Supplements Vitamins Energice: Review Vitamin-Infused Frozen Hydration Popsicles

Energice: Review Vitamin-Infused Frozen Hydration Popsicles

Energice is a vitamin-infused frozen hydration popsicles product for athletes and those living an active lifestyle with an isotonic formula of electrolytes, B vitamins and potassium ingredients.


Energice is a vitamin-infused frozen pop marketed to athletes and active individuals.

The company claims to have used a top secret formula to make a pop that benefits real athletes, providing effective hydration, energy, and recovery.

What’s inside Energice? How do Energice pops work? Find out everything you need to know about Energice and how they work today in our review.

What is Energice?

Energice is a lineup of frozen hydration pops. The pops contain ingredients that hydrate your body. The makers of Energice market the popsicles specifically to athletes and active individuals. You can take the popsicles on-the-go for intra-workout recovery, for example, or take the popsicles after a workout to boost recovery.

Energice claims its hydrating ingredients are so effective, in fact, that each 2oz Energice pop equals 13oz of fluid replacement.

And, as a testament to Energice’s commitment to athletes, the company’s popsicles are NSF Certified for Sport, which means they’ve been verified to be free of banned ingredients or additives. Most products don’t go through the NSF Certified for Sport certification process unless they’re focusing specifically to athletes – like high-end protein powders.

Energize isn’t a popsicle: it’s categorized as a “freezer bar”. You leave the product in your freezer, then eat it while it’s frozen – similar to the freezer bars you ate as a kid. However, many people refer to Energize interchangeably as a freezer bar, popsicle, or pop.

Energice is available online through, where they’re priced at around $0.50 to $1 per popsicle, depending how many you order. You can also buy Energice through Amazon, Walmart, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, among other retailers. The pops are available in 8-packs, 48-packs, and 96-packs.

Energice is based in Lynbrook, New York.

How Does Energice Work?

Energice describes its popsicles as vitamin-infused, frozen hydration popsicles trusted by athletes and active individuals.

The popsicles are available in a range of flavors, including Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, and Pink Lemonade. Each package contains a range of different flavors.

Energice popsicles are also free from artificial colors, gluten, stimulants, and caffeine.

Instead, to support energy and hydration, Energice contains ingredients like electrolytes (for hydration), potassium (for recovery) and B vitamins (for energy).

Energice Features & Benefits

The makers of Energice advertise all of the following features and benefits:

Hydration: Energice claims to hydrate the body in multiple ways, like by maintaining sodium levels in the blood, enhancing thermo-regulatory function, preventing dehydration drops, and hydrating with an isotonic blend.

Before, During, and After Workouts: Energice contains ingredients that can energize you before a workout, boost endurance during a workout, and help your body recover after a workout.

Free of Caffeine and Stimulants: Energice energizes your body with B vitamins and electrolytes – not stimulants like caffeine.

Energize with B Vitamins: Energice boosts the body’s energy sing water-soluble B vitamins for “instant energy”. The company claims its formula “produces positive feelings of energy”, increasing the production of glycogen stores to reduce exhaustion.

Boost Mental and Physical Performance: Energice claims to physically and mentally energize your body, helping you maintain mental performance, boost physical performance, and enjoy other benefits.

Energice Ingredients

Energice contains 30 calories per serving, 7g of sugar, and 50% of your daily value (DV) of four different B vitamins. There’s also 20mg of potassium and 40mg of sodium, both of which are valuable electrolytes your body needs for hydration and energy.

Energice Pricing

You can buy Energice popsicles online through You can also buy them through Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and other retail outlets.

Here’s how pricing breaks down through the official website:

Energice All-Pro 96 Pack Frozen Hydration Pops: $49.99

Energice Pro 40 Pack Frozen Hydration Pops: $26.95

Energice Starter 8 Pack Frozen Hydration Pops: $6.99

Each package contains an equal number of each flavor. You get an equal number of Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, and Pink Lemonade flavors, for example.

You can find Energice for even cheaper prices through certain retailers. Walmart sells the 8-pack for just $3.10, for example.

Energice Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Generally, Energice pops are well-rated online. The company’s products have a 5-star rating on Amazon (albeit with a small number of reviews). Some customers wish there were more flavors, but customers are generally satisfied with Energice pops and how they work.

Here are some of the pros and cons from real customers.


Effective hydration and energy particularly when exercising or playing sports outside on hot days

Good B vitamins, electrolytes, and other ingredients for maximum hydration

Prevents a hangover

Cools body temperature quickly

Tastes great without making you feel bloated afterward

All the flavors taste good


More flavors would be nice

Some customers dislike certain flavors

About Energice

Energice is based in Lynbrook, New York. The company’s About Us page provides limited information about who’s behind the company, why they decided to launch hydration popsicles for athletes. However, the company is active on social media, with 10,000+ Instagram followers, 12,000+ Facebook followers, and 1,000+ Twitter followers.

However, we know Energize was launched in 2013/2014 by IPC Beverage Group. The company partnered with WILD Flavors (a food and beverage company) and Jel Sert (a freezer bar manufacturer) to develop and produce Energice. IPC Beverage Group is a beverage company founded in 2010 with the goal of changing the game with healthy, premium ice bars.

You can contact Energice via the following:


Phone: 917-545-7099

Mailing Address: 148 Vincent Ave, Lynbrook, New York, USA

Final Word

Energice is a lineup of hydrating pops marketed to athletes and active individuals. The NSF Certified for Sport pops use B vitamins, electrolytes, and other ingredients to hydrate the body, support energy, and provide other benefits to athletes before, during, and after a workout.

You can find Energice pops online through Alternatively, they’re available through Walmart, Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other retailers.

To learn more about Energice and how the formula works, visit online today at



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