Supplements Probiotics Active Restore: Reviewing Digestive Center Active Restore

Active Restore: Reviewing Digestive Center Active Restore

Active Restore by Digestive Center is a digestive aid superfood supplement formulated by Dr. Mark Laursen, MD that works to improve gut and immune health with 20 billion CFU probiotics per serving.


Active Restore is a nutritional supplement that claims to improve gut and immune health.

By taking Active Restore daily, you can purportedly heal your gut from the inside out. The supplement uses natural extracts, probiotics, prebiotics, and other ingredients to support gut health.

Does Active Restore really work as advertised? How does Active Restore work? Is the supplement worth the price? Find out everything you need to know about Active Restore today in our review.


What is Active Restore?

Active Restore is a digestive health supplement made by Digestive Center. Using multiple ingredients, the formula claims to relieve bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive issues. It also claims to improve gut and immune health, restore gut health, and eliminate gas, constipation, fatigue, and immune issues, among other problems.

Active Restore was formulated by Dr. Mark Laursen, a naturopathic doctor and medical doctor certified by the American Board of Integrated Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). Active Restore is exclusively sold online through, where it’s priced at around $70 per bottle.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Dr. Laursen and the Digestive Center team have launched a video explaining the benefits of Active Restore, including why big pharmaceutical companies are trying to shut down Dr. Laursen and prevent the release of Active Restore.

Clearly, Digestive Center believes in the benefits of its Active Restore supplement. But does it actually work as advertised? Let’s find out how Active Restore works.

How Does Active Restore Work?

Digestive Center makes bold claims about the benefits of its supplement. Typically, nutritional supplement companies do not claim to offer health benefits. Legally, they cannot claim to treat or prevent a disease, for example. Only drugs can make these claims – and supplements are not drugs.

Despite this drawback, Digestive Center makes bold claims about the benefits of its formula:

  • Eliminate digestive problems like bloating, gas, constipation, and fatigue
  • Use a probiotic and prebiotic formula to restore gut health
  • Boost gut bacteria in your gut and banish bad bacteria
  • Build a rock-solid immune system quickly

Supplements don’t normally claim to improve health – they only claim to support it. Digestive Center, however, takes a different approach. The supplement makes specific claims about “improving your gut and immune health today.”

Digestive Center also claims its formula can impact mood and affect other parts of your body.

To achieve all of these benefits, Active Restore uses just three ingredients, including 400mg of mastic gum, 400mg of bromelain, and 20 billion CFUs of two probiotic strains.

Mastic Gum: Active Restore contains Greek mastic gum, which purportedly kills bad bacteria within your gut. Digestive Center describes Greek mastic gum as a “rare medicinal crystal” that is found only on the island of Chios in Greece. In addition to killing bad gut bacteria, Greek mastic gum feeds good bacteria, helping your gut biome thrive.

Bromelain: Bromelain is an enzyme found naturally in pineapple. Bromelain is linked with a range of benefits. Digestive Center claims bromelain counteracts intestinal pathogens in your gut, including E. coli and other bacteria.

Probiotics: Active Restore contains 20 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of two probiotic strains, including Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. These two probiotic strains are popular and commonly found in all types of probiotic supplements.

Active Restore Ingredients

Active Restore contains the following ingredients:

400mg of mastic gum

400mg of bromelain

20 billion CFUs of a proprietary blend with Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum

The ingredients are packaged into a gelatin capsule with rice flour and magnesium stearate used as fillers, binders, or preservatives. Oddly, the Active Restore label mistakenly describes the capsule as ‘gelatin,’ which is a misspelling of gelatin.

Scientific Evidence for Active Restore

Digestive Center has not run any clinical trials or scientific studies on its supplement. However, the company claims its formula can boost immunity, restore gut health, and support mood, among many other benefits. As proof, Digestive Center cites studies performed by third parties on individual ingredients within Active Restore.

