Health Skincare Products Reviewing the Research on For The Biome Skincare Products

Reviewing the Research on For The Biome Skincare Products

For The Biome sentient skincare company promotes bodily health through a comprehensive approach based on ingredients to benefit the active microbiome with powders, sprays and serums.


For The Biome is a health and wellness company launched by Paul and Barbi Schulick, the founders of New Chapter.

The company offers a lineup of skincare products that claim to “speak your skin’s language” and nourish your skin’s microbiome.

Your skin has billions of bacteria. These bacteria form your skin’s microbiome – a microcosm of bacteria that interact with one another to keep you healthy. Certain toxins, stressors, and even skincare products can impact the skin’s microbiome. For The Biome aims to aid – not harm – that microbiome, supporting healthy skin bacteria while boosting your skin’s texture and appearance.

In March 2020, For The Biome announced a new lineup of supplements. It’s the first time the company has expanded beyond the cosmetics space.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about For The Biome in our review.


What is For The Biome?

For The Biome is a Vermont-based health and wellness company launched in 2018. The company initially focused on natural cosmetics products. Starting in fall 2020, For The Biome is rolling out a new lineup of dietary supplements.

For The Biome was launched by Paul Schulick, the founder of supplement company New Chapter. Schulick and his wife Barbi founded New Chapter in 1982. The couple sold the business to P&G in 2012 for an undisclosed sum, then continued working on the brand for P&G for six years. In mid-2018, they stepped away from the brand, claiming there were “financial pressures to accelerate profits” that were weakening the brand’s image. It was around this time that Paul and Barbi Schulick launched For The Biome.

Today, For The Biome is best-known for its skincare products, including natural topical skincare products that nourish your skin’s microbiome, supporting beneficial bacteria without irritating or harming your skin.

The company offers daytime protection creams, cleansers and masks, roll-on eye serum, and moisturizers, among other skincare products.

As announced in March 2020, For The Biome also plans to launch dietary supplements. The supplements are scheduled to launch in fall 2020.

For The Biome emphasizes social consciousness. 3% of every purchase goes towards social causes. For The Biome designates 1% of every purchase towards healing homeless “in our local Vermont biome”, explains the official website. The other 2% goes towards a cause that you choose upon checkout (including climate justice, sustainable housing, empowering women, or all of the above).

For The Biome Skincare Products

For The Biome’s skincare products promise to “serenade your skin and its microbiome” using natural ingredients.

The company offers about a dozen skincare products and accessories, including the Empower Powder 2-in-1 cleanser and mask, the Restore Essence Spray (for daytime protection), the Shield Face Serum, and the Awaken Eye Serum.

Empower Powder 2-in-1

For The Biome Empower Powder 2-in-1

For The Biome offers a cleanser and mask hybrid powder called Empower. The formula contains aloe vera, amla, ashwagandha, and saffron extract.

Empower claims to improve cell renewal by supporting your skin’s moisture barrier, preventing water loss while improving the appearance of texture, elasticity, and tone. The aloe vera uses cell-regenerating polysaccharides to boost skin recovery three times more than traditional aloe vera gel while also doubling hydration. The formula also contains a trademarked formula called Artisanal Fermentation, consisting of plant nutrients, and Probiotic 6-Plex, which supports prebiotic and postbiotic bacteria on your skin to further reduce the effects of aging.

Price: $90 (20g)

Restore Essence Spray

For The Biome offers a daytime protection formula called Restore that targets blemishes, irritation, and uneven skin. The formula uses ingredients like “Swiss black bee honey ferment” and New Zealand manuka honey.

By applying the spray daily, you can prime your skin and your skin’s microbiome for pollution protection while inhibiting excess oil production. The end result is a clearer, more even-toned appearance. By combining two honeys together, the “mattifying mist” encourages cell renewal and a healthy complexion, protecting you against blemish-causing impurities.

Price: $90 (1.5 oz / 44mL)

Shield Face Serum

For The Biome’s Shield is a face serum and moisturizer that targets dryness, blemishes, and free radical damage. The formula contains “nature’s strongest CO2 volcanic extracted actives” to defend the skin against environmental stress and blue light radiation, giving you a clearer, smoother complexion.

The formula also contains astaxanthin, the trendy antioxidant molecule. Other key ingredients include wild-harvested rosehip oil that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and a botanical medley that improves toning, skin renewal, and hydration.

Price: $120 (0.5 oz / 20mL)

Awaken Eye Serum

For The Biome’s Awaken is an eye serum that aims to fight fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes while supporting a thriving skin microbiome. The roll-on serum claims to improve elasticity, reduce dryness, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Key ingredients in Awaken include wild-harvested rosehip seed, pomegranate extract, and chamomile. The formula, like Soothe and Shield, uses CO2 volcanic extracted active compounds to enhance your skin’s natural protections.

You use Awaken by gently rolling it around your eye contour, carefully avoiding contact with your eyes. You can use your fingertip to dab excess serum.

Price: $80 (0.15 oz / 15mL)


Soothe is a powder cleanser that uses sprouted oats, mushroom extract, and other ingredients to moisturize and protect your skin. Like the Shield serum above, Awaken uses CO2 volcanic extracted ingredients to protect your skin from impurities.

