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Stem Cell Secret: Reviewing the Internal Healing System Film

The Stem Cell Secret is a 7 episode documentary series film on how to unlock your Internal Healing System with over 50 top doctors, experts and scientists who examine real longevity health benefits.


The Stem Cell Secret is a documentary series that explains how to optimize health, fight disease, and activate internal healing using stem cells.

In The Stem Cell Secret, viewers will learn about alternative medical practices, alternative diagnoses, and alternative treatments for chronic diseases. The 7-part documentary series is airing online for free in late September and early October.

What will you learn in the Stem Cell Secret? What topics does the Stem Cell Secret cover? Find out everything you need to know about Stem Cell Secret today in our review.

What is The Stem Cell Secret?

The Stem Cell Secret is a 7-part webinar airing online starting September 29. The webinar is free for anyone to view, although each episode is only available online for 24 hours.

Between September 29 and October 5, viewers will learn about alternative treatments, diagnosis strategies, and therapies. The goal of the docu-series is to explain how to activate your body’s natural healing processes.

The full title of the documentary series is The Stem Cell Secret: How To Unlock Your Internal Healing System. The documentary series is hosted by Tami Meraglia, MD, the founder of US Stemology. The Stem Cell Secret is published online by World Renown.

As you may have guessed from the title, The Stem Cell Secret emphasizes using stem cell therapies to heal your body. All of us have stem cells inside us – and by activating those stem cells, you can purportedly unlock healing powers.

What Will You Learn in The Stem Cell Secret?

In a trailer, for The Stem Cell Secret, viewers learn about alternative ways to kickstart your body’s natural healing processes.

Typically, western doctors recommend using prescription medications, surgeries, and other mainstream therapies to heal the body.

Instead, The Stem Cell Secret highlights alternative ways to achieve those same healing effects. The documentary team describes it as “the most controversial yet effective aera of medical research today.”

In an introductory trailer for The Stem Cell Secret, experts make the following claims about The Stem Cell Secret and how it works:

“Great things begin on the inside, and you have greatness inside of you, genius inside of you”

“If you really want to tap into the language of DNA, then you need to be fluent in that language”

“7 out of 10 deaths in the United States are caused by diseases and related conditions”

“You can activate the gene and change the readout of every gene based on how you respond to the environment”

“I’m going to show you the exact path to unlock your greatest health”

Overall, the team is marketing The Stem Cell Secret to anyone who is “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. The host of The Stem Cell Secret, Dr. Meraglia, claims she has “made it her mission” to rid the world of chronic pain and disease, helping people live longer and healthier lives.

The documentary series focuses on stem cell therapies, including simple steps you can take today to optimize stem cells. Stem cells are within virtually every area of your body, and optimizing stem cell function can significantly impact health and wellness.

“We’ll also discuss how YOU can find out if you are a good candidate to put these cells and treatments to work in your own life that could help prevent some of the most difficult injuries, diseases and conditions. The experts we’ve gathered will share information that you absolutely won’t hear anywhere, especially inside “the establishment” and traditional medicine. In short we’re going to take stem cells out of the shadows and make them the “worst kept secret” for human health ever.”

The documentary shares this information over 7 episodes. We’ll explain each of those episodes below.

The Stem Cell Secret List of Episodes

Over 7 episodes, The Stem Cell Secret explains the benefits of stem cell treatments, whether or not you’re a candidate for stem cell therapies, and how stem cells and revitalize your health.

Episode 1: How Stem Cells Got a Bad Rap and Why They’re So Vital to Our Health: This episode explains the history of stem cell research, why it’s a controversial field of research in the United States, and how far we’ve come with stem cell research despite those challenges.

Episode 2: Garbage In, Garbage Out: In this episode, Dr. Tami speaks with nutrition activist Ocean Robbins to explain how happiness and nutrition are connected. Maintaining good nutrition is linked with happiness. The episode also discusses the benefits of intermittent fasting, including whether or not intermittent fasting is right for you.

Episode 3: Hormones – the Most Misunderstood Substance in your Body: This episode discusses how hormones are key to regulate many areas of your body, including your stem cells. You’ll learn how to balance hormones, how hormones impact sleep and pain, and how simple strategies can rebalance hormones.

Episode 4: It All Starts In Your Gut: This episode discusses how gut health impacts your overall health. Your body has 30 trillion cells, although there are even more bacteria in your body than human cells, and the majority of those bacteria live in your gut. This episode discusses how gut health impacts your body’s toxins, why fighting Leaky Gut Syndrome is important, and how gut health is linked with anxiety, depression, and autoimmune conditions.

