Supplements Immunity Beyond Simplex: Reviewing the Antiviral Supplement Research

Beyond Simplex: Reviewing the Antiviral Supplement Research

Beyond Simplex by Beyond Nutrition Research is a antiviral immune support supplement claiming to be a scientifically-backed breakthrough for HSV 1 & 2 and the closest thing to a natural herpes cure.


While general immunity supplements certainly have their place in the supplement routine of the average consumer, it is necessary to manage expectations in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Public interest in immune-boosting supplements has soared since the initial global outbreak of the virus, and many consumers have turned towards supplements to help protect themselves and their families.

However, we caution readers to practice social distancing, hand-washing, and proper hygiene techniques (UV lights) to best protect themselves from the Coronavirus. No supplement is proven to prevent, cure, or even mitigate the COVID-19 strain of the Coronavirus. Read more about our official response to the COVID-19 pandemic here. 

That being said, immunity supplements definitely still provide a number of important benefits to consumers. Even when there isn't a global pandemic forcing people indoors, boosting your general immune strength is almost never a bad thing.

In fact, Beyond Simplex is an immunity-boosting supplement that really helps to demonstrate the wide variety of immunity formulas on the market. This unique product helps users to naturally overcome a herpes infection while also boosting the efficiency of their general immune system.

The formula can be purchased from the official website, which has several package options available, along with potential discounts and a money-back guarantee. Our review will cover some of the core aspects of this immunity supplement to keep consumers informed as they make their own purchasing decisions.


What is Beyond Simplex?

The immune system is a critical part of the body. It requires careful attention, and proper nourishment of this system can help the body to more effectively defend it from illness.  However, there are some circumstances that can cause the system to become completely overwhelmed, which is how people get sick in the first place. While there’s always vitamin C and other traditional immunity boosters that consumers can take to keep their body from being overwhelmed by illness and pathogens, Beyond Simplex can be an additional defense against these problems.

The creator behind this solution, Sam Russel, starts off with a story about his own experience at his office, explaining that a herpes outbreak led to unwanted negative attention to his company. Cold sores started showing up everywhere, and Russel consulted with Professor Bruce Mitchell. Professor Mitchell explained that outbreaks of cold sores are sometimes a sign that the immune system isn’t working effectively. After all, even after being infected, the outbreak of sores can take a while and could lay dormant for years.

Cold sores are fairly common in the world today, but the transmission of herpes as a sexually transmitted disease is a life-changing event. However, the formula claims that it is able to help consumers with this struggle while defending against other viruses. In fact, Sam states that this process is 100% natural and is capable of eliminating the herpes virus from their body for good.

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How It Works

The creators claim that the herpes is a complicated matter, since the virus can hide within the body until it is ready to appear. A protein called ICP47 is able to essentially keep herpes hidden from the immune system, which means that the immune system can’t actually eradicate it. That’s why there are so many brains that are subduing the herpes virus without actually destroying it.

In this formula, Professor Mitchell states that a combination of different organic chemical compounds could help to separate the ICP47 proteins from user nerve cells. In doing so, the protein is exposed, and the immune system is able to attack sufficiently to neutralize it.

The ingredients include:

  • Berberine, an effective solution for inflammation, oxidation, and bacterial infections. There are some studies that show that it can help consumers lose weight as well, even though that is not a targeted benefit of using Beyond Simplex.
  • L-lysine, one of the nine essential amino acids that consumers need. However, the creators of Beyond Simplex state that this ingredient has been able to help the herpes virus to not replicate in the body.
  • Resveratrol is an antioxidant, and it is frequently found in many grapes. Reducing toxins in the body is a critical part of keeping the body healthy and resveratrol is rich in polyphenols that are known to help the body with anti-aging catalysts.
  • Turmeric, which is known for its impact on inflammation. This golden-yellow spice has become one of the top ingredients for supplements, though it has many other health benefits that make turmeric one of the most popular, best selling ingredients of all time.
  • Garlic, a natural immune booster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beyond Simplex

This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions by consumers about Beyond Simplex.

Q: What’s included in Beyond Simplex?

A: This supplement includes berberine, L-lysine, resveratrol, turmeric, and garlic. These ingredients are completely natural, and the scientific minds behind this supplement claim that they work together to help the body fight herpes more effectively through immune function.

Q: Can consumers taste the garlic in Beyond Simplex?

A: No. The capsules protect the taste buds from tasting any of these ingredients. The amount of garlic used in this product is also really too small to taste, especially when combined with the other ingredients.

Q: How do you use Beyond Simplex?

A: Consumers need to take two capsules a day to get the advertised effects. Consult with your physician or contact customer support for more information on how you should dose this particular product.

Q: How is Beyond Simplex different from other treatments?

A: According to the creators, other remedies essentially hide the symptoms associated with herpes, and doesn’t actually release the virus. However, this treatment takes on the virus itself. We should note that this product has not been backed by any substantive, peer-reviewed studies.

Q: How long does the Beyond Simplex supplement take to make a difference?

A: This formula can work in as little as 21 days, though consumers with severe cases may take more time to heal. Each user is different, so we recommend that you combine this treatment with actual medical help, especially if you have a severe case of herpes.

Q: What herpes strains can Beyond Simplex treat?

A: Beyond Simplex may be able to treat both major strains of herpes.

Q: Does this formula require a doctor’s approval or recommendation?

A: No. This formula is a supplement, which means that it requires no prescription from a physician to use. This also means, however, that it is not subject to the regulatory scrutiny that prescription medicines often are.

Consumers that have other questions can direct them to the customer service team.

Purchasing Beyond Simplex

While ordering from the official website for Beyond Simplex, consumers have their choice of several different options, depending on how many bottles the user wants to order at once. Purchasing packages for Beyond Simplex include:

  • One bottle: $69.95
  • Two bottles: $59.95 each
  • Four bottles: $49.95 each

If the user finds that this product doesn’t work for their needs, they have up to 90 days to get a full refund by returning the product.

Bonus Gifts

By purchasing any number of bottles, consumers will receive two bonus gifts: an e-guide called “Spice Up Your Sex Life Overnight” and one called “How to Bolster Your Immune System in Just Two Weeks.”

Spice Up Your Sex Life Overnight is valued at $39, offering tips on regaining the lustfulness and excitement for a better bedroom experience.

How to Bolster Your Immune System in Just Two Weeks teaches consumers about their immune system and what they can do to make it stronger. This guide is valued at $39 as well.

Contacting the Customer Service Team

Even with the plentiful information available on the official website, consumers may still have questions about the product and its use. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to

Final Thoughts

Beyond Simplex makes some major claims on their website, especially considering that herpes has long been a condition that, as doctors and medical professionals have stated, is not curable. However, this innovative formula targets the condition from within. With a return policy that gives consumers a few months to see their body’s reaction, consumers don’t have to worry about losing out on their investment. We recommend you proceed with caution and consult your doctor before using any supplement.

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