Supplements Sleep Aid Gluconite: Review Metabolism, Sleep and Blood Sugar Formula

Gluconite: Review Metabolism, Sleep and Blood Sugar Formula

Gluconite is an extra-strength metabolism and sleep support supplement focusing on blood sugar, insulin and glucose optimization with natural ingredients for deeper rest and recovery every night.


Gluconite is asleep, and blood sugar support formula that claims to support blood sugar while you sleep.

You take Gluconite every night, and the supplement supports your metabolism and sleep. Your metabolism and sleep are crucial for your overall health, and they’re particularly important for people with diabetes.

Does Gluconite really work? How does Gluconite support blood sugar? Find out everything you need to know about this unique blood sugar and sleep supplement today in our review.


What is Gluconite?

Gluconite is a nutritional supplement sold online through

The makers of the formula describe Gluconite as a “metabolism and sleep support” formula. You take the supplement before you fall asleep, and Gluconite helps you sleep deeply while supporting your body’s ability to manage blood sugar overnight.

Here’s how the company describes Gluconite:

“Providing you with both metabolic and sleep support, Gluconite’s ingredients combine to create a powerful accelerator effect throughout the night, supporting healthy blood sugar and benefiting you throughout the next day.”

Gluconite is marketed to diabetics, pre-diabetics, and anyone who needs help controlling blood sugar. While some people have no blood sugar issues and can normally control their blood sugar, others need help.

There are plenty of supplements that claim to support blood sugar. Let’s take a closer look at how Gluconite works – and what’s inside the formula.

How Does Gluconite Work?

Gluconite claims to provide three main benefits compared to other blood sugar support supplements:

Balance: Gluconite claims to support healthy blood sugar, healthy insulin, and healthy metabolism, helping crucial body functions as you sleep at night.

Revitalize: Gluconite claims to not just balance your body overnight – but also revitalize it. The formula contains several nutrients to support deeper, higher-quality sleep. Your body can revitalize and restore itself as you sleep, helping you wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic.

Metabolism: Blood sugar plays a crucial role in your metabolism. People with imbalanced blood sugar often have food cravings, thyroid issues, and other metabolism-related issues. Gluconite claims to support your metabolism, making a noticeable difference within just a few weeks of taking the formula.

Obviously, these three advertised benefits don’t really explain how the supplement works – they just tell us what it does. Any supplement can claim to support blood sugar and metabolism, but not all supplements contain the right ingredients and dosages to achieve those benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and dosages in Gluconite to see how it compares to other sleep supplements, metabolism boosters, and diabetes support supplements.

Gluconite Ingredients

The makers of Gluconite claim only to use pure, high-quality ingredients that are safe for anyone to use:

“Gluconite is made with only naturally occurring ingredients. It’s perfectly safe and non-habit forming… The ingredients we use are of the highest possible standard and tested for highest purity and potency…”

The company discloses all ingredients and dosages upfront. Overall, Gluconite has strong doses of some listed ingredients – like chamomile, hibiscus, and GABA, although it has low doses of other listed ingredients.

Key ingredients in Gluconite include:

Vitamins: Gluconite contains 20% to 250% of your daily recommended value of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin K. Your body needs the vitamins for many crucial bodily functions, including metabolism and blood sugar management.

Minerals: Gluconite contains 8% of your daily value of chromium and 33% of your zinc DV. Chromium is found in many diabetic supplements, and many people with diabetes take chromium daily to support blood sugar. It seems to work particularly well in combination with the other herbal extracts in Gluconite.

Chamomile Flower Powder (500mg): Chamomile, like melatonin, is one of the most common sleep aid ingredients available today. Studies show chamomile helps your body relax.

Hibiscus Powder (1,000mg): Gluconite contains a significant dose of hibiscus. Some people with diabetes take hibiscus tea to support blood sugar management.

Passionflower Flower Extract (30mg): Passionflower, like chamomile and hibiscus, is often used in supplements as an adaptogenic ingredient or relaxing agent.

Tryptophan (150mg): Tryptophan is one of the most common ingredients in sleep aids. Tryptophan is a natural chemical linked to relaxation.

GABA (500mg): GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a common ingredient in sleep aids. It’s been shown to have relaxing properties in the body and mind, and it could support the sleep aid effects of Gluconite.

Stevia (100mg): Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from a plant. It gives the Gluconite powder an appetizing flavor.

Hops Flower Powder (30mg): We don’t see hops flower powder extract in many blood sugar support supplements or sleep aids, and it’s not clear what the ingredient does. However, a 30mg dose does not seem significant.

