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Original Defense Self Defense Siren: Personal Safety Alarm Device

Original Defense's Self Defense Siren emits a powerful noise from an easy-to-use attention-grabbing device that allows users to alert those around them of danger and protect themselves from threats.


As consumers embark on their daily activities, one thing that they always need to bear in mind is safety. While there are many welcoming souls in society, there is an equal number of poisoned individuals who are seeking to take advantage of the vulnerable. Then there’s the elder population, who may require assistance at odd times.

How can consumers better protect themselves regardless of the time of day? How can those who need assistance grab someone’s attention within a small time-frame? These questions have sparked hundreds of inventions in the personal safety sector. Original Defense’s Self Defense Siren seeks to provide consumers with the most effective, helpful personal self defense alert device on the market.

With the Self Defense Siren, consumers can quickly get the attention of others in the case of an accident, attack, or even an allergic reaction. This review will lay out the basics of this product, as well as the company behind it.

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What is the Self Defense Siren?

The Self Defense Siren by Original Defense was created to maximize personal safety and ensure peace of mind for users. What makes this respective solution unique is the way it is designed. Specifically, the powerful attention grabbing device can be easily attached to keys, purses, pant loops, or even to backpacks.

Even when attached easily to other items, the Self Defense Siren still produces a powerful sound that, when activated, is sure to grab the attention of passersby while deterring would-be attackers. This siren is not unlike similar products in the self defense industry, meaning that its distinction will need to come from the specific ways that the Self Defense Siren can uniquely help consumers who run into trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self Defense Siren

Even with the information available online, consumers likely have a number of questions about the defense siren system being offered by this company. This question will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this siren product.

Q: How does the Self Defense Siren deter threats?

A: Threat deterrence happens in two main ways with this siren. First, the sound and blinking LED lights serve to scare, startle, and deter the threat. Additionally, the sound emitted by the active device can be heard from 1,000 feet away, meaning that passersby will be able to hear the noise and intervene, further lowering the chance of danger for the user.

Q: How should you use the Self Defense Siren?

A: When consumers are faced with any form of threat, activating the Self Defense Siren is as simple as pulling off the end that is attached to their keychain. In doing so, the embedded LED light (white) starts flashing, and the loud sound is released. The only way to stop the sound is to plug the removed end back into the keychain. Check out this video for a visualization of the process.

Q: How loud is the sound emitted by the Self Defense Siren?

A: The Self Defense Siren has been measured at a volume of around 130 to 135 decibels. This is loud enough for passersby to hear from up-to 1,000 feet away, ensuring that any threats will be projected easily to those within a large radius.

Q: How is the Self Defense Siren powered?

A: The Self Defense Siren uses CR2032 batteries, which gives it an average battery life of a year or more. Users should frequently test their device to ensure that it works, but consumers can rest easy knowing that their siren will not easily run out of power when they need it most.

Q: How much does the Self Defense Siren cost?

A: This is a good question. Broken links on the official website for the product make a cost estimate difficult. For pricing information, we recommend that interested users contact the company directly to inquire. According to the website for the Self Defense Siren, users are presently eligible for a 50% discount on the original price of a unit.

What Makes the Self Defense Siren Different?

Besides its convenience and supportive design, the Self Defense Siren is deemed military-grade durable. This implies that the product has been drop-tested for toughness as well as tested under different weather conditions (i.e. it is waterproof). In situations of extreme risk, such as a fire, a crash, or a major accident, durability of the alarm system is a paramount feature.

Another facet that is surely to please many is its sound, which has been described as being loud enough to hear from 1,000 feet away. Its loudness has been measured as ranging between 130 and 135 decibels. When the sound goes off, the device's embedded high-intensity LED lights start blinking as well.

Next, based on existing information, the Self Defense Siren has been designed to last a full year. Given that this device contains CR2032 batteries, the maximum life it can possibly reach is two years. This is helpful to users who might have otherwise forgotten to change the batteries; no one wants their self defense siren to be dead when they need it so desperately!

One concern that consumers might have is whether the device can be tracked. Fortunately, no one can track the location of a user through the device.

Finally, the solution is incredibly user-friendly. This is an important feature to consider, as many consumers may have trouble using a complicated device in times of stress or fear. A device that's easy to use and effective could be potentially life-saving.

Final Thoughts

The Self Defense Siren scores major points for its ease-of-use, battery life, and effectiveness in alerting the attention of others in a potentially dangerous situation. Even victims who tend to freeze can work their way around this device, making it a good choice for anyone who wants to be safe in a dangerous world.

While problems on the product site make price estimates difficult, there seems to be a 50% discount available for a limited time. To learn more about Original Defense’s Self Defense Siren, click the button.

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