Supplements SuperFoods Regenerate Yourself Masterclass: 2024 Event Review Research

Regenerate Yourself Masterclass: 2024 Event Review Research

Sayer Ji's Regenerate Yourself Masterclass is a comprehensive wellness program that uses a multitude of alternative medical health practices to help users learn how to lead a higher quality of life, naturally.


For many years, lifestyle change has been understood as one of the main ways that patients can help to treat existing conditions or even prevent future ones. Still, it can be hard for many consumers to start the process of improving their physical and mental well-being. The old proverb says that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” But for most people, even taking the first step on the journey of self-improvement seems like an insurmountable obstacle.

The Regenerate Yourself Masterclass is a program by Sayer Ji that teaches consumers how to heal their body and prevent potential diseases using diets, supplements, and physical fitness. Ultimately, the comprehensive learning program is crafted to help users take the first step towards a type of well-being that can last a lifetime. The radical resilience wellness masterclass aims to help you regenerate yourself naturally and is in the same format much like the Supplements Revealed documentary.

The program is available for free from February 24th until March 1st, but consumers will have to pay for access on the official website after that date.


What is the Regenerate Yourself Masterclass?

Keeping the body healthy is a regimen that consumers take on for their entire life. Between eating healthy, ensuring physical activity, and getting enough sleep, most consumers assume that they are already doing what they can to be healthy and in shape. But finding and sticking to the right routine is difficult; consumers may have trouble ensuring that they're keeping to a fitness regimen that's best for their body type and goals.

Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo, created the Regenerate Yourself Masterclass to assist consumers in finding their healthiest place, advising its participants on the use of supplements, healthy foods, and more. By presenting consumers with simple and straightforward information, the program simplifies the process while maximizing consumer results.

Advanced Course Programs

When consumers register for the Masterclass, they are given free access to a number of course programs, including:

  • Module videos. These allow consumers to build up their new lifestyle with a deep dive into information to help them create a regimen that best suits their needs. The modules cover remedies and practices to benefit the heart, brain, liver, bones, skin, and more. They also explain ways that cancer can be avoided, the best supplements for consumers, and how participants can create a regenerative routine.
  • Fitness program video course. Starring fitness guru Sayer Ji, these videos demonstrate the techniques that have helped him to alleviate his chronic back pain and improve his overall health. The routines are led by Ji’s coach and adviser, Hamad Shirazi, who goes through twelve basic movement practices.
  • Cooking class. Led by Chef Tania Melkonian, this class is a 40-minute video that will show users four core recipes that can be integrated into a regenerative lifestyle. Watchers will also learn culinary tips and in-depth information about using food ingredients and spices.

How to Attend the Regenerate Yourself Masterclass

While this event is free to attend, consumers will need to register for their spot on the website. The registration only requires the participant’s first name and email, though they are asked if they are presently a health professional.

After registration, the only action that the user has to take is to attend the event on February 24th. The Masterclass will be available online until March 1st, 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Regenerate Yourself Masterclass

Even with the information available online, users might still have a number of questions about the Regenerate Yourself Masterclass. This section will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions concerning both the product and the company behind it.

Q: What does the Regenerate Yourself Masterclass offer?

A: A full list of materials is available below. But on a basic level, the Masterclass includes resources to help educate users on ways to use alternative medicine to enrich their own lives and maximize their general wellness. The Regenerate Yourself Masterclass seeks to set users along the path to long-term wellness through the encouragement of healthy workout regimens, supplement use, and dieting.

Q: What is the cost to the Regenerate Yourself Masterclass?

A: For now, the program is being offered for free. Consumers can access all of the basic materials at no cost. On March 1st of this year, the program will cease to be free. At this point, users must pay a fee of $79 in order to continue to access the materials. For this fee, however, users are also given a long list of bonus materials to help them better attain the benefits of the Masterclass.

Q: Can alternative medicine help prevent diseases?

A: Even in the traditional medicinal sector, the benefits of a healthier lifestyle have been clear for quite some time. A healthier diet and regular exercise can help the body to better fight and prevent diseases. But with the addition of a growing supplement sector and a plethora of fitness plans preached by gurus everywhere, comprehensive wellness plans can also help users to stave off potential illness at the source.

Q: Who leads the videos in the Regenerate Yourself Masterclass?

A: A number of notable gurus and fitness professionals help to lead the sessions accessible to participants in the Masterclass. Chef Tania Melkonian and fitness guru Sayer Ji are two of the big names that help to lend an air of legitimacy to the regimen.