Episode 5: Pain, Pain, Go Away: This episode explains how stem cells work against inflammation and fight chronic pain. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, struggling to eliminate chronic pain through medications, traditional therapies, and other treatments. According to The Stem Cell Secret, stem cell therapy could be the answer.

Episode 6: The Sandman Cometh: Why Sleep is Vital to Your Health: In this episode, one expert tells you to “stop sleeping for a week, and then step exercising for a week, and tell me which one is more important”. In this episode, viewers learn why so many of us are tired and fatigued. This episode explains how good sleep is important for your body and why bad sleep could be even worse for you than no sleep at all. The episode also features sleep experts explaining their tips and techniques for a good night’s sleep.

Episode 7: The Stress Of It All: Why It Matters and What To Do About It: In this episode, experts discuss how stress impacts multiple areas of the body, including the effects of stress, how meditation calms the mind, and whether or not essential oils help.

The Stem Cell Secret Pricing

The Stem Cell Secret is available for free to anyone online.

Just enter your name and email address into the online form, and you’ll receive a link to each episode. The 7-part documentary series is airing over a 7-day period, and each episode streams online for free for 24 hours.

The team removes each episode after 24 hours.

Why is The Stem Cell Secret Free?

As with other free webinars, The Stem Cell Secret may advertise offers to you. With other webinars, you’ll see advertisements for supplement packages, consultations, and therapies. However, The Stem Cell Secret promises not to spam you.

The host of The Stem Cell Secret, Dr. Meraglia, runs a stem cell practice in Seattle, Washington. At that practice, Dr. Meraglia and her team perform various stem cell treatments to address concerns. It’s possible The Stem Cell Secret viewers will receive advertisements for Dr. Meraglia’s stem cell therapies.

The Stem Cell Secret Schedule

The Stem Cell Secret is airing online starting September 29 at 9pm EST.

One new episode airs every 24 hours. Each episode appears online at 9pm EST, and you have 24 hours to watch that stream whenever you want.

The final episode airs on October 5 at 9pm EST.

If you signed up at, you’ll get a reminder before each video is live via email. That email contains a link for you to watch each episode.

Who’s Behind The Stem Cell Secret?

The Stem Cell Secret features dozens of health and wellness experts, including medical doctors and others.

The documentary series is hosted by Tami Meraglia, MD, the founder of US Stemology. Dr. Meraglia has conducted significant research into stem cells, and now she’s ready to share that research with the world via The Stem Cell Secret.

Other experts contributing to The Stem Cell Secret include Ann Shippy, MD, Daniel Amen, MD, Bruce Lipton, PhD, Emily Kiberd, DC, Marcella Madera, MD, Mark Davis, ND, and Venus Ramos, MD, among others.

Overall, the experts behind The Stem Cell Secret seem to consist of qualified individuals from across the industry, including medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, PhDs, and even specialists like OB/GYNs and dentists, among many others.

About Tami Meraglia, MD and US Stemology

Dr. Tami Meraglia is a stem cell researcher and founder of US Stemology, an alternative medicine practice in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Meraglia offers a range of stem cell treatments through this clinic.

At the official website, Dr. Meraglia claims her team is investigating the use of stem cell therapies for cardiopulmonary diseases (like asthma), orthopedic issues (like arthritis and spine disease), neurological problems (like traumatic brain injuries), autoimmune diseases (like multiple sclerosis), urology issues (like erectile dysfunction and interstitial cystitis), and cosmetic problems (like hair therapies and facelifts).

The clinic does not use stem cells to treat cancer, active infections, systematic disease, spinal cord injuries, or autism.

Dr. Meraglia and her team take stem cells from certain parts of your body (like your fat), then inject those stem cells into other parts of your body. You can learn more about Dr. Meraglia’s stem cell therapies here. Dr. Meraglia offers free consultations for stem cell treatments.

Final Word

Stem cell therapy is a promising area of health research – yet the field has been shrouded by controversy. In The Stem Cell Secret, viewers learn about how stem cell therapy works, how it can address certain conditions, and how it could be the most exciting aera of health research moving forward.

Anyone can watch The Stem Cell Secret for free online today through Just enter your name and email address. The 7-part documentary series is airing online from September 30 to October 5, with one new episode appearing online every 24 hours.



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