Other key ingredients in the formula include Mushroom 5-Plex, a trademarked formula that rejuvenates cells using five mushroom extracts. There’s also a Probiotic-6 Plex formula that feeds the bacteria in your skin.

Price: $65 (20g)

Adapt Essence Spray

Adapt is a nighttime hydration spray that claims to reduce blue light stress and dryness while fighting uneven skin tones. The formula contains reishi, lion’s main, chaga, maitake, and king trumpet extract, helping heal your skin with the power of mushrooms.

“The union of mushrooms and probiotics…amplifies the power of brightening reishi to soother itchy, dry skin” explains the official product description.

Price: $85 (1.5 oz / 44mL)

For The Biome Beauty Accessories

For The Biome also offers a handful of beauty accessories, including:

Organic Bamboo Spoon ($4): The spoon makes it easy to blend your powder. It’s also engraved with a ¼ teaspoon scooper for easy measurements.

Mixing Bowl ($18): The handcrafted ceramic bowl is made-in-Vermont “with electric kilns powered by Vermont Cow Power”, explains the official website.

Cleansing Cloth ($8): The cloth has a silky bamboo velour side for makeup removal and a French terry side for a gentle scrub. It’s made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton on the French terry side and 70% organic bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 2% polyester on the bamboo side.

Tool Kit ($30): The Tool Kit includes the three products listed above, including 1 x cloth, 1 x bamboo spoon, and 1 x mixing bowl.

For The Biome Kits and Sets

For The Biome offers three different sets that have multiple skincare products, including:

Sentient Starter Set ($270): 1 x Empower, 1 x Restore, and 1 x Shield

Stress Therapy Set ($150): 1 x Invigorate and 1 x Adapt

Pollution Defense Set ($320): 1 x Soothe, 1 x Restore, 1 x Shield, and 1 x Awaken

You can receive a free Tool Kit ($30 value) with your first purchase of any For The Biome set.

For The Biome Nutritional Supplements

As announced in March 2020, For The Biome aims to launch a new lineup of nutritional supplements in fall 2020.

We have no further information about what types of supplements will be launched by the company or what types of benefits those supplements will provide.

The founders of For The Biome previously created New Chapter, a supplement company specializing in vitamins, herbal extracts, probiotics, fish oils, and other supplements. It’s possible that For The Biome will offer similar supplements.

How to Buy For The Biome Products

For The Biome products are available through

The company offers free 2-day shipping on all orders across the United States.

For The Biome has a store locator page at its official website, and the company claims the products are “coming to retail in 2020”. As of March 2020, no stores are listed.

Frequently Asked Questions About For The Biome

Users likely have several questions about this unique company and the line of beauty products they offer. This section will address some of the most commonly asked questions about For The Biome.

Q: Who created For The Biome?

A: For The Biome was founded by husband and wife Paul and Barbi Schulick. The duo has worked as entrepreneurs and innovators in the health and wellness industry for over forty years. Their flagship company, New Chapter, has won praise from consumers and reviewers alike for the unique wellness and alternative health products that the two have created.

Q: Is For The Biome supported by science?

A: The company has actually devoted an extensive page on their website to listing relevant scientific studies to their ingredients and products. Their charts are accessible and sources on the site are well-vetted and transparent. Users should feel confident that the scientific claims made by this company are substantiated by actual studies.

Q: How does For The Biome increase skin health?

A: The philosophy governing the formulations made by For The Biome relies on the idea that the skin is best treated when consumers properly treat the environment cultivated within it. Their natural formulas help to promote “intuitively healthy skin” by awakening the microbiome, which is the ‘environment' so essential to skin health.

Q: Do For The Biome products work?

A: A number of studies have been conducted and thoroughly cited on the For The Biome website, which leads us to believe that there is some legitimacy to their line of skincare products. Consumers should consult their dermatologist before adding products like these to their skincare regimen, especially if they are currently using any prescription skincare products.

Q: What are For The Biome value sets?

A: Value sets allow users to combine multiple products in premade packages. These packages provide savings and promote a general theme. The Stress Therapy Set, for example, works to promote skin health while simultaneously reducing the kind of stress that degrades our skin and harms our overall wellness.

For The Biome Refund Policy

For The Biome has a 30-day return policy. Here’s how the company explains its policy:

“Everyone’s skin is different and will respond in kind to our products. If we weren’t able to get it right on the first try, please initiate a return or exchange within 30 days of purchase for either a full refund or a replacement product that may be better suited for your skin.”

You can request a full refund at any point within 30 days of purchasing your product. Call (833) 878-3588 or email to initiate the return.

About For The Biome

For The Biome is a Vermont-based health and wellness company founded by Paul and Barbi Schulick, best-known for launching supplement company New Chapter, Inc. in 1982.

According to the company’s About Us page, the pair founded For The Biome “to awaken consciousness and spread a simple message: beauty is connection.”

The two left New Chapter in mid-2018 due to differences around the direction of the brand.

You can contact the company via the following:

Final Thoughts

For The Biome is a health and wellness company launched by supplement industry veterans Paul and Barbi Shulick in 2018. The company offers a range of skincare products that feed your skin’s microbiome, protecting your skin’s bacteria while boosting your skin’s health.

In March 2020, For The Biome launched an upcoming lineup of health supplements. The supplements are scheduled to launch in fall 2020.

To learn more about For The Biome and the company’s lineup of products, visit their website.

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