Guides How To Lose Weight Smart Diet: Reviewing Jessica Johnson’s Custom Meal Weight Loss Plan Formula

Smart Diet: Reviewing Jessica Johnson’s Custom Meal Weight Loss Plan Formula

Smart Diet by Jessica Johnson is an 8-week custom weight loss meal plan with personal food preferences on preparing and cooking a smart fat burning formula based on nutritionists' expertise.


Smart Diet is a customized weight loss diet plan that lasts for 8 weeks, aiming to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals with specifically-tailored meals based on qualified nutritionists' expertise.

Found online at, Smart Diet asks you several questions before building a customized diet to ensure proper personalization of the step by step instructions to help each Smart Diet Formula follower with how to prepare and cook recipes properly.

Based on your answers, Smart Diet will recommend an eight week personal diet plan. The diet plan lists the number of calories, fats, protein, carbs, and water you should get per day. For example, along with your daily activity level and the time it will take to achieve your targeted weight, the Smart Diet is supposed to produce rapid weight loss by helping combat cravings and restore energy as well as mental focus.

Smart Diet also recommends specific recipes, including step-by-step guides for optimal nutrition. You get access to all of this information instantly with a one-time fee of $38.

Is Smart Diet worth the price? Do you really get customized nutrition advice? Or is this another overhyped diet with limited results? Let’s take a closer look at how Smart Diet works to possibly melt fat fast with healthy eating and a customized food plan.

Get the BEST Price on the Smart Diet Plan

What is Smart Diet?

Smart Diet, found online at, is a customized diet and meal plan system tailored to your unique physiology.

You answer basic questions about your gender, weight, height, activity level, and desired weight loss. Then, Smart Diet recommends a diet and exercise routine that will let you achieve your desired weight within eight weeks.

Smart Diet provides some information for free. After completing the questionnaire, you’ll immediately view your recommended daily calories, fats, protein, carbs, water intake, activity level, and more.

To view more detailed information about your eight week diet routine, however, you’ll need to pay a $38 fee. After paying the fee, Smart Diet will email a custom meal plan to your inbox complete with recipes, shopping lists, how-to-guides, and more.

Smart Diet has a one-time fee. You pay your $38 today and get lifetime access to your custom meal plan. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions. Your purchase is processed by Clickbank.

Alternatively, you can pay $1 for a 3 day trial, then pay the $38 fee automatically.

Smart Diet was released online in April 2020. Smart Diet’s customers are 20% male and 80% female, with most customers between ages 35 and 65.

Get the BEST Price on the Smart Diet Plan

What’s Included with Smart Diet?

Smart Diet delivers a customized eight week meal plan that was purportedly created by a qualified nutritionist.

The meal is tailored to each person’s specific needs, although the recipes don’t seem to vary significantly between people. You get similar recipes and nutrients to any other Smart Diet member, but with different serving sizes based on your recommended daily intake of fats, calories, and other nutrients.

The Smart Diet questionnaire never asks you about your dietary preferences, allergies, or other restrictions. It doesn’t ask if you’re vegan, paleo, or vegetarian, for example, although it does ask which type of meat you prefer.

Your meal plan includes step-by-step recipe instructions. Smart Diet claims to be suited for anyone – even those with no cooking experience.

Here’s what’s included with Smart Diet:

  • Eight week meal plan based on qualified nutritionists’ expertise
  • Meals specifically tailored to suit calories and macronutrient intake
  • Meal plan built to match your dietary goals, current weight, and target weight
  • A varied meal program that delivers a range of nutrients, increasing the chances of sticking to your diet
  • Recipes with step-by-step instructions to simplify the meal preparation process with no cooking experience required
  • How eating right every day can be fun and easy

After following the diet for eight weeks, Smart Diet claims you’ll be able to lose weight, drop excessive body fat, and permanently remove fat around your midsection, among other weight loss benefits.

Smart Diet Features & Benefits

Smart Diet claims to be a transformative eight week diet plan. By following the plan for eight weeks, you can achieve your diet and exercise goals.

Some of the advertised benefits of Smart Diet include:

Rapid Weight Loss: Smart Diet claims to offer “rapid weight loss” thanks to its whole food based diet.

Combat Cravings: If you struggle with cravings, then Smart Diet claims to be the diet plan for you.

Better Energy: Smart Diet claims dieters will notice an increase “in energy levels and mental focus” as they proceed with the diet.

Customized Meal Plan: Smart Diet builds a customized meal plan based on your weight, height, and desired weight.

Recipe Book: Your purchase comes with a detailed recipe book containing step-by-step instructions, including portion sizes specifically calculated for you.

Who’s Behind Smart Diet?

Smart Diet was created by a digital marketing company. An introductory video for Smart Diet mentions a weight loss coach named Jessica Johnson. Jessica purportedly has a team of individuals who create each diet plan.

However, Jessica Johnson does not seem to be a real weight loss coach, and we can find no evidence of any weight loss coach under that name. It seems that Jessica Johnson is a pseudonym, and the picture on the Smart Diet sales page is of a different woman.

The company provides no information about the “qualified nutritionists” behind Smart Diet. We don’t know what their qualifications are or how they are certified to provide nutritional advice. It’s unclear if they’re US-based nutritionists who actively serve clients, or if they’re a team of unqualified writers who combed the internet for dietary advice.

Making things look worse for Smart diet is that the sales page is riddled with spelling errors and grammatical issues.

The company also provides no contact information – like a phone number, email address, or company headquarters.

Overall, the creators of Smart Diet provide limited information about themselves, their qualifications, or how they are certified to dispense expert nutritional advice.

Smart Diet Pricing

Smart Diet is priced at $37.99.

This is a one time payment. There are no hidden fees or subscription charges (we’ve seen hidden fees and subscriptions with many other diet advice programs online).

After paying your fee, you gain access to the eight week meal program for life. You’ll receive the program in your email inbox immediately after purchase.

Smart Diet Refund Policy

Smart Diet has an identical refund policy to all other Clickbank products. You have 60 days from your date of purchase to request a refund.

Since Smart Diet is a digital product, you do not need to return the file to qualify for a refund. You get a complete refund with no questions asked as long as you purchased Smart Diet within 60 days.

Final Word

Smart Diet claims to be a customized diet system that will help you achieve your target weight loss in just eight weeks.

Priced at $38, you get meal plans, recipe books, and more – all purportedly customized to your preferences, goals, and body.

In reality, Smart Diet doesn’t really provide customized diet advice based on preferences; instead, it provides customized serving sizes based on your height, weight, exercise level, and desired weight. It doesn’t accommodate allergies or preferences. It just checks your stats, then determines how many calories you need to eat per day to achieve your target weight. The recipe book has customized portion sizes based on your caloric intake, although this seems to be the only thing customized.

Complicating things further is that there’s no information about who wrote the advice or how they are qualified to provide nutrition information.

If you’re struggling to lose weight and need a formal, eight-week meal plan, then Smart Diet may be the right choice for you. However, you can find similar advice online for free – or at a cheaper price than Smart Diet.

Get the BEST Price on the Smart Diet Plan



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