Supplements Weight Loss BioSwitch Advanced: Review Science Natural Supplements Drops

BioSwitch Advanced: Review Science Natural Supplements Drops

BioSwitch Advanced by Science Natural Supplements is a natural metabolism booster that enhances energy levels, helps control appetite and sugar cravings and lose weight with fat burning nutrients.


BioSwitch Advanced is a nutritional supplement designed for weight loss.

By taking BioSwitch Advanced daily, you can purportedly lose a significant amount of weight within weeks – with limited diet or exercise required.

Is BioSwitch Advanced legit? Can you really lose weight without much diet or exercise? How does BioSwitch Advanced work? Find out everything you need to know about BioSwitch Advanced today in our review.

What is BioSwitch Advanced?

BioSwitch Advanced is a nutritional supplement sold online through

The liquid formula claims to help anyone lose weight with a limited diet, exercise, or calorie counting required. Just take 10 drops of BioSwitch Advanced per day, and you should notice significant weight loss results within works.

BioSwitch Advanced seems similar to another supplement from Science Natural Supplements called BioHarmony Advanced. Released earlier in 2020, BioHarmony Advanced promised similar weight loss results.

Obviously, it would be best to be skeptical when a formula claims you can lose a significant amount of weight without diet or exercise. Let’s take a closer look at how BioSwitch Advanced works – and the story behind the supplement.

The Story Behind BioSwitch Advanced

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Science Natural Supplements has published the story of a woman struggling with weight loss.

That woman is named Scarlett Peralta. Scarlett didn’t realize she was overweight until she met her old best friend from high school, Sophie Baker.

Sophie didn’t recognize Scarlett because she was so overweight. That’s when Scarlett realized she needed to get serious about weight loss.

Over the lengthy sales page, we learn about Scarlett struggling with weight loss, bouncing between diets, and trying different weight loss strategies – all with no effect.

Scarlett asked Sophie how she stayed so skinny after high school.

Sophie told Scarlett about a “bio switch” revealed to her by a man named Dr. Zane Sterling. Sophie describes Dr. Sterling as “the second most important man” she has ever met after her husband.

To make a long story short, Dr. Zane Sterling and Sophie told Scarlett how she could easily lose weight without diet or exercise by activating a “bio switch” within her body. By taking BioSwitch Advanced daily, you can activate that bio switch and easily start losing weight.

Scarlett claims she lost 20 pounds in her first 30 days of using BioSwitch Advanced – with limited diet or exercise.

How Does BioSwitch Advanced Work?

BioSwitch Advanced claims to work by targeting a bio switch within your body. By activating this switch, you can purportedly kickstart your body’s natural weight loss processes – all without diet, exercise, or calorie counting.

That bio switch is linked to two crucial organs connected to weight loss, including:

  • Your thyroid
  • Your adrenal glands

Your thyroid controls your metabolism, which plays a crucial role in fat burning. When your thyroid slows down, it becomes harder to burn fat.

Your adrenal glands, meanwhile, release a group of hormones called glucocorticoids. These hormones, according to Dr. Sterling, control the switch that produces fat cells.

The more glucocorticoids that circulate in your body, the more weight you gain.

The goal of BioSwitch Advanced is to minimize the number of glucocorticoids in your system. Many body systems impact glucocorticoids. However, BioSwitch Advanced claims to target just one: cortisol.

Cortisol is the stress hormone. By targeting stress, you can purportedly reduce the number of glucocorticoids in your system, making it easier for your body to lose weight.

With that goal in mind, BioSwitch Advanced use plants with stress-relieving properties. By taking BioSwitch Advanced daily, you can purportedly reduce stress, kickstarting your body’s natural weight loss processes.

Other advertised benefits of BioSwitch Advanced include:

  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Boost energy
  • Control hunger and sugar cravings
  • Mobilize accumulated fat

That all sounds good – but let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in BioSwitch Advanced to determine how they work.

BioSwitch Advanced Ingredients

BioSwitch Advanced contains 66mg of plant extracts and herbal extracts in each 10 drop serving.

The full list of ingredients includes:

  • Raspberry ketone
  • African mango
  • L-carnitine
  • L-arginine
  • Tryptophan
  • Beta-alanine
  • Chromium
  • Grapefruit powder
  • EGCG
  • Glycyrrhizin extract
  • Panax ginseng
  • Maca powder
  • Grapeseed pyruvate
  • Guarana
  • Garcinia
  • Eleuthero
  • Capsicum

These active ingredients are packaged into a weight loss formula with demineralized water, potassium sorbate, citric acid, and natural flavors.

Many of these ingredients can be found in other weight loss formulas. You may recognize raspberry ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, African mango, EGCG, and capsicum, for example. These are common in weight loss formulas for their ability to boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

Other ingredients target other effects. Capsicum, for example, is a popular thermogenic ingredient. It could boost fat burning in your body. Capsicum is the active ingredient in pepper that gives it a spicy taste.