Q: Who is Sayer Ji?

A: As the founder of GreenMedInfo, Sayer Ji is responsible for assembling one of the world's biggest collections of open-access natural health literature for anyone to view. The database features a compilation of scientific resources about natural healing aimed to help individuals renew and regenerate based on new science and what's working now approach. The evidence-based catalogue of natural medical information is also designed to help physicians, healthcare practitioners, clinicians and researchers further their understanding of the latest scientific discoveries and studies.

Mr. Ji is also a International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine reviewer as well as the CEO and co-founder of Systome Biomed. His acumen also showcases being a National Health Federation board member as well as being a Global Non-GMO Foundation committee member.

Regenerate Yourself Masterclass Reviews

The official website for the Regenerate Book and Regenerate Yourself Masterclass by Sayer Ji features a host of high profile testimonials and comments from respected leaders in the natural health and wellness industry. Of those is one like Dr. Gundry MD, a leading supplement maker of products like Bio Complete 3, Total Restore, Energy Renew to name a few, who said:

“Sayer Ji holds the reader’s hand like a great guide to explore the exciting twists and turns of the new biology of the human body. Beyond highlighting the body’s tremendous power of healing and regeneration, Sayer provides easy-to-understand steps to make this happen for everyone who follows his guidelines. A great guide to a new regenerated you!”

or Dr. Mark Hyman, founder of The UltraWellness Center, who added:

“A must-read for anyone who wishes to understand the exciting implications of the New Biology, the awe-inspiring power of the human body to heal itself . . . and how to practically apply the cutting-edge science to one's life.”

The official website for Regenerate Your Masterclass also hosts a dozen or so comments from actual readers of the book and members of the course's program.

Purchasing the Masterclass

Even though this program is presently available for free until the start of March, the creators encourage users to take their time and slowly work through the course materials. In the event that consumers want to continue viewing the materials after the program's free period ends, they will need to cover a charge of $79. By purchasing the program, users will have access to all of the advanced program materials, as well as a few bonus materials only accessible through the paid membership.

These bonus gifts include:

  • Fasting Transformation QuickStart Program, which is hosted by Dr. David Jockers and helps users begin intermittent and extended fasting.
  • Autoimmune Recovery: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together Interview + Autoimmune Matrix, which shows consumers how to overcome autoimmunity through a variety of methods.
  • Essential Oils QuickStart Online Program, which includes four video modules that educate participants on how to properly incorporate essential oils into their lives.
  • Vibrant Aging eBook, which shows effective, proven ways to help reverse the effects of the aging process.
  • Nature’s Pharmacy: Evidence-Based Alternatives to Drugs eBook, which was written by Pamela Duff to show the effectiveness of many alternative medicinal methods for users looking to avoid the pitfalls of traditional drug usage and treatment.
  • Brain Rejuvenation eGuide, which shows consumers how to stave off neurodegenerative conditions using alternative strategies.
  • Regenerate: The Recipes eBook, with 30+ recipes to help with many of the concerns of the health industry today, like cancer, heart disease, and metabolic disorders.
  • The Dark Side of Wheat Essays, which teaches consumers about the role that wheat has in both overall wellness and the prevention of disease.
  • 5-Day DIY Detox eGuide, a guide offering a five-minute detox routine to integrate into the morning for more energy and alertness.
  • Toxic Ingredients to Avoid at all Costs eGuide, which shows a list of the ingredients that keep many users from achieving their ideal body and wellness goals.
  • Cannabis: Myths, Benefits & Barriers, which teaches consumers about the medicinal benefits offered by marijuana, as well as the limitations of its healing properties.

Customers can also choose from additional packages. For an additional $40, consumers can get a flash drive with all of the information in the program, allowing them to access the content anywhere, even offline.

If this program doesn’t work for the lifestyle of the user, the creators offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Contacting Regenerate Yourself Masterclass Creators

Even though the website already provides plenty of information about this program, consumers may find themselves with additional questions. While the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website is helpful, consumers can still contact the customer service team by either calling 904-580-4486 or sending an email to

Final Thoughts

The Regenerate Yourself Masterclass is meant for any consumer that wants to do more for their body than just eat how they think they should and hit the gym every once in a while. The free opportunity provided by the Masterclass gives consumers a chance to see what materials the program will offer before the paid option becomes all that is available. With this program, any person can achieve a better understanding of their current health and what they should do to live a more vibrant and dynamic life.

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