Further separating it from many of the other immune supplements on the market, this treatment isn't a capsule, but instead uses mouth lozenges made with zinc, and immune-boosting nutrients that easily absorb into the body. The Immune Defence's all natural ingredients, support and help to maintain the immune system;

Reduce the symptoms and length of colds

Zinc lozenges may work to reduce the length of the common cold, cutting the length of it in half, by using Immune Defence zinc lozenges when the first symptoms appear, can help the sufferer to recover faster.

Take care of the immune system during these stressful times

Stressed, run down and becoming tired, can weaken the body's immune system's ability to fight off pathogens, and making you more vulnerable to viruses and infections. All natural Immune Defence zinc lozenges can help by providing support to the immune system during stressful times.

Immune support is important for the whole family

The elderly and young children are more likely have a zinc deficiency, meaning the immune systems of these two age groups can be at a much higher risk for colds and infections. Immune Defence zinc lozenges for adults and children over the age of 12 are a great way to protect and boost the immune systems of our families.

Antiviral defense during the cold and flu season

Giving ourselves the best possible chance of warding off of illness, By making sure the body has amounts of zinc and vitamins to support our immune systems from extremely infectious cold and flu viruses that come around every season.

Immune support from natural ingredients

A great source of Vitamin E, C and A, Acerola, along with the natural sources of Vitamins A and C, and zinc, Immune Defence also contains Rosehips to provide normal functions of the immune system. Help fortify your body’s natural immunity defenses with the regular use of Immune Defence zinc lozenges.

How It Works

The reason that Immune Defence is so effective is because it offers a few of the ingredients that the immune system needs to thrive, including zinc and vitamin C. These two nutrients are crucial to the body's immune system, and Immune Defence helps to support the needs of the immune system to remain strong and protective. All of the ingredients included are natural, and they are safe for most consumers.

Scientifically speaking, the research community is pretty split on the effects of immune supplements on the actual immune system. Some research does suggest that using zinc and vitamin C supplements can increase immune efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Immune Defence

This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Immune  Defence solution.

Q: When should you take Immune Defence?

A: This formula can be taken daily for continual support. However, the supplement does not have to be taken on a regular basis to offer support. Within 24 hours of feeling the first signs of a cold, the user should take one lozenge every two hours. However, they should only take up to four lozenges daily as needed. Exceeding this dose may cause unpredictable side effects, so it should be avoided.

Q: Can Immune Defence help the common cold?

A: This supplement can reduce how long the user is sick for and how serious the virus and cold is. It mainly works to mitigate the main symptoms of a cold, which can be tremendously helpful for users who want to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Q: Do you need a prescription for Immune Defence?

A: This product is a supplement, so it does not require a prescription. Consumers can simply order the supplement from the official product website to begin using it.

Q: How much of Immune Defence should be taken?

A: Users should only take two lozenges a day as needed. According to the customer service team, no more than four capsules should be taken per day.

Q: Can Immune Defence be taken with other medications?

A: Not necessarily. Consumers taking any antibiotics or drugs should speak with their doctor before adding Immune Defence to their routine. Always contact your doctor before beginning any new supplement.

Q: Who can use Immune Defence?

A: Immune Defence can safely be taken by adults, as well as children over age 12. However, results may vary.

Q: Can women who are pregnant or nursing take this remedy?

A: Anyone who is pregnant or nursing their newborn may want to consult with their doctor before taking this treatment.

Q. What are the Nutritional values and ingredients in Immune Defences formula?

A. Acerola Powder, (Magnesium Stearate), Oil of Aniseed, Zinc Gluconate, , Rose Hip Powder, and sugar, and nutritionally provides an avg. of 2.5mg of Vitamin C (3.13%*) and 3.5mg of Elemental Zinc (35%*).

Q: How long does it take for this formula to be delivered?

A: The total length of time for delivery depends on the part of the world it is being shipped to, as the product can be shipped worldwide. For example, though consumers in the UK will only take one working day to receive their product, consumers in Canada and Australia may be waiting up to 15 days. However, all orders are shipped out within 24-48 hours.

Any other questions can be directed to the customer service team customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. To contact customer service outside of these hours they will call or email you the following business day at +1 646 687 6757 (US) or +44 203 476 9510 (UK), or by email at

Purchasing Immune Defence

The only way that Immune Defence can be purchased is on the official website, which has a few options available. Purchasing options include:

  • One bottle: $44.95
  • Three bottles: $114.85
  • Five bottles: $174.75

If the user is not entirely satisfied with the use of Immune Defence, the company asks that the consumer return any unused, unopened bottles within 100 days of receiving your purchase and they will refund you 100% of the product price, excluding shipping charges.

Contacting the Creator of Immune Defence

Even with the information available on the official website, consumers may find that they want to learn more information on the product. The team can be reached by phone or email, though the website also offers a chat feature to speak with a representative in real-time as well.

  • Phone number: 646-687-6757
  • Email address:

Final Thoughts

Immune Defence is made from natural ingredients and can be used to help with the immune system’s performance, and with the ability the product offers, to use a lozenge has a distinct advantage over powdered syrups, drinks, and teas. The formula can be taken with whatever routine suits the users best.

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