Gadgets Thermometers LiveTemp Pro: Reviewing the Infrared Body Thermometer Research

LiveTemp Pro: Reviewing the Infrared Body Thermometer Research

LiveTemp Pro is a no-touch, contamination-free infrared body thermometer with a digital display that instantly measures body temperatures in a fast scan time while working on infants, kids and adults.


LiveTemp Pro is a no-touch infrared thermometer that can instantly scan and display your body temperature while being contamination free for kids, babies, adults or the elderly.

Priced as high as $140 per device, LiveTemp Pro is more expensive than similar thermometers we’ve seen online in recent weeks The thermometer is being heavily promoted online during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which might contribute to its high price and likely high demand.

Like other infrared thermometers, LiveTemp Pro takes your temperature instantly without requiring contact. You point it at something, press the trigger, then get a temperature reading in one second. This no-contact model is usually preferred by consumers who are concerned about spreading germs while they use their thermometer.

Is LiveTemp Pro worth the high price tag? Or is this another overpriced thermometer taking advantage of the present pandemic? Find out more about LiveTemp Pro today in our comprehensive review.

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What is LiveTemp Pro?

LiveTemp Pro is a no-contact infrared thermometer designed for use at home. The trendy touchless thermometer uses infrared to instantly scan body temperature, delivering a reading in just one second and does not wear from frequent use.

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many people are relying on no-contact thermometers to reduce transmission. These infrared thermometers instantly read your body temperature without requiring you to stick a thermometer inside your body. These are the same thermometers used in industrial settings and grocery store coolers to check temperature.

LiveTemp Pro is being heavily marketed online in April 2020. One advertisement described the thermometer as a “revolutionary no-touch infrared thermometer controlling [the] virus outbreak,” for example. Clearly, this company is using the current pandemic to scare readers into considering their product.

The company also claims that there’s “no risk of infection” while using the device.

How Does LiveTemp Pro Work?

LiveTemp Pro works like any other infrared thermometer. The device uses a lens to focus infrared light from one object onto a detector called a thermopile (inside the gun). The thermopile absorbs the infrared radiation and turns it into heat.

How Does LiveTemp Pro Work?

The more infrared energy there is, the hotter the thermopile gets. The heat is turned into electricity, and the electricity is sent to a detector. The detector reads the amount of electricity: the more electricity there is, the hotter the object is. This temperature reading gets sent to the display.

All of this takes place within the device after you press the button. Just point LiveTemp Pro at an object (like your child’s forehead), tap the trigger, and LiveTemp Pro focuses infrared light onto the object.

High-end infrared thermometers measure temperature with close to 100% accuracy. Factories and grocery stores use high-end infrared thermometers to track the temperature of machinery, coolers, and freezers, for example. These devices will display temperature with little variance – typically with an error range of 0.1 degree or less.

High-end infrared thermometers also support a broader range of temperatures – like extremely cold and extremely hot temperatures.

Low or mid-range infrared thermometers, meanwhile, are designed for household use. Some have error ranges as high as 1.0 degree. That may not seem like a lot, but 1.0 degree can be the difference between a fever and a normal temperature.

Low-end infrared thermometers also support a much smaller range of temperatures – like a typical human body temperature range.

Based on the specifications we see online, Live Temp Pro is a low-end infrared thermometer designed for basic consumer use – similar to the $50 or $60 infrared thermometers available from Amazon. It seems to have an error range of around 0.6 degrees Celsius.

LiveTemp Pro Features & Benefits

LiveTemp Pro advertises all of the following features and benefits:

  • Contamination free infrared body thermometer
  • Instantly read your body temperature (1.0 seconds)
  • Fast scan times
  • Works at home and anywhere else
  • “No risk of infection”
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Test the temperature of virtually anything (including bathwater, baby formula, or a child’s forehead)

LiveTemp Pro Tech Specs

The manufacturer of LiveTemp Pro does not disclose the technical specifications for its infrared thermometer anywhere on the official website.

However, the thermometer is identical to other thermometers sold online. The side of the Live Temp Pro gun lists the name “Bo Hui”, which is the original Chinese manufacturer of the thermometer (officially named Guizhou Tekang Electronics Co. Ltd.).

