Supplements CBD & Hemp Receptra Naturals – Premium Hemp CBD Oils For Health & Wellness?

Receptra Naturals – Premium Hemp CBD Oils For Health & Wellness?


Receptra Naturals is a company that provides CBD supplements that support the needs of the everyday consumer, individuals with active lifestyles, and even pets. The treatments are easy to include a daily routine, but they can also be used intermittently.

What Is Receptra Naturals?

Most people want to eliminate health issues that they face with the best formulas from the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why doctors get so much business for even the smallest problem. However, there are some people that want to take a comprehensive approach to their health consumers, which is where products like the ones at Receptra Naturals come in.

Receptra Naturals offers CBD oil concoctions that are completely organic, using the whole plant to get the purest CBD available. CBD is much like THC in its health benefits, except there is no psychoactive effect. For this reason, all the remedies are legal in all states, and even come from family farms within Colorado.

About Health And Wellness Extracts

The Health and Wellness Extracts is meant for any consumer, depending on their health needs. Choose from Prime or Plus. Prime is the lower dosage, making it ideal for consumers that have just begun to use the treatments. Plus offers double the potency, and helps consumers with their more advanced issues.

The total cost starts at $39.95.

About Active Lifestyle Extracts

The Active Lifestyle Extracts are meant to help with both mental and physical performance. They assist in the recovery after workouts, and improves the amount of energy that consumers have. There are three variations, ranging from 15mg to 60mg for changing potency.

The starting cost of any of the three remedies is $24.95.

About Topicals

The Topical remedies do not need to be ingested at all. Instead, they are created with a level of potency that penetrates the skin’s layers, soothing aching muscles. The treatments are available as targeted treatments, soothing certain parts of the muscles and joints with any kind of physical activity.

For all-over soothing, along with lessened pain, consumers can text out the Body Butter. This formula contains CBD, but it also uses antioxidants and essential nutrients that the skin requires daily.

The Targeted Topical starts at $39.95, and the Body Butter is available for $39.95.

About Receptra Pet

The Receptra Pet treatment gives all the nourishing and soothing benefits to cats and dogs. The treatment involves premium CBD hemp extract, and is completely safe for animals to consume. To help animals that struggle with balancing their thyroid, the treatment also includes MCT oil.

The total dosage will depend on the size of an animal. For example, animals below 15lbs will only need a quarter of a dropper, while animals over 45lbs may need to exceed one full dropper. The treatment is available for $44.95.

Contacting The Creators Of Receptra Naturals

Even with all the details available online about the formulas, it is important to reach out to the customer service team for any clarification. The website offers a form for users to fill in, but they are also able to call the company at 303-223-1663.

The team is available every day but Sunday.

The Receptra Naturals Conclusion

The Receptra Naturals brand is all about giving organic and balanced treatments to consumers to help with pain, support the immune system, and even reduce anxiety. While consumers may want to check with their doctor before replacing their current regimen, the CBD supplements available here are safe enough to be used in conjunction with them as well.

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