Gadgets Kaydia Clip: Reviewing the HeGu Pressure Point Pain Relief Device

Kaydia Clip: Reviewing the HeGu Pressure Point Pain Relief Device

Kaydia Clip is a patented HeGu pressure point pain relief acupressure device made with high-quality copper and an adjustable, flexible design for effectively stopping headaches and migraines naturally.


Kaydia Clip is a natural pain relief clip that claims to reduce migraine and headache pain.

The clip targets the HeGu pressure point on your hand using copper and acupressure therapy techniques. The company claims the clip will “instantly” eliminate migraine pain, headaches, and more without the need for drugs.

Kaydia Wellness, who also produces the Kaydia CBD patch, claims to use a patented design to relieve tension, pain, and discomfort within seconds. But does Kaydia Clip actually work to remove pain? Or is this another over-hyped product backed by limited scientific evidence? Let’s take a closer look at how Kaydia Clip works.

What is Kaydia Clip?

Kaydia Clip is a pain relief clip that claims to stop headaches and migraines by targeting the HeGu LI-4 pressure point.

It’s a copper clip that latches onto the pressure point (which is on your hand), purportedly providing “instant” relief from migraines and headaches.

One of the most frustrating and debilitating pains to suffer from is a migraine. Individuals that are have these issues know the signs that a migraine is about to begin and ruin their day, but that doesn’t make the pain any easier to deal with. The easiest way that the medical industry chooses to deal with these problems for consumers are to prescribe painkillers, but consumers don't want to keep filling their body with chemicals. Plus, prescription painkillers can take a while to work, depending on how fast the body metabolizes it.

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How Does Kaydia Clip Work?

Kaydia Clip claims to work by targeting the HeGu LI-4 pressure point using copper material. The copper material interacts with the pressure point, giving you acupressure therapy and natural pain relief.

Acupressure, for those out of the loop, involves using acupuncture-like techniques – but without needles. By targeting special pressure points on your body, you may be able to relieve pain.

The clip loops around your thumb and index finger. You leave the clip on your hand as long as you need it. According to the manufacturer, the clip “will instantly stop pain”.

When someone is in that amount of severe of pain, they don’t want to wait 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or even an hour for relief. The use of a product like Kaydia Clip offers a much faster solution, acting almost instantly to take the pain away and create a clear mind. Migraines make it impossible to focus at all, which is why a product with fast-acting results can’t be ignored.

There’s no limit to the amount of times that this simple copper clip can be used. All the user has to do is find the Hegu pressure point on their hand, which is pressure point LI-4, also called HeGu, located between the base of your thumb and index finger to relieve pain, place Kaydia Clip on that spot. The device is adjustable and flexible for optimal comfort, making it easy to wear at work, at home, and even while driving.

Kaydia Clip Features & Benefits

The makers of Kaydia Clip advertise all of the following features and benefits:

  • High-quality copper that stimulates the HeGu pressure point on your hand
  • Flexible and adjustable clip design
  • Instant relief from migraine and headache pain
  • Drug-free system
  • Comes with portable to-go case
  • Unlimited use with no batteries, recharging, or refills required; it’s just a copper clip

Overall, there’s limited evidence that Kaydia Clip can provide any type of pain relief. However, the manufacturer clearly believes in the power of its wearable pain relief product and makes strong comparative statements about other small hand clips designed to firmly press up against the HeGu Point LI-4 acupressure contact point like the Aculief.

Kaydia Clip Pricing

Kaydia Wellness sells all of their products directly from their official website, and they have not authorized any third-party retailers (online or otherwise) to distribute the Kaydia Clip. However, the website is presently offering a major discount off the regular price of the accessory ($76.91). Choose from:

  • 1 Clip: $49.99
  • 2 Clips: $99.98
  • 3 Clips: $112.48
  • 4 Clips: $137.47

Kaydia Clip Refund Policy

The manufacturer does not offer refunds on any opened or used Kaydia Clips.

There is, however, a 30 day refund policy for any unused, unopened Kaydia Clips.

If the user receives this product and decides against using it for their pain relief, the company has a 30-day guarantee that will refund them. The clip must be unopened and must be in the original packaging to be eligible for return.

About Kaydia Wellness

Kaydia Wellness is a health and wellness brand based in Hong Kong. The brand is owned by Strong Current Enterprises Limited, a Hong Kong-based ecommerce company. The company specializes in buying products from China and then selling those products at higher prices online to western markets.

You can contact Kaydia Wellness via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone (United States Toll Free): 609 414 7087
  • Phone (Canada Toll Free): 778 300 0854
  • Phone (United Kingdom & Ireland): 08708 200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316

Frequently Asked Questions About Kaydia Clip

Here are some of the questions we have received about Kaydia Clip:

Q: How exactly does the Kaydia Clip alleviate the pain of headaches and migraines?

A: There are two features of the Kaydia Clip that help to eliminate pain are the high-quality copper and the use of acupressure. Acupressure is a practice that places pressure on certain points around the body to elicit a sensation of relief. It’s been used in wrist bands to relieve nausea and in massage therapy to relief muscles. With the Kaydia Clip, the structure of the accessory stimulates the Hegu pressure point, which helps to relieve pain and headaches.

Q: Where is the HeGu pressure point?

A: This pressure point, which is also called the HeGu LI-4 pressure point, is found at the base of the hand between the thumb and index finger.

Q: Does the Kaydia Clip use any medicine or chemicals?

A: No. This device exclusively uses acupressure to relieve the pain. No chemicals are used, and no resistance can be developed.

Q: How do I use Kaydia Clip?

A: All the user has to do to get relief is follow the instructions to locate the pressure point and slide on the clip. Pain relief happens fast, and the copper offers antibacterial benefits.

Final Word

Kaydia Clip is a copper pain relief system that latches onto a pressure point on your hand. The clip claims to instantly relieve migraine and headache pain using acupressure therapy.

With Kaydia Clip, consumers can take their pain relief wherever they go in a convenient travel case, made from copper and considered an acupressure tool to relieve migraine and headache pain almost instantly. The key to successfully using this clip is in finding the right pressure point on the hand. Once the user positions the clip correctly, they are on their way to finding relief.

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