This 2010 study, for example, analyzed the effect of mastic gum on Helicobacter pylori, which is a harmful strain of gut bacteria. In the study, 52 patients took either mastic gum or a bacteria-killing drug. Researchers observed significant H. pylori eradication in both groups with no adverse side effects, concluding that mastic gum has “bactericidal” (bacteria-killing) effects. Participants took 350mg of pure mastic gum three times per day (1,050mg of mastic gum per day).

Another study from 2003 found that mastic gum “has no effect” on that same strain of bacteria. In that 2003 study, researchers gave patients 4,000mg of mastic gum daily for 14 days, then analyzed effects after 15 days and five weeks. Researchers found no significant difference between mastic gum and a placebo.

In both of these studies, participants took a significantly higher dose of mastic gum than what we see in Active Restore. Patients received 1,000 to 4,000mg of mastic gum per day, while Active Restore contains just 400mg of mastic gum.

What about bromelain? In this 2012 review study, researchers analyzed 76 studies on bromelain and its therapeutic effects to analyze its benefits. Researchers concluded that bromelain has therapeutic benefits for treating bronchitis, sinusitis, surgical trauma, wound healing, and enhanced absorption of drugs. They also linked bromelain to relief from osteoarthritis, diarrhea, and certain cardiovascular conditions. Some studies even linked bromelain to anti-cancer effects.

Bromelain could have health benefits, although more research is needed. As the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health explains, bromelain is promoted as a dietary supplement for burns, swelling, digestive health, and other issues, although “there is not enough research to determine if bromelain is effective” for digestive problems and other conditions.

Meanwhile, the two probiotic strains in Active Restore are common probiotic strains linked with improved digestion and other benefits. As the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health explains, probiotics can help your body maintain a healthy community of microorganisms, and a healthy gut is linked with improved mood and immunity, among other benefits.

Overall, the most proven ingredient in Active Restore is the probiotic formula. However, you can find plenty of probiotic supplements that contain a similar dosage for much less than $70 per bottle. A single serving of probiotic yogurt can contain 1 billion CFUs or more, and many supplements contain 100 to 200 billion CFUs.

Active Restore Pricing

Active Restore is only available through, where it’s priced at the following rates:

1 Bottle: $69.94 + $5.95 Shipping

3 Bottles: $186.74 + Free Shipping

6 Bottles: $335.71 + Free Shipping

Each bottle contains 60 capsules. You take two capsules per day, so each bottle will last 30 days.

Active Restore Refund Policy

Active Restore comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 90 days with no questions asked.

About Digestive Center

Digestive Center is a nutritional supplement company led by Dr. Mark Laursen. Dr. Laursen is a medical doctor (MD) and a naturopathic doctor. He earned his medical degree from the University of Iowa. He’s board-certified by the American Board of Integrated Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and the Arizona Board of Homeopathy.

In addition to being a medical doctor and naturopathic doctor, Mark Laursen is an actor. IMDB has credited Dr. Laursen with 31 movie and TV appearances from 2013 onward.

Digestive Center sells a small number of other supplements, including Absorb Biotics, Actzym, Actcleanse, and Mastic Gum.

You can contact Digestive Center via the following:


Phone: 888-659-4456

Mailing Address: 13101 Washington Blvd Ste 401 Los Angeles, CA 90666

As far as we can tell, this address is not the headquarters of Digestive Center or the manufacturing location of its supplements. Instead, this address is linked with a virtual office company called eOffices.

Final Word

Digestive Center describes Active Restore as a “unique, proven, all-in-one formula packed with powerful gut-soothing superfoods” capable of “improving your gut and immune health today.”

These claims are a little dramatic. In reality, Active Restore contains 20 billion CFUs of two common probiotic strains along with bromelain and mastic gum.

The ingredients in Active Restore could support gut and digestive health, although you may also be able to find cheaper options available online with similar ingredients. At $70 per bottle, Active Restore is one of the priciest digestive health supplements available today, and it’s unclear why it’s so much more expensive than other bromelain or probiotic supplements available today.

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