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RDX Surge: Complete Male Enhancement Solution for Better Stamina?


RDX Surge is a supplement for men that improve their libido and increases their sexual health. Presently, the only place to order the remedy is through the official website, which offers a trial that consumers can use to test out the product.

What is RDX Surge?

The male body changes over time and the decrease in testosterone can lead to some embarrassing effects. The creators of RDX Surge aim to ease the stress of balancing sexual health for men through their supplement.

Based on the claims on the bottle, this treatment may:

  • Improve and support stamina levels
  • Increase the libido
  • Promote better sexual health
  • Aid in sexual performance.

The formula includes the use of maca, L-arginine, Tongkat Ali, and Panax ginseng. All of these ingredients are fairly common in male enhancement remedies, considering the way that they stimulate the libido and help with improving the duration of a sexual experience. However, unlike prescription products that just create an erection, this treatment shouldn’t land someone in the hospital after four hours in an uncomfortable sexual state.

Using RDX Surge

Considering the limited information on the website, it is hard to say what the dosage instructions are. However, considering that a one-month supply comes with 60 capsules, it is safe to say that the average daily dose is 2 capsules. However, consumers should look at the information included with the package for clarity.

If the user has a medication that already matches the benefits that RDX Source provides, they may want to speak with their doctor beforehand.

Pricing for RDX Surge

Before a purchase can be made, the user has to first decide if their order will be a single bottle or for the trial. The single bottle is priced at $89.78, but the trial offer makes it possible to just pay the shipping and handling for the remedy for the first 15 days.

After the 15th day, the user will be charged for the full value of the product, unless they have already contacted customer service to stop the trial. Going forward, the user would be enrolled in a monthly subscription to keep up with the use of the treatment.

Contacting the Creators of RDX Surge

The website is incredibly limited in information about this treatment, so there are bound to be some questions. If the user needs to cancel the trial for the product, or they wish to find out more, they can call 1-844-730-7277.

RDX Surge Summary

RDX Surge may be able to do everything that it advertises, but the lack of information can be concerning. The ingredients included are natural ways to promote the libido, but they have little to no impact on testosterone, despite its significant role in sexual health. The treatment is likely targeted at men who are over 50 that need a little extra support in their sex life, and the company promises that this product has “been formulated to make your body the healthiest it's ever been while looking and feeling great!”

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