Gadgets DermaBolt: Reviewing the Therapeutic Infrared LED Face Mask

DermaBolt: Reviewing the Therapeutic Infrared LED Face Mask

DermaBolt is a therapeutic infrared LED face mask with professional-grade beauty boosting quality to be used at-home for low level light therapy of red, blue and orange colors for anti-aging skin benefits.


DermaBolt is an LED mask that claims to improve skin health and stimulate collagen production.

By wearing DermaBolt daily, you can purportedly achieve professional skincare results at home. You place the mask over your face, turn on the LED lights, then enjoy incredible skincare results.

This is definitely a unique product, and we can't say we've seen many like it in the skin health industry lately. Because of this, it might be difficult to find substantive information about its uses, functionality, and background.

Does DermaBolt actually work? How does DermaBolt work? Find out everything you need to know about DermaBolt today in our comprehensive tech product review.


What is DermaBolt?

DermaBolt is a face mask that uses LED light therapy to improve skin health, stimulate collagen production, and reduce the visible signs of aging with no side effects.

The mask is exclusively available online through, where it’s priced at $100. You wear the mask daily and experience visible benefits within just one week.

DermaBolt claims to provide results similar to professional skincare clinics – but without the high cost. You pay for the mask today, and you can use it an unlimited number of times to improve your skin health.

How Does DermaBolt Work?

Obviously, wearing LED lights on your face to improve skin health seems unusual. However, there’s growing evidence showing LED improves skin health at certain wavelengths.

DermaBolt contains three colors of LED light. Each light has a different wavelength to treat different areas of your skin. Light penetrates your skin differently based on its wavelength. Longer and shorter wavelength light target different levels of your skin. Some light penetrates deeply to stimulate collagen production in the lower layers of your skin, for example, while other light enters just the uppermost layer of your skin. Other light has unique effects – like antimicrobial effects.

Here’s how DermaBolt explains each of the three LED colors used in its mask system:

Red Light: DermaBolt uses red light to increase natural hydration levels, shrink the appearance of pores, regulate oil production, stimulate collagen production, and reduce wrinkles, among other benefits.

Blue Light: DermaBolt uses blue light to reduce oil production and treat acne without irritation. The company claims blue light provides a UV-free alternative for treating eczema and psoriasis. They also claim blue light is antibacterial.

Orange Light: DermaBolt has an orange light that repairs redness caused by erythema, repairs dark dull spots, and brightens skin tone and radiance, among other effects.

Lack of collagen in your skin leads to visible signs of aging. As your body ages, your collagen levels naturally decline. Collagen levels start to drop in your mid-20s. As you get older, the lack of collagen affects skin stone, wrinkles, and more.

How to Use DermaBolt

The manufacturer recommends using the following 4-step process to use DermaBolt:

Step 1) Clean your face for the best results.

Step 2) Spread a face mask or apply serum or cream to your skin.

Step 3) Place the mask on your face and turn it on.

Step 4) The mask automatically stops working when time is up.

It’s unclear what type of face mask, cream, or serum to use when using DermaBolt. Some face masks recommend a specific cream that is activated by wavelengths of light. DermaBolt does not recommend any specific cream, and the website does not list any creams for purchase.

DermaBolt Features & Benefits

The makers of DermaBolt advertise all of the following features and benefits:

No Side Effects: DermaBolt claims to have no side effects. You can use it daily to “treat a multitude of skin problems” without worrying about side effects or harmful effects.

High Efficiency: DermaBolt claims to produce “similar, if not better results in less time” than traditional face treatments like microneedles and Botox injections. The company also claims its mask treats the root causes of skin issues – not just the symptoms. While Botox temporarily fills in wrinkles with artificial chemicals, DermaBolt claims to reverse collagen loss.

Easy to Use at Home: With DermaBolt, there’s no need to visit a salon for your skincare routine. You can get professional-style skin treatment at home.

Scientific Evidence for DermaBolt

The makers of DermaBolt make bold claims about the benefits of the face mask. But does DermaBolt really work as advertised? Is there any science supporting the use of LED lights to boost collagen?

Oddly, the company does not cite any studies reinforcing its advertised benefits. The company does not cite research proving the benefits of LED lights, for example, nor does it link to any clinical trials involving red, blue, or orange LEDs.

There’s some evidence LED lights can reverse the effects of aging, although it’s unclear if DermaBolt will replicate these effects. LED light systems use different wavelengths and powers, and studies on one light mask may not be observed with other light masks.

