Gadgets HearTech CIC Hearing Devices: 2020 Product Review Research

HearTech CIC Hearing Devices: 2020 Product Review Research

HearTech CIC hearing aids are discrete devices priced at affordable options that provide a comfortable, adjustable and personalized sound-enhanced boost to any user experiencing hearing loss.


The HearTech CIC (Completely In the Canal) hearing aid device has become a loud and proud product for those experiencing any level of hearing loss. Created by HearTech Labs, their completely-in-the-canal hearing aid claims to help users hear up to 90% better without paying thousands of dollars for medically-prescribed devices.

Hearing is one of several ways to stay connected with society, whether it be to socialize, complete a specific task, or to react in the event of danger. While most people have been blessed with proper hearing, some may either have faded or no hearing at all. In certain cases, learning to adapt is the only way around it. But with advances in modern technology, the loss of sight that often comes with aging might just be avoidable.

Even when technologies are available to alleviate hearing loss, such solutions are often prohibitively expensive. Some hearing aid systems cost anywhere from $1,500 and $5,000, making it a luxury that many hard-of-hearing consumers simply can't afford.


What is HearTech CIC Hearing Device?

HearTech aims to revolutionize hearing devices by creating a lightweight, slim, and discrete hearing aid for an affordable price. HearTech's hearing devices are priced lower than most similar Completely In the Canal (CIC) products currently on the market, making them an indispensable asset to consumers who want to boost their hearing ability without breaking the bank.

HearTech was supposedly founded by two entrepreneurs who were on the search for a hearing aid that is both effective and affordable. The duo personally witnessed the difficult reality that many who need hearing aids cannot afford the inexplicably expensive technologies. Seeing this, they worked to create their own CIC hearing devices to sell to the clamoring market for cheap hearing solutions.

How Do HearTech Hearing Aids Work?

When it comes to hearing aids, common features include directional microphones which filter out background noise, multiple channels which customize peak listening quality, Bluetooth, and binaural processing to help maximize sound quality. With this in mind, let’s see how these key features are accounted for in the HearTech devices.


  • Volume control, which allows users to customize their listening experience and adjust volume based on the loudness of the stimuli.
  • Crisp and clear sounds allow consumers to hear speech clearly, regardless of the environment in which the speech is happening.
  • No phone interference.
  • Clear, easy-to-understand instructions for setup.
  • Easy and comfortable devices.
  • Small size, which helps keep the devices discrete.

HearTech’s CIC hearing devices include directional microphones, multiple channels, and receivers, which are the basic necessities for any hearing device. Bluetooth does not seem to be included in the HearTech aids. This device might either be classified as analog hearing device, as it provides manual volume controls. Even without Bluetooth, the technical capabilities of the HearTech device are impressive.

Frequently Asked Questions About HearTech

Users most likely have several questions about the technology and uses associated with HearTech's solution to hearing loss. This section will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about both the hearing device and the company that created it.

Q: Who created HearTech Labs?

A: Although the founders are not named directly, the HearTech Labs site explains that the company was started by two entrepreneurs who noticed the surprising amount of consumers who needed hearing help but failed to afford the expensive technologies currently on the market. As a response, they created the HearTech CIC hearing devices to provide quality hearing aids at a fair price.

Q: What features make HearTech devices stand out?

A: The adjustable volume on the devices, comfortable design, and discreet size are some of the main components of the products that users initially note. We cannot verify much about the effectiveness of the HearTech devices, although the technical specifications seem impressive, especially considering the low price of the devices.

Q: Is HearTech CIC Hearing Aid Available on Amazon?

A: No, HearTech Labs does not offer their CIC hearing aid device on retail platform. The only way to buy official HearTech CIC hearing devices is through its company website at where they currently offer a buy 1 get 1 free bonus package. There are HearTech completely-in-the-canal hearing aid alternatives from brands such as Banglijian, TKING, R&L, Jungle Care, BLJ, Laiwen and Coniler.

Q: Is a prescription required to use HearTech CIC Hearing Aids?

A: No prescription is required for users to purchase HearTech hearing aid devices. However, we strongly recommend that users consult with their hearing specialist before making any purchase. Hearing aids are personal devices and your physician should be able to best guide you on how to proceed when trying to regain hearing independence.

Q: Does HearTech offer a return policy?

A: Yes. Each HearTech purchase comes with a basic warranty. For $49, users can purchase an extended five-year warranty that covers against loss, damage, or theft. Otherwise, the basic warranty comes with a specified list of acceptable reasons for refund or exchange.

Purchasing HearTech Hearing Devices

The current going price of HearTech’s CIC Hearing Devices is approximately $249, which is a pretty small fraction of the average cost of hearing devices in the sector. For this price, consumers get a pair of the hearing devices, several flexible earbud sizes, zinc batteries, a storage and travel case, instructions, and a warranty card.

Consumers can purchase a 5-Year Elite Unlimited Warranty Protection Plan, which costs $49. This plan guarantees replacement of the device in the case of loss, damage, or theft.

Final Thoughts

In today’s society, many consumers with hearing loss have been putting off buying a solution either because it is expensive or because they don’t want to be embarrassed by bulky hearing devices.

These two reasons are addressed directly HearTech’s CIC Hearing Devices, discrete in size and inexpensive, these hearing aids present a viable alternative to the products which currently dominate the market. The tech behind these hearing aids is respectable, although users should carefully examine these specifications to ensure that the devices have the features they need.

To find out more about HearTech’s CIC Hearing Devices, click here.

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