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Woman Claims Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Conditioner from WalMart Caused Hair to Fall Out

Taking care of the body isn’t as simple as choosing the right products from stores. Instead, with all of the controversial videos coming out that show people tampering with products, it is harder to trust what you can get at the store. After a terrible experience with hair care products, one consumer believes that a twisted and mean prank is being played, suggesting that someone put depilatory cream in shampoo and conditioner bottles.


  • A woman lost chunks of her hair after using hair products that were purchased from Walmart.
  • The police and the hair care brand have both been notified.

When consumers go into stores to make purchases, they go with the assumption that they will get what they pay for. However, as more news stories arise of licking ice cream and even urinating on produce, accusations that at least one bottle of conditioner was tampered with isn’t surprising, though it is still horrifying.

A woman named Ashley Rose Robinson posted to Facebook about her experience after using Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume shampoo and conditioner, which she purchased from Walmart. Using them on Sunday, she posted about losing her hair after the application of the products, and she even shared a photograph of the aftermath of her shower.

She included a caption of what led to this moment, saying that she took her hair out of her towel, noticing that it smelled bad. After getting back in the shower, Amber used her former shampoo and her hands were quickly covered in hair as it fell out. To ensure that she was healthy, she went to the ER and had no chemical burns. However, at the time of her post, her hair was still coming out.

One of the people who commented on this post questioned if it was possible that the formula was tampered with, bringing up the woman who recently used mouthwash, only to spit it back in the bottle. That person allegedly purchased the mouthwash they used, but it still points to a major lack of safety in these stores and in these brands.

While there were several recommendations from readers to speak with Pantene, the company states that they have not received any correspondence at this time, which means that the information that they have on the issue is limited. A spokesperson stated that they’d already reached out to learn more details around this problem.

Since the incident, a GoFundMe fundraiser was launched, and Ashley believes that it is likely that there was a depilatory cream put into the conditioner, causing the hair loss. She expressed that no one else lives with her, and that there’s no way that anyone else could’ve possibly tampered with the formula after she purchased it.

The chief of police in New Richmond, Craig Yehlik, spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about the issue, saying that a report had been filed. Product tampering is considered a felony offense in Wisconsin. A spokesman from Walmart expressed that they were looking into the matter as well, and they’ve notified the supplier.

Since the event, Ashley has created several more posts on this issue, explaining that she has since had to shave her head to allow it to heal, taking a major toll on her scalp.


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