Here are the tech specs of LiveTemp Pro, according to the original product manufacturer.

  • Backlight Colors: Red (<32°C), Green (32-37.3°C), Yellow (37.1-F1), or Red (>F1)
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Body Temperature Measurement: 32.0-43°C / 90-109.4°F
  • Ambient Temperature Measurement: 0-60°C / 32-140°F
  • Accuracy: (+/-)0.2°C or (+/-)0.3°C
  • Item Size: 95 x 42.5 x 156mm / 3.74 x 1.67 x 6.14in (L x W x H)
  • Item Weight: 110g / 3.9oz
  • Auto Shutdown Time: 7 seconds
  • Measurement Distance: 1 to 15cm (0.4 to 6 inches)

The original Chinese manufacturer claims the device has a maximum error range of 0.6 degrees Celsius, although range varies based on factors like humidity, range, and object.

Who’s Behind LiveTemp Pro?

LiveTemp Pro is marketed online by an Estonia-based company named Novads OU. That company does not claim to manufacture the infrared thermometer; instead, it seems they import the thermometer from a factory in China, then sell it at a higher price online.

The Novads OU online store can be found at LiveTemp Pro is not available from any other retailer, although similar-looking infrared thermometers can be found on Amazon.

You can contact LiveTemp Pro via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone (International): +44 20 3808 9234
  • Phone (Brazil): +552135003992
  • Mailing Address: Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Temp Pro

The panic caused by COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented amount of disinformation, and it can be hard for consumers to navigate this complex contemporary landscape. This section will answer the most commonly asked questions consumers have about LifeTemp Pro, as well as its manufacturer.

Q: What is a no-contact thermometer?

A: As the name suggests, no-contact thermometers measure your temperature but do not need to be pressed directly onto any part of your body. These thermometers help to prevent the spread of illness, which can happen when an germ-ridden thermometer is used on multiple people.

Q: Why use no-contact thermometers?

A: High-populous locations like hospitals and grocery stores use these types of temperature readers because the no-contact model allows users to measure temperature without risking the spread of illness-causing germs.

Q: How do you use LifeTemp Pro?

A: Simply point the device at the object you want to measure in temperature, most likely the head of the user being measured. Press and hold the button, following the instructions included with the device. Results are shown within seconds.

Q: How fast do you get readings with LifeTemp Pro?

A: No-contact temp devices return results quicker than most other models, reading temperatures accurately within seconds.

LiveTemp Pro Pricing

LiveTemp Pro is available for $84 to $140 per unit, depending on how many you buy. A chart of purchasing options broken down is included below:

  • 1 Thermometer: $140
  • 2 Thermometers: $224
  • 3 Thermometers: $278
  • 4 Thermometers: $351
  • 5 Thermometers: $419

The sales page has multiple upsells, including a Fast Scan Mode (extra $8 per unit), a Long Life Infrared Sensor (extra $17 per unit), and a USB car charger adapter (extra $6 per unit).

You can also add three years of warranty for $34.

As mentioned above, LiveTemp Pro seems to have unusually high pricing compared to competing infrared thermometers. You can find identical infrared thermometers on Amazon for $60 to $80 per unit.

LiveTemp Pro Refund Policy

LiveTemp Pro does not accept refunds on most items. They only accept refunds on unopened products in their original packaging.

You need to ship the unopened package back to Novads OU. You will not receive reimbursement for any shipping fees.

Final Thoughts

LiveTemp Pro is an infrared thermometer being heavily marketed online during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The high-priced infrared thermometer takes temperature with no contact required. Just point at an object, click the trigger, and get a readout in less than one second.

LiveTemp Pro seems to work as advertised, although there are a couple problems. The thermometer provides limited information about its tech specs or error range online. Similar low-end infrared thermometers have error ranges as high as 1.5 degrees, which is a significant difference for human body temperature. Second, LiveTemp Pro is priced much higher than its competitors. There’s no reason to pay $90 to $140 for an infrared thermometer when identical options are available for $40 to $50 online.

If neither of these issues bother you, then the LiveTemp Pro infrared thermometer is available online today through HypersTech.

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