Ingredients like tryptophan, meanwhile, are linked with stress-relieving properties. Many sleep supplements contain tryptophan or L-tryptophan, for example, for its ability to relax muscles.

Typically, diet pills contain much higher doses of all of these ingredients. There’s just 66mg of total formula in each 10 drop serving of BioSwitch Advanced. That may not be enough to achieve any significant effects. However, Science Natural Supplements emphasizes that it uses sublingual (under the tongue) delivery for maximum bioavailability.

The ingredient label contains unusual errors. Beta-alanine is labeled as “Beta-alanine,” for example. Ingredients like Garcinia cambogia are labeled as “Garcinia,” and Science Natural Supplement labels it as “raspberry ketone” instead of ketones – all of which are unusual to other weight loss formulas.

How to Use BioSwitch Advanced

You use BioSwitch Advanced by taking 10 drops before each meal. Science Natural Supplements recommends taking 10 drops before each meal, or 30 drops per day.

Use BioSwitch Advanced, place the 10 drops underneath your tongue, and then hold for 15 seconds before swallowing.

Like other sublingual formulas, BioSwitch Advanced aims to improve bioavailability by entering your bloodstream underneath your tongue instead of going through your stomach and digestive system.

Scientific Evidence for BioSwitch Advanced

Science Natural Supplements does not claim to have performed any clinical trials or scientific studies on its formula to verify its effectiveness.

However, the BioSwitch Advanced sales page claims “thousands” of women have used BioSwitch Advanced and have “dropped their nagging fat…without dieting, without exercise, [and] without surgery.”

Scarlett, the woman mentioned above, claims she “lost so much fat without dieting, calorie-counting, or intense workouts.”

Overall, there’s limited evidence that BioSwitch Advanced works as advertised. The dosages seem much too low to impact the body in any way significantly. Because all ingredients are within a proprietary formula, we can’t view individual dosages to verify BioSwitch Advanced’s claims.

The first listed ingredient in BioSwitch Advanced is raspberry ketones. There’s some evidence that raspberry ketones can help with weight loss, although other studies have shown no difference between raspberry ketones and a placebo.

Most weight loss studies on raspberry ketones have involved mice – not humans. For example, this 2010 study found that raspberry ketones increased fat breakdown and increased release of the hormone adiponectin (linked to metabolism) in mice.

The only major raspberry ketone study on humans was published in 2013 when researchers gave humans a weight loss supplement and analyzed the effects over 8 weeks. The weight loss supplement contained a blend of caffeine, raspberry ketones, garlic, capsaicin, ginger, and synephrine. Over the 8 week period, participants reduced calories and exercised. The weight loss supplement group lost 7.8% of their fat mass, while the placebo group lost only 2.8%.

Science Natural Supplements cites other studies on the BioSwitch Advanced sales page – although all of these studies use many different dosages of the active ingredients, making it hard to compare their results to BioSwitch Advanced.

Overall, there’s no evidence BioSwitch Advanced can lead to significant weight loss with no diet, exercise, or calorie counting required.

There’s also no evidence that BioSwitch Advanced is any better than a placebo for weight loss, even with dieting and exercise. The dosages seem much too small to have any significant impact on the human body – and there’s no evidence proving otherwise.

BioSwitch Advanced Pricing

BioSwitch Advanced is priced at $30 to $60 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle: $59
  • 3 Bottles: $117
  • 6 Bottles: $174

All prices include shipping to the United States.

Each bottle contains 1,200 drops (120 servings, with 10 drops per serving). You take 30 drops per day (10 drops before each meal), so one bottle should last approximately 40 days.

BioSwitch Advanced Refund Policy

Science Natural Supplements has a 180 day (6 months) refund policy. You have 180 days from the date of purchase to request a complete refund.

Just contact the company, then return the empty bottles to complete the refund process.

About Science Natural Supplements

Science Natural Supplements is a nutritional supplement company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company sells a range of supplements targeting weight loss, joint pain, and other issues. Earlier in 2020, Science Natural Supplements released a formula named BioHarmony Advanced. BioSwitch Advanced seems similar.

All Science Natural Supplements products are formulated by a man named Dr. Zane Sterling. Dr. Sterling is a chiropractor who operates a clinic named Sterling Clinics in Boise, Idaho. You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

You can contact Science Natural Supplements via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 800-305-1445
  • Mailing Address: 304 S. Jones Blvd #1878, Las Vegas, NV 89107

Final Word

BioSwitch Advanced is a weight loss supplement that claims significant weight loss with no diet or exercise required. You take 30 drops of BioSwitch Advanced per day (10 drops before each meal) to activate a fat-burning switch within your body, kickstarting your body’s natural weight loss mechanisms.

Ultimately, there’s limited evidence BioSwitch Advanced works as advertised to cause significant weight loss without diet or exercise. However, the supplement comes with a 180-day refund policy, making it easy to try the formula yourself and determine if it works. You can learn more by visiting the official website, here.



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