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The Shepherd's Code – Kristina Wilds Biblical Fat Loss System?


The Shepherd’s Code is a program that uses various principles from Christianity and the Bible to dictate a healthier eating plan, which is meant for all consumers. The program includes multiple guides, and is available digitally to users.

What is The Shepherd's Code?

Losing weight is a struggle that everyone faces in their life at some point. That is why the industry has so many popular diets and exercise programs right now. However, these remedies are not necessarily meant to help consumers lead a healthier life; they are a temporary solution to a problem that will keep returning without real changes.

Many people become conditioned to the idea that they must drop all the delicious foods they love, which only ends up leading to uncontrollable cravings later. To get to the root cause of the obesity and weight problems, consumers may find The Shepherd’s Code helpful.

The Shepherd’s Code prioritizes healthy fats, which are much different from the fats that consumers find in foods like fried chicken, fast food burgers, and more. The right fats trigger weight loss, while also promoting better energy levels and concentration in every day life.

According to reviews on the advertising website, these small habits changes make it easy to eliminate that daily cup of coffee from someone’s routine, because they start feeling more energized. Rather than the guide introducing a ton of rules that consumers remember on their own, it takes the participant through each step to ensure that they have steady progress.

The biggest appeal of The Shepherd’s Code is that this is not just another diet. It does not overly restrict calories, and it does not even ask consumers to count them, because they will not maintain this tracking information throughout their life. The program helps consumers to feel healthier and more satisfied with the food they eat so that they do not feel the need to go back to the unhealthy food they had before.

Read on below to find out more information about the content that consumers receive with their purchase.

What’s Included

Consumers should already be aware by now that they get the complete guide for The Shepherd's Code. However, there are other materials that the participant will gain access to, which all contribute to the effectiveness of the regimen. Those other materials include:

  • “What Would Jesus Eat,” a guide to help consumers find the right ingredients for their meals from the grocery store
  • “Cellular Rejuvenation Secrets,” which takes the user on a 10-day journey to burn more stored fat, instead of carbohydrates and sugar in the diet
  • “Anti-Anxiety & Stress Elimination Guide,” to reduce the amount of negative energy surrounding someone’s life
  • “Celebrity Anti-Aging & Weight Loss Secret,” showing how the Hollywood elite use different healthy fats to stay youthful, and why it is important to avoid sugar
  • “Healthy Brain Manual,” which describes an exercise that consumers can do with just five minutes a day to improve their mental function

These packages are included with the value of the program, and are not even considered as bonuses. Instead, consumers should think of them as extensions of their regimen. There is no quick-start guide, which is something that most other programs must help consumers get involved before they have reviewed all the content.

In this case, consumers will have to read all the materials before they have a clear understanding of the obligations and lessons.

What Can Consumers Learn From The Shepherd’s Code?

Consumers will gather a lot of information that is helpful to their weight loss regimen, though it can be overwhelming to take it all in. Between the guide and other included materials, consumers will learn:

  • How to get rid of stored fat
  • How to stop having eating disorders
  • What the Bible says about eating and weight loss
  • How the foods that consumers eat will only release 5% of the energy it is meant for
  • How the health of the rest of the body changes
  • How to balance this eating plan while going out to restaurants
  • What fatty snacks are good for the user
  • The lies that the industry feeds consumers about their fat
  • How easy it is to make a change
  • What factors contribute to cholesterol levels
  • Which fats are healthy, and which fats are making the body worse
  • How to reduce the user’s risk of heart disease with food
  • What participants need to do to eliminate inflammation
  • How detoxification makes a difference in the health of the user

This program does not involve a lot of time, but there are a few concrete actions that consumers have to actively take in their lives.

What Does The Shepherd’s Code Require From Participants?

As described above, the whole concept around The Shepherd’s Code is that it is a lifestyle change. Consumers that diet will not have the same success as with this broad change, because a diet is often extreme, and participants go right back to their normal way of life after.

Even though the details are spread throughout the advertisement, here are a few of the “rules” of the program:

  1. Eat minimal carbohydrates (which will also eliminate gluten).
  2. Each whichever food that the participant likes from the included food list.
  3. Change the types of alcohol that the user consumes, which can be chosen from the included “safe” list.
  4. Eliminate unhealthy fats, and replace them with fats that heal the body instead.

The program does not include any supplements or diet pills, and participant will not have to count calories for even a moment. Consumers get to learn what foods are actually damaging the body at a much deeper level than weight gain. The whole point is to switch the metabolism to better fat-burning, even though consumers should not have to take part in exercise to make it work.

The company encourages consumers to reach out to their medical professional if they have any medical condition that may require them not to lose weight. Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant will need medical advisement before using this program, along with anyone that has kidney disease or type 1 diabetes.

Pricing for The Shepherd's Code

To participate in The Shepherd's Code, consumers will only need to pay a total of $47, despite the fact that the website says that their content is worth over $300. Once paid, the consumer will immediately have access to all the content electronically, rather than having to wait for a heavy package of books to arrive weeks later.

Every diet is not created for every person. If the user decides that this regimen just does not suit their needs, they have up to 60 days to relinquish the access to the materials for a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of The Shepherd's Code

The website actually offers a lot of information that is pertinent to the decision-making process, but consumers may still have other questions arise that they need answered first. The customer service team is available by phone or by email.

  • Phone number: 1-844-854-7437
  • Email address: support@theshepherdscode.com

If the individual sends an email, they should get a reply within 48 hours.

The Shepherd's Code Conclusion

The Shepherd’s Code is meant for consumers that want to change the way that their body handles stored fat, but that still want to enjoy great-tasting food. Even though the program centers around Biblical ideals, consumers of any religion (or none at all) can still receive help from the methods described. Make sure to read all the materials before using the regimen.

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