Melatonin (3mg): Most sleep aids contain 1mg to 10mg of melatonin per serving. Although Gluconite is on the low end of the dosage range, a 3mg serving of melatonin should support sleep when taken at night, according to most studies.

White Willow Bark Extract (367mg): White willow bark extract is found in many herbal sleep aids for its relaxing properties. It’s been traditionally used for centuries for sleep, and some modern studies show it works as advertised.

Overall, Gluconite contains more relaxing ingredients than anti-diabetic ingredients. Many blood sugar management supplements contain ingredients like cinnamon or berberine. Based on the listed ingredients, Gluconite seems like a sleep aid marketed as a diabetic supplement.

Scientific Evidence for Gluconite

The makers of Gluconite claim their formula can support blood sugar, metabolism, and other benefits – regardless of your age or weight:

“Gluconite can change your life. That’s how powerful it is. It doesn’t matter your age, shape, or if you’re a man or woman. Nothing else out there is like Gluconite. It’s the first of its kind.”

To support these bold claims, the makers of Gluconite cite 35+ studies on individual ingredients within Gluconite – although the overall Gluconite formula itself has not completed any trials or studies to verify it works.

Gluconite contains turmeric and its active ingredient, curcumin. Studies show curcumin can support inflammation throughout the body. Although some people take curcumin for diabetes and blood sugar, one review found that curcumin has no significant effect on blood glucose. However, other small studies have found turmeric could lower blood sugar in some patients – so more research is needed to verify the anti-diabetic effects of turmeric.

Much of the Gluconite sales page focuses on the dangers of sleep deprivation. When you don’t get enough sleep, you tend to gain more weight, have weaker immune systems, and have other health issues. People who don’t get enough sleep every night are more likely to develop health issues over time. Sleep is crucial not just for weight – but for virtually every function within your body.

Gluconite also contains melatonin. Melatonin is found in virtually every sleep aid available today. Studies show that taking 1mg to 10mg of melatonin before sleep could help you sleep by kickstarting your body’s natural melatonin production. However, melatonin seems to work better on some people than others.

Your body produces melatonin naturally. On its own, melatonin doesn’t make you sleep. However, as your body’s melatonin production rises in the evening, it puts you in “a state of quiet wakefulness that helps promote sleep,” explains one Johns Hopkins sleep expert. Some studies have found that melatonin is no better than a placebo for sleep, although other studies link melatonin to powerful sleep aid benefits. Again, it depends largely on the individual.

Gluconite also contains magnesium. You can get magnesium in any multivitamin, although it’s also found in some diabetes supplements or blood sugar formulas. This 2015 review published in the World Journal of Diabetes found magnesium plays a crucial role in insulin action. Meanwhile, people who are deficient in magnesium tend to have poorer blood sugar control. Based on the evidence they reviewed, researchers concluded that magnesium supplementation could play a role in preventing and managing type 2 diabetes.

Gluconite also contains a strong dose of hibiscus. Some people with diabetes take hibiscus tea daily to control their blood sugar. Some animal studies have shown hibiscus can support blood sugar management (like one study where diabetic rats took hibiscus to lower blood sugar by 12%). However, more research is needed to verify these effects.

Although Gluconite may contain good ingredients, the supplement does not disclose dosages or the full list of ingredients upfront, making it impossible to verify any of these claims. Furthermore, you can get many of these ingredients from Amazon for under $5, including cheap multivitamins or turmeric supplements. Gluconite gives us no evidence proving it’s worth its ridiculous price tag.

Gluconite Pricing

Gluconiteis priced at $70 per bottle, with the price dropping to $49 or $59 per bottle when ordering multiple units.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + $9.97 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free Shipping

Gluconite Refund Policy

Gluconite comes with a 180-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 6 months.

You will not receive a refund on initial shipping fees ($10 per order). You will also not receive a refund on return shipping costs.

Who’s Behind Gluconite?

The makers of Gluconite provide no information about themselves, their medical qualifications, or their experience in the nutritional supplement space.

The company claims to manufacture Gluconite in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. They do not disclose the location of that facility.

You can contact the makers of Gluconite via the following:


Final Word

Gluconite is a nutritional supplement that claims to support blood sugar and metabolism. The supplement is marketed to diabetics, pre-diabetics, and anyone concerned about their blood sugar.

Although Gluconite contains some ingredients linked to blood sugar support, the supplement does not contain large dosages of many active ingredients. Given the relatively high price of Gluconite, there are much better options at this price range. And, based on the ingredients, Gluconite is more of a sleep aid than an anti-diabetic supplement.

However, Gluconite does come with a 180-day refund policy. If Gluconite does not significantly lower your blood sugar within 180 days, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

To learn more about Gluconite, visit the official website, here.

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