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Skywalk – MyoBlox's Nootropic For Focus, Memory & Mood?


SKYWALK is a supplement with multiple ingredients that helps to improve the way that the brain makes certain connections, enhancing the memory and even the mood. Consumers can mix this powder with water once a day to get the desired results.

What is SKYWALK?

As the body ages, or even as it goes through sleepless nights, consumers end up having a difficult time while maintaining concentration. Whether that person needs to be up for work events, or pay attention in a conversation, it is important to get all the support possible. Even though the best way to support the brain is with rest and vitamins, consumers can take a nootropic supplement called SKYWALK.

SKYWALK supports a few important changes within the brain, causing:

  • An influx of smooth energy without crashing
  • Improvement in the user’s mood
  • Increases in cognition
  • Improves focus
  • Enhances memory
  • Resistance to mental degeneration
  • A reduction in stress

According to the claims on the website, consumers will find that the nootropic serves “as the lifeblood of mental drive” for consumers that always have something on their plate.

Read on below to learn about the ingredients that contribute.

How It Helps

There are three different proprietary blends in the SKYWALK supplement that help consumers to get the brain-boosting benefits they want. They are each referred to as a “matrix,” and the recipe includes:

  • Mastermind, which includes L-tyrosine and Alpha GPC
  • Ambition, which includes substances like caffeine, theanine, and huperzine A
  • Absorption, which contains Astragin

These components help the brain to function at a heightened speed, while lowering the stress that often clouds the mind in the first place.


Consumers need to get a shaker bottle or a blender to completely blend the product into 6 to 12 ounces of water. Consumers should use one scoop to get the nourishment for the brain, but some consumers find themselves needing up to two scoops. Typically, consumers use SKYWALK to replace their morning coffee or energy-boosting drink.

According to the warnings on the website, consumers should not have more than two scoops in a single drink, and they should not exceed three scoops in an entire day.

Pricing for SKYWALK

Consumers will get a canister with enough powder for 38 servings of SKYWALK. The total cost of this canister is $54.99, and consumers do not have access to a subscription plan or promotion.

There is no return policy listed on the website, so consumers will need to contact the customer service team if they want a refund.

Contacting the Creators of SKYWALK

The website does not have contact information for the creators of SKYWALK, so it is a little difficult to find out more details. However, the company has several social media profiles that suffice.

SKYWALK Conclusion

SKYWALK is meant for any consumer that needs impressive support for their mental cognition throughout the day, especially if they need to be heavily immersed in various tasks. The incredible ingredient list is easily the reason for all the supplement’s success, since most other nootropic remedies are not so complex.

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