This 2017 study showed that 440-nm blue light can target the bacteria that cause acne vulgaris. By applying blue light to the skin, researchers observed a significant reduction in acne bacteria.

This March 2017 study, meanwhile, showed that red LED light improved measures of eye-area wrinkles. Researchers applied red LED light to 50 women, then analyzed eye-area wrinkles.

LED therapy could also be effective against blemishes. This 2017 review study checked available evidence and concluded that red and blue light therapy reduced blemishes by 46 to 76% after 4 to 12 weeks of treatment.

Not all LED mask studies have been promising. This 2019 study found that blue light had limited ability to clear the skin.

Overall, some studies show that LED light therapy is a safe and effective way to clear the skin, reverse the effects of aging, and enjoy other benefits. Other studies have been less enthusiastic. It’s also unclear how a mid-range mask like DermaBolt compares to professional LED lights.

LED lights have different wavelengths and powers, and these factors can impact their effectiveness. Since DermaBolt has never been studied or tested, it’s hard to state the mask has definitive anti-aging benefits.

LED anti-aging face masks have been trending on social media in recent months. They’re supported by big promises and claims. There’s some evidence professional-grade LED therapy can reverse the effects of aging, although there’s limited evidence products like DermaBolt are as effective as professional skin therapy treatments.

Who’s Behind DermaBolt?

DermaBolt is made by a company doing business under the name DermaBolt.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1 (888)-403-0161
  • Mailing Address: 2345 Vauxhall Road, Union, NJ 07083

That mailing address is associated with other ecommerce products, although it’s unclear where DermaBolt is manufactured. It’s possible the mask is sourced from suppliers in China, then sold online at inflated prices to western markets.

Frequently Asked Questions About DermaBolt

Because of the unique nature of this skincare technological product, we suspect that most users have several questions. This section should clear a few things up by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about DermaBolt, as well as the company behind it.

Q: What does DermaBolt do for users?

A: DermaBolt's producers claim that their product can help the skin in a number of ways. To start, some evidence suggests that LED therapy can help to rid the skin of blemishes and even reduce signs of aging. The LED lights of DermaBolt can help to erase wrinkles, fine lines, and other imperfections in the skin.

Q: Can DermaBolt help with acne?

A: Some evidence does suggest that the LED therapy used by DermaBolt can help to decrease occurrences of acne in users, along with improving overall skin health and minimizing blemishes. We do advise that consumers manage their expectations with new products like DermaBolt. Serious acne problems should be discussed with your healthcare professional or a dermatologist.

Q: Is DermaBolt scientifically backed?

A: Yes and no. Some studies have found that LED exposure can help to erase blemishes, signs of aging, and even acne. Others have instead concluded that LED is largely ineffective when compared to more traditional forms of acne management. We recommend using a combination of methods to maximize results.

Q: Should you speak to a doctor before trying DermaBolt?

A: Although not mandatory, we always recommend that consumers consult their dermatologist before trying any new skincare routine. Results can vary, and only a professional can tell you how much a given method of anti-aging skin treatment might help you.

DermaBolt Pricing

DermaBolt is priced at $100 per unit, although you can save a significant amount by ordering 2 masks per order.

  • 1 Mask: $99.95 + $5.99 Shipping
  • 2 Masks: $159.98 + Free Shipping

You can pay online using PayPal or credit card.

The sales page has an upsell offer for 1-year protection plus expedited shipping ($9.97).

DermaBolt Refund Policy

DermaBolt has a 30 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund in 30 days, minus shipping.

Your product must be in the original packaging and in the same condition that you received it to qualify for a refund.

Final Thoughts

DermaBolt is a $100 LED face mask that looks to reduce the effects of aging, target acne, and provide other benefits. By wearing the therapeutic infrared mask daily and activating different light colors, you can purportedly see visible benefits within just one week.

While natural skepticism exists on how the DermaBolt works as advertised, and there being cheaper and arguably more proven options available online, the Derma Bolt therapeutic infrared LED mask is said to be professional grade quality that can stimulate collagen production without having to rely on costly therapy or doctor visits. The product comes with a 30-day refund policy, allowing you to try it, then return it if you’re unsatisfied.

There’s some evidence LED face masks work as advertised to clear acne, improve skin tone, and reverse the effects of aging. Red light therapy products have become quite popular in the last few years as consumers continually seek for the fountain of youth in a variety of modern-day ways. However, since DermaBolt has never been studied, it’s unclear if the mask has the same benefits as other LED skin therapy systems.

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