Gadgets Survival Survival Sanctuary: Reviewing the Do It Yourself (DIY) Research

Survival Sanctuary: Reviewing the Do It Yourself (DIY) Research

DIY Survival Sanctuary is a comprehensive do it yourself survival notebook guide that briefs readers on how to live off grid using sustainable, long-term projects to enhance their life and stay safe.


25 Quick-and-Easy Projects for Your Off-Grid Escape

As the COVID-19 infection continues to spread all over the world, consumers everywhere are evaluating the possibility that they might need to tap into their survival capabilities following global disaster. While we don't necessarily think there's any reason to believe that this virus will cause a global collapse, many readers feel that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Even without the current crisis, it's always good for consumers to have contingency plans for their families, in the case that disaster strikes and it's necessary to get off-the-grid for a little while. But this can be difficult; the new era of technological inter-connectivity means that users are rarely ever truly able to escape the world and live independently. Even if they can escape the technology that controls us all, many consumers are dreadfully ignorant of the complex work required to live sustainably on their own.

Survival Sanctuary is a digital self-help guide that teaches consumers different projects that will help them live more efficiently while they are off-grid or preparing to be off-grid. The guide can be found on the official website, which delivers the content instantly upon payment.

Let's review the do-it-yourself Survival Sanctuary guide and see if it is part of an emergency preparedness tool you should add to your arsenal. Between face masks and hand sanitizers (even UV lights), to pandemic planning and survival kits or first aid kits, having knowledge of how to survive during a global pandemic is a major key to not panicking or acting from fear.

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What is Survival Sanctuary?

Taking on a survivalist attitude during a time of so much panic and confusion is a wise decision, but there are some ways that consumers need to prepare first. One of the most common endeavors to take on nowadays is off-grid living, allowing the individual to thrive on their own renewable resources and learn how to take care of themselves independently. This level of dedication requires some preparation, which is where Survival Sanctuary comes in.

Survival Sanctuary offers detailed directions for 25 separate projects that will help consumers to prepare for off-the-grid living properly. The creator of this guide, James Miller, discovered a book of do-it-yourself projects that his father had written. While James believes that this work was a survivalist effort, he states that his father saw the guides in this book as basic, “common sense” methods of being prepared. The guide includes instructions on how to obtain many of his father's creations, including:

  • Improvised sources of power, like windmills and waterwheels
  • Food gardens
  • Food preservation and storage options
  • Water well and rain collection systems
  • A makeshift crossbow

James states that the “most ambitious” of the projects that his father took on was a log cabin, which he built himself as a way to protect himself and others from military invasion. The cabin and his notebook were left to James, and James now brings these family secrets to the public as well in Survival Sanctuary.

Technological advancements won’t always be available in the event of an emergency situation or survivalist situation. The creator even stated that his own reliance on technology has put his family at risk at times, even though his father has found ways to create his own electricity, his own water supply, and his own preservation techniques for food. All of these options follow the S.C.A.R.R. principle that his father followed: simple, cheap, adaptable, resilient, and reliable.

Along with the structures found in the original guide passed down to James, Survival Sanctuary has added a few other projects like the Walipini Greenhouse and the Square Foot Garden. Even though the original versions of some of these projects were more complicated, they each were modified to keep their effectiveness but at a more affordable and simple level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Survival Sanctuary

This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Survival Sanctuary and its creator's ideas.

Q: What chapter examples are in Survival Sanctuary?

A: While the creators don’t want to show everything that they are offering in this guide, consumers are shown a few of the chapter titles that they’ve included. For example, the first chapter includes ways of generating electricity from home, while the second chapter addresses the use of limited space to grow food.

Q: What is the S.C.A.R.R. principle?

A: S.C.A.R.R. stands for Simple, Cheap, Adaptable, Resilient, and Reliable. This principle accounts for the five qualities that every sustainability project should have; every project in the Survival Sanctuary guide strives to be simple, cheap, adaptable, resilient, and reliable.

Q: Are these designs safe?

A: Yes. James states in the advertisement that the has worked Mark Johnson, a survival instructor, to build all of the devices and structures described in the guide. All of the structures have been verified for safety.

Q: Are the required supplies expensive?

A: Not at all. The beauty of this guide is the fact that many of the projects come from materials that are easy to procure and are made with basic tools that would be in any home. As always, items required in this guide should be cheap and resilient.

Q: Are there bonus items in Survival Sanctuary?

A: Consumers will also receive three bonus guides: The Shoe Box Garden, My American Castle, and The Home Energy Rescue Plan. All of the guides are available for free with the purchase of Survival Sanctuary.

Q: What is The Shoe Box Garden about?

A: Valued at $27, The Shoe Box Garden discusses how to ensure that consumers keep up a steady food supply with limited space. A steady stream of independently grown food is an essential component of off-the-grid living.

Q: What is My American Castle?

A: Valued at $27, My American Castle is meant to be entertaining and informative. It includes details for protecting a home from being burglarized or ultimately damaged. It also includes information on creating traps to deter invasions.

Q: What is The Home Energy Rescue Plan?

A: Valued at $27, The Home Energy Rescue Plan shows consumers how to store electricity and what batteries are best for survival situations. This guide is especially important for consumers who are concerned that they may lose access to government power in the case of an emergency.

Q: How do you buy Survival Sanctuary?

A: Survival Sanctuary can only be purchased from the official website, and we do not anticipate the product will likely be available on other major online retailers, such as Amazon or eBay, anytime soon.

Any other questions can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing Survival Sanctuary

The total cost of purchasing Survival Sanctuary is $37, allowing consumers to buy it from the advertising website. Once the payment is processed, consumers will have instant access to the digital content, including all of the bonus materials.

If the user decides that this guide isn’t the right product for them, they have up to 60 days to give up access and get a refund.

Contacting Customer Service

Even with the information available online, consumers may find that they want to learn more about this guide before they make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-800-390-6035 or by filling out the form on

Final Thoughts

Survival Sanctuary is good for any household that wants to be more self-sufficient, even if they don’t plan to live entirely off-grid. The projects are totally safe and easy to set up, and anyone can take them on. The cost of the guide is minimal, just like the cost to make any of these projects, ensuring that consumers can get the most from their budget.

Check Out DIY Survival Sanctuary Here

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