Science 37 Diabetes Connected Pen Clinical Research Study

Diabetes impacts millions of people in the United States alone, and there are plenty of ways to treat the condition. Some people manage their daily diet, while others have to take insulin to manage the effects on the body. However, there is an organization that is working on research to help patients to handle this condition with greater ease and less restriction – Science 37.

What Is Science 37?

Science 37 is a company that helps to perform different research studies to make progress in the medical community. There are plenty of different efforts made to help learn more about the different conditions, along with how to make the medical community more effective. Right now, the research study that consumers may want to get involved with is for diabetes.

About The Science 37 Clinical Research Study

During this research study, the participants will be helping the creators to discover the impact that insulin makes on the body, specifically when it is not supplemented. Over the course of 12 weeks, the participant will agree to a total of five home visits, and they will have to use the alternative insulin pen for three treatments a day, replacing the old dose.

Anyone can get involved in this program, as long as the make the criteria. The criteria are:

  • To have type 1 or type 2 diabetes
    • Ages 21 to 65 for type 1
    • Ages 35 to 65 for type 2
  • To have to take three doses of insulin daily
  • To have an A1c that exceeds 8.0%
  • To live in California, New York, or New Jersey

It is essential to contribute to this study (if possible), because it will eventually help the pharmaceutical industry to develop a type of treatment that is safer and more effective. A study team oversees the study, though there is not a specific indication that doctors will be involved directly. There is a smartphone that the participant will have to use for the whole study, and the user will have to use the different assessments during the study.

Compensation For The Science 37 Research Study

To engage in the study, the participant does not have to pay for a thing. However, to compensate the individuals that sacrifice their time and typical medication, the participant will receive up to $125 for involving themselves. Each installment of $25 will be given to the individual during their home visit.

Contacting Science 37

The website has plenty of information about the study, which is necessary for consumers that want to make a difference in the medical community. The company offers a form on the website, but they can reach out via direct email to as well.

Science 37 Diabetes Connected Pen Summary

The Diabetes Clinical Research Study by Science 37 is a beneficial way for consumers to contribute to the medical community. There is nothing in the details online to indicate how many people can participate, but consumers that want to dedicate their time should sign up sooner, rather than later. There are plenty of details given on the website about the other campaigns and studies that the company has in the works that ineligible participants can engage in instead.

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