Gadgets Survival SaveSealer: Reviewing the Vacuum Fruit and Vegetable Food Sealer

SaveSealer: Reviewing the Vacuum Fruit and Vegetable Food Sealer

SaveSealer is a handheld vacuum food sealer that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh using BPA-free air-tight seal bags for safe long term storage while freeing up space in the freezer, fridge or pantry.


SaveSealer is a device that uses vacuum suction to pull the extra air out of storage containers and baggies to create an airtight seal. As the need for long term food storage solutions rises, SaveSealer vacuum food sealer utilizes BPA-free plastic air-tight bags that completely eliminates oxygen and moisture to ensure safe keeping.

The device claims to improve freshness, even for foods that are being placed in the freezer. You can also use it for sous vide cooking, meal prep, bulk shopping, travel, storing leftovers, and more. At a time where emergency preparedness is at an all time high, from face masks or hand sanitizers to UV light sanitizers and survival kits, adding a quality food and money saving device to the kitchen could be quite a handy and useful tool to have available.

Let's review SaveSealer mini handheld vacuum sealer and see how it works to keep foods fresh and if it is the right fruit and vegetable saving device for you.


What is SaveSealer?

SaveSealer is a handheld mini vacuum sealer. You place food in one of the included plastic bags, attach the bag to the sealer, and SaveSealer sucks the moisture and oxygen from the bag, helping preserve or store your food.

Wasted food is wasted money, and few people want to earn a paycheck just to put it in the trash. However, without proper storage, that’s exactly where their food will end up at a rapid rate. While not every food needs to be pristinely preserved, having a way to preserve the foods that consumers want to last can make a huge difference in the resources that users have in a pinch.

The SaveSealer offers a helpful and compact way to keep any food fresher. The vacuum-sealing mechanism creates a seal about the food that keeps it just as fresh as the day it came home, using heavy duty bags. Apart from the storage benefits that the SaveSealer offers, this device is also helpful for sous vide cooking, for storage when shopping in bulk, for camping, and for meal prep.

SaverSealer is available in black or white. You can exclusively order through, where it’s priced around $40 per unit. All purchases include plastic bags.

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How Does SaveSealer Work?

SaveSealer is a handheld mini vacuum sealer that claims to offer similar effectiveness and efficiency as larger, bulkier sealers – but without the hassle or high cost.

The SaveSealer vacuum sealer comes with large and small bags. You place food in the bag, then connect the bag to SaveSealer. The device seals out oxygen and moisture within seconds.

SaveSealer is guaranteed to preserve freshness, according to the official manufacturer. The airtight seal purportedly helps food “stay fresher 5x longer than it would with Saran wrap, foil, or Tupperware”.

You can use SaveSealer to preserve foods you wouldn’t normally be able to preserve. You can seal avocado, for example, and prevent it from going brown. SaveSealer can prevent even the most sensitive food items from wilting or turning soggy.

You can also use SaveSealer for sous vide cooking, saving space in your freezer, traveling or camping, and more.

Each SaveSealer purchase comes with reusable BPA-free bags. You can buy a variety of small and large bags for all purposes.

How to Buy SaveSealer

SaveSealer claims to be available for 45% off the normal price. However, as far as we can tell, SaveSealer is always available for around $40 online.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • SaveSealer with 5 Bags (2 Large + 2 Small): $39.99
  • SaveSealer with 15 Bags (6 Large + 9 Small): $49.99
  • SaveSealer with 25 Bags (10 Large + 15 Small): $59.99
  • SaveSealer with 50 Bags (20 Large + 30 Small): $84.99

SaveSealer Refund Policy

You can only request a refund if SaveSealer is unopened and unused in the original packaging, in which case you qualify for a 30 day money back guarantee (minus shipping costs). Just ship the package back to the manufacturer to receive your refund.

SaveSealer does not accept refunds on any opened or used products.

Who’s Behind SaveSealer?

There’s limited information online about the makers of SaveSealer. We do not know where the product is manufactured or where the company is based.

SaveSealer’s website mentions an ecommerce company named Kaizen Clicks LLC, which is registered in Cheyenne, Wyoming but appears to be based elsewhere.

You can contact the makers of SaveSealer via the following:

  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 1603 Capitol Avenue, Suite 310 A197, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

Frequently Asked Questions About SaveSealer

Since every product that offers vacuum sealing is different, let’s answer a few of the questions that consumers may have about SaveSealer.

Q: Are the bags reusable or disposable?

A: Consumers can reduce the containers multiple times. As they are made of a thick and durable plastic, they can be washed and reused repeatedly.

Q: How is the SaveSealer powered?

A: The kit that comes with the SaveSealer includes a USB cable, which can plug into any wall adapter to charge it up.

Q: What kind of foods can be preserved with SaveSealer?

A: The versatile nature of the SaveSealer makes it compatible with several different kinds of foods, regardless of if they are cooked, raw, dry, or wet. Specifically, the website lists grains, meats, seafood, cereals, produce, cheese, soups, nuts, and leftovers.

Q: Since the SaveSealer can better preserve food to be frozen, will it defend against freezer burn?

A: Yes! Since the SaveSealer pulls all of the moisture and air out of the container, food can stay fresh for longer, which means it can be protected against freezer burn.

Q: What is in a single package for the SaveSealer?

A: The basic package includes the SaveSealer device, two large bags, and three small bags.


SaveSealer can help anyone to keep their food fresh, though they will need to use the included baggies to get the perfect seal. While it may be possible to use the device on other containers, there are no instructions provided for this function. At an affordable price, it is much easier to store and bring along than bulkier devices that are on the market today.

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