Supplements Vitamins Blood Sugar Support: Reviewing the Supplement Research

Blood Sugar Support: Reviewing the Supplement Research

Blood Sugar Support supplement is formulated to support healthy blood sugar levels and healthy glucose homeostasis system using 20 different natural ingredients like cinnamon and bitter melon.


In advanced age, blood sugar problems are common. The impacts of low or high blood sugar can be severe. Unfortunately, both the causes and potential solutions for blood sugar problems are extremely varied. Both high and low blood sugar can be caused by a number of lifestyle or medical factors, and obtaining treatment often requires the use of pharmaceuticals, many of which come with unwanted side effects.

This might be one of the main reasons why a growing number of consumers are turning towards alternative medicine and supplements to help better regulate their blood sugar. We advise users to approach this growing niche industry with extreme caution. Although the FDA prohibits supplement manufacturers from claiming that their products can cure disease or illness, many companies intentionally walk this fine line.

Blood Sugar Support is a supplement that might help consumers keep their blood sugar levels healthy through the use of botanical extracts, herbs, and trace minerals such as biotin, vanadium, chromium, and manganese. But does this supplement actually work as advertised? What does the science say about Blood Sugar Support? Find out everything you need to know in our review of Blood Sugar Support.

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What is Blood Sugar Support?

Type 2 diabetes affects millions of people around the world, and it remains one of the main causes of blood sugar imbalance in many consumers. When diet and exercise are not enough to control blood sugar, some people with type 2 diabetes turn to medications, such as metformin. However, some research shows that alternative medicine might also help to control blood sugar.

There are a few ways that diabetes can affect the body, and most people manage the problem with the use of insulin as their primary medication. Having a restricted diet can naturally manage how much sugar is consumed and goes into the body, but that isn’t the only way to manage such a serious condition. That’s where Blood Sugar Support comes in.

Blood Sugar Support is made in an FDA and GMP-certified, registered facility in the United States. The supplement is also free of GMOs and 3rd-party tested. Focusing primarily on delivering botanical extracts that are useful in the management of blood sugar, every single ingredient has been chosen for its ability to promote healthier balance in the body.

According to the official product website, Blood Sugar Support has been featured in several news and media press releases between 2018 and 2019, including Scientific American, Natural News, and MNT. The creators of Blood Sugar Support claim that each of these media sources positively review the botanical extracts and minerals that are used in Blood Sugar Support's formula.

Read on below to learn about the ingredients the formula uses to create such major effects.


blood sugar support supplement facts

The only reason that Blood Sugar Support can help consumers is due to the ingredients involved. Those ingredients include:

  • Banaba leaf, which has been used in Asian culture for years and may be useful due to the naturally-occurring corosolic acid and ellagitannins. It has also been linked to the balance of the glucose homeostasis system.
  • Guggul, a type of tree sap, has been used in Indian culture as a medicine for centuries. While it doesn’t push the body to balance blood sugar levels, it may help to support blood sugar levels that remain within a normal range.
  • Bitter melon, often found in Asia and Africa, has been linked to supporting healthy blood sugar levels, though it doesn’t manage blood sugar directly.
  • Cinnamon can help regulate HbA1c levels in the blood. Though some consumers may have a high dose of cinnamon, this level isn’t recommended in many cases.
  • Gymnema sylvestre can help both after a meal and between meals to keep blood sugars around the same levels.
  • Vanadium is a B-vitamin which can help support the balance of glucose in the system. The chromium in Blood Sugar Support works together with biotin, and several studies have suggested this combination is very beneficial.
  • Biotin is a trace metal which has helped with the balance of blood sugars as well.

This formula also includes licorice root extract, yarrow flowers powder, juniper berry powder, white mulberry leaf powder, alpha lipoic acid, L-taurine, and more.

Contacting Customer Service

Even with the information available on the website, consumers may want to learn more information about this product before they make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-888-455-9995 or by sending an email to

Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Sugar Support

Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions users have about Blood Sugar Support, as well as the organization and science behind it.

Q: Does Blood Sugar Support require a prescription?

A: No. However, consumers that presently take a prescription should not stop doing so without prior approval from their doctor. Supplements do not require prescriptions, although they are also not regulated or tested by the FDA.

Q: How do you use Blood Sugar Support?

A: In total, users should Blood Sugar Support up to three times daily, swallowing one capsule per serving. More specific use instructions are available on the official product website.

Q: How do you get diabetes?

A: Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs because the body is unable to use and regulate blood sugar (glucose) properly, The exact cause of this is unknown, although genetic and environmental factors both play a part. Risk factors for diabetes include obesity and high levels of cholesterol.

Q: Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar?

A: Once a person has diabetes, eating too much sugar can make symptoms worse, as diabetes makes it more difficult for the body to manage blood sugar levels. Sugar consumption will not directly cause either type of diabetes. However, eating too much can cause weight gain. Obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

Q: Can lack of sleep cause high blood sugar?

A: Sleep can affect your blood sugar levels, and your blood glucose control can also affect your sleep. It's a vicious cycle. When your amount of sleep lessens, blood sugar rises, escalating the issue. Lack of sleep has been shown to increase blood sugar levels and the risk of diabetic issues.

Q: What herb is good for high blood sugar?

A: A few listed herbs are Ginseng, Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Psyllium, Bitter melon, Milk thistle, aloe vera, and Holy basil. However, peer-reviewed scientific studies on the subject are difficult to find.

Q: Is there an automatic enrollment subscription?

A: Not at all. Every purchase is considered to be a one-time transaction. However, consumers can return and purchase another package.

Q: When will my Blood Sugar Support be delivered?

A: With standard shipping, consumers will have to pay $4.95 for delivery within three to five business days. Consumers that want to receive this package sooner can upgrade to Second-Day shipping for $9.95. International orders are fulfilled with UPS, DHL, or USPS.

Any other questions can be addressed by contacting the customer service team by calling 1-888-455-9995.

Purchasing Blood Sugar Support

The only way to purchase Blood Sugar Support is through the official website, and consumers have the choice of a few different packages. Current purchasing options include:

  • One bottle: $24.95
  • Two bottles: $44.96
  • Five bottles: $89.90

If the user finds that this product isn’t right for their needs, they can return the formula through customer service for a refund.

Final Thoughts

Blood Sugar Support is a relatively straightforward solution, claiming to provide consumers with the balance that their body needs to avoid major highs and lows in their glucose levels. The formula is easy to take on a daily basis, but consumers that want to use a supplement to help their blood sugar levels should always consult a doctor first. This formula isn’t a replacement for doctor-prescribed medications, and any changes to your treatment plan should first be discussed with your medical